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In the Name of the Poor

In the name of the poor, governments have become monsters, and the monsters of drug lords have realized this and are turning this into their advantage. They have done all they can to make us believe they work for peace, when they are working against it. These governments and these drug lords are constituted by shrewd men and women who are after the mundane richness, which to me is different from wealth, and they don´t care about the means they use to reach their goals.

First, drug lords of the world have become the owners of the minds of societies in the first world. They act under the mask of “entertaining, light drugs” makers. And they have infected the first world with their altered minds behaviors: violent, clumsy, careless.

Second, drug lords have aimed to governments in Latin America, Asia and the developing world, in order to make them become their protectors to grow their raw materials, become their free land for production, and buy their laws and law makers to get away from any consequence.

Until when are we going to admit this? The governments of Evo Morales in Bolivia, Chavez in Venezuela, and many more in the globe (each country knows…), are simple doll toys in the hands of people like George Soros, owner of the biggest mine in Bolivia, Mina San Cristobal, with big businesses of all kinds in Venezuela and many other parts of the world. He has been paying big money in the form of Non Governmental Organizations working in the third world countries, to make these governments come to power.

Citizens, unaware of where the bucks for all this media campaigns in pro of violence and “entertainment light drugs” come, are letting themselves be convinced, in both ends of the thread, that the work of these NGOs is awesome, that they are really working for peace and that they are making strong governments out of scratch because they are clever and work with indigenous, poor and left out people.

Nothing farther from the truth. We the people, need to realize that we have been lied to. We need to see that the fruit of these trees is rotten, that these NGOs, George Soros and presidents Chavez and Morales, are only working for their own benefit, using the altered states of minds of heavy drug consumers to get away with their wrong doings. They, and the people in their close environment, are defending the use of drugs, are empowering international drug dealing cartels, and are getting away with it because... they are doing it in the name of the poor! (And within all this, they are getting rich...)

We should not allow this to go on anymore. This is basic evil, the basic wrong. Did you hear about a murder, a rape, a theft or a riot today? No matter where you live in the globe, you sure have heard about any of these actions. Now, try to go further, look after the initiator of the action, search, and you will find the awful truth: “entertainment drugs”, such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, lsd, haschis, and any other unnamable substance that alters the mind of all, young and old people, are behind this. This is a lose-lose situation for all, but the media, the campaigns, the ads, the singers and dancers of the world who work for the money that people like George Soros pay, has made everyone believe this is all acceptable, and even desirable. And all this is done… in the name of the poor!

We cannot tell anyone to think about this, but we can all raise awareness that this is happening in our world today, and begin the battle for the good inch by inch, mind by mind. Let us celebrate life, without altered minds that will lead us to death, empowered by drug money, getting elected in the world through contriving behaviors, political arrests, killings wherever somebody dares to oppose them, shut outs, and of course, manipulation of the people´s votes.


Carri Pence's picture

Thanks for your content on

Thanks for your content on the ills of human nature, where so many want control and money. With people, like you, placing negative emphasis on the government it will lead to a positive much needed change.

Temple's picture

Thanks for reading

Sometimes I get too mad at politicians and drug dealers, because they work together. I have witnessed people who get high all the time become "great leaders" and through their hands, the blood of the innocent becomes water in the river of madness that never quenches their lust for money.

This way, the human life, the human nature, is being altered and becomes twisted and misleading. They speak lies and call them truth. They kill and they say it was "because the revolutions needs it". They change laws the way want, and say this is constitutional. They change constitutions to tailor them to their low purposes, and pay people to vote yes to the new law that will allow them to kill, allow drug lords in the countries, and of course, they do all this in the name of the poor!

A Temple is a place where you are welcome to come in peace, always.

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