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Three Musketeers

My father died, when I was a young girl at the age of 11 – a girl, looking at the world through big blue eyes full of curiosity and just starting to understand the meaning of the world and concepts of life. It is always difficult to lose close people especially if it is a parent and for a girl at the age of eleven it is twice hard. There are many life examples, when lives, world vision, and thinking of girls are being critically affected after they face a death of a parent and girls being absolutely destroyed step onto the road that does not bring joy and success. However, it was in my nature and in my nurture that now I am a grown up person with many honorable accomplishments. The “nature” are another two women: my Mom and my Sister – two women that have given me good bringing and did everything so I would not be in a need of something. After the death of my father, we became three women - three musketeers – how our relatives started calling us for being always together; who showed big strength after the grief and with a support of each other managed the life for good.
I was born in a small city with almost no opportunities for self development, therefore me and my sister left the country to study and to work in other countries. Nowadays we still live far from each other for the most time but when we finally gather all together and spend quiet (well I do not really know if I can call these hours as “quiet” because we will not stop talking) warm time at home – place of my childhood and a place, where me and my sister had different arguments over silly things, where we were dreaming together about the prince on a white horse, this time becomes the happiest time. This time is full of harmony, probably just like what yogis feel at the time of meditation. Sometimes these moments come up to my mind, and I start thinking about home, my Mom, my Sister, our cherry garden, which is more than beautiful during its blossom, and my heart becomes full of warm and light feelings with a slight note of sadness because due to life circumstances people that love and dare each other cannot spend and see each other more often. And though my story had begun from a heartrending moment, nowadays I am a very happy person. This is a big power of three women – three musketeers, who just like us, were always together and “holding hands”, and when I am far away from home and from people I love and value the most, one call and a talk with them brings smile on my face and gives me strength.
I hope that my little story will inspire every girl of the world, who had faced a difficult experience of parent death to strive for better and continue living because women are strong, and value moments that are spend together with close people and value those heroic women that are always around to show support, help, and “hold hands”.


Carri Pence's picture

Your story is inspiring and

Your story is inspiring and shows that with true friendship and a loving support system, in your case the women in your family, you can survive any and everything. It takes courage and love to survive and you have shown that you have both those qualities. It is terrible to have death in your life, especially when it was such a staple person and you were so young, but you learned from it. Too often we let experiences of death cause the death of us, but in your case it brought you life.

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brave girl

Your little and a powerful story will surely inspire every girl in the world with no doubt. You have expressed the binding between you mom ans sis so beautifully that they will not hesitate to fight for themselves. I wish the relationship among you three gets stronger each day and you remain happy for ever.You are a courageous girl and will never let your weakness be the obstacle of your success.Thank you for sharing such a encouraging story with the whole world


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Three Musketeers

This is a beautiful testimony to the two inspiring women in your life. Thank you for sharing your story which I am sure will touch others who have gone through the difficult experience of a parent's death. I look forward to reading more from you as you continue on your journey. Best wishes,

Rebecca Snavely's picture


I love that through the hardship and loss of your father, you came together, forming a strong bond that distance cannot break. I love the image of your "not-so-quiet" times at home, when you come together again. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your family life to encourage others to choose to band together, to walk through life together.



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