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Intangible love!

“Holding hands” evokes me not merely holding each others’ hand but with care and support. In my life, I received hope, care, and support from my sister not by holding hands but through her kind and invigorating words. My sister, whom I used to quarrel often when we were children, is my assistance during my hard time when coping up with new culture, environment, people, and curriculum a midst of my homesickness after coming to Bangladesh. In many ways, my sister did feel homesickness but did her best in her university. As a pioneer of these experiences, she guided me and fed me strength to fight against all the sadness I had. I got her tender support and comfort thorough her e-mails to me.

She advised me: “Always think positively and take your assessments seriously and do it freely…after all there is nothing that you would say you can’t do. Be cool. Don’t panic for anything in life…it will spoil your personality (I am telling in my experience) be yourself and do well. I believe you will do”. People around you who monitor your performances, character, and reactions are more able to tell you what strengths you possess than you recognize for yourself. Hence a guide like this for boosting up one to bring up their energies back is undeniably a revolutionary act. I also strongly believe when women strengthen each other, there will not be any need to depend on dominating men. Eventually, it will be one way where women in some men dominating societies can empower by themselves. However, the way my beloved sister listened and replied me back made me feel like sharing things with others since I am not an extrovert. I also realised everyone in this world has problems and struggles which should be opened for a talk with someone.

Hence, sharing drives away our loneliness by finding other likeminded people. And, this is where we can find how problems faced by others are similar and different from the problems that we have. Even holding hands of two nations with satisfaction in their agreements will certainly lead to a peaceful world. Thus, holding each others hand makes a better world to live and promote mankind’s unity.


jadefrank's picture


What a beautiful relationship you have with your sister! I always wanted a sister. At least I have my PulseWire sisters!

In friendship,

Shivalaxmi's picture

Thank you sister

Dear Jade,
Of course we are sisters in PulseWire as we get to know about each other, share our experiences and feelings, get feedback and comment on our activities. This is much similar to how we have an actual sister in front. My sister, in that way is very valuable for me which I realized after coming to Bangladesh. My thoughts about her character, her speech, her love everything makes me revert my attention back to my past life. She indirectly helps me to look into my past and learn a lot to make my better future. Such a lovely sister she is. Thank you very much dear Jade for time. Looking forward to hear from you a lot.

Shivalaxmi Arumugham
Asian University for Women.

pooza11's picture

lovely relationship

You are damn lucky. You have so many sisters.

hey Shiva laxmi,
I am glad that you have a wonderful sister who is always there to hold your hands with love and care. Lucky you!
I do have a brother with whom i 24/7 quarrel but he is the one who understands me the most and helps me during hard times. And that moment i realize how lucky i am.

You are lucky that you can share each and every moment of your life with her. I am happy for you.
keep writing and always remain happy with your lovely sister


Shivalaxmi's picture

Thank you Pooza

Dear Pooza,
I am really glad that my relationship with my sister reminds you about your brother. Among all relationships, these brother-sister relationships are very valuable. They are like our friends who we can share anything that we sometimes couldn't share with our parents. Thank you very much for your wishes. May you and your brother be happy always!

Shivalaxmi Arumugham
Asian University for Women.

brianna.warren's picture

Care and support

It's so powerful to have that person in your life - the one who's words you cherish and take to heart, the one who's advice pushes you forward and helps you understand that you can contribute great things to the world around you. And undoubtedly, simply by listening to your sister, you showed her how much you care for and support her. The beautiful thing about intimate connections is that they are mutually beneficial, even if inadvertently so. Thank you for your story!

Shivalaxmi's picture

Thank you Ms. Brianna

I don't know how I missed to reply to your comment and I am sorry for that. Indeed it is mutually beneficial but not in means of monetary beneficial but about love and care. Thank you very much!

Shivalaxmi Arumugham

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