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Telemedicine - Situational Awareness Collaborations Offered


H.E.L.P. has communications, tele-medicine, tele-training, situational awareness/early warning networks and disaster management tools available, all of which can fit into a single backpack. Additionally we are partnering with several universities capable of - and interested in - providing extensive research, study, and white paper generation, This is a strong tool for providing sustainability for these various life-saving efforts.

Many people may understand the general medical benefits of providing telemedicine capabilities in disasters or areas of humanitarian crisis or conflict. The capability of having video/audio communications live with specialists and metro facilities from the most remote areas is becoming well documented. Likewise the numerous medical peripheral devices available allow simultaneous broadcast (along with the audio/video signals) of medical data such as EKG, pulse oximeter, various scopes, etc) provides a very effective virtual medical consult with doctors who could be on the other side of the world, or a short distance from the front lines of a conflict.

However the other benefits this equipment - and the subsequent rapidly deployed networks - provides can truly bring a multitude of benefits to your humanitarian efforts at any location on the planet.

Tele-training (or telementoring) can use the same network links to provide training (medical or otherwise) to these same remote locations. H.E.L.P. is currently working to provide basic nursing training and other similar opportunities to indigenous people half a world away. Additionally, special software tools have been designed by partnering universities to provide Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) tools easily deployed to remote locations.

Our situational awareness and disaster management software tools allow various locations in an effected region to track data such as:

Asset Management - This provides multiple clinics,feeding stations or other aid efforts with other in the same region. As a result, a clinic that just ran out of antibiotics can quickly see where the closest clinic is that may have some to share.

Refugee Migration - Tracking where the migration is headed and providing proactive tools to make the destinati9on location prepared for what is coming there way.

Disease Migrations - Real Time tracking of the spread of various diseases (e.g. Malaria, Dengue Fever, or any disease you want to track).

Early Warning Alerts - The same network also provides a mechanism for alerting neighboring communities/villages/camps that enemy forces are approaching (or impending floods, etc).

Geospatial Mapping/Awareness - Complete mapping capabilities built into the software for tracking on a map all the data listed above.

Real Time Reporting - Imagine having a live video/audio link from your office (or the office of those who support you) direct to the point of need in your projects. Your staff or supporters can see and speak live to staff and/or victims in the field. This is a strong tool for engaging people (churches, foundations, etc.) to see and hear exactly why you do what you do where you do it. Obviously this also speaks well to the continued financial sustainability of your efforts.

These networks can operate from satellite or cell phone infrastructure or can easily be part of a self sustained, solar powered rapidly deployed network where none existed before.

H.E.L.P. has an extensive network of partners ready and willing to come along side, examine your needs and provide you with the tools necessary to pursue grant funding (we have contacts there too) and make your tele-project operational.

I offer these resources here because I have witnessed first-hand many times, through our global humanitarian efforts, how these tools can save lives and reduce suffering. Please contact me if you would like to learn more and/or discuss possible collaborations.

By the way, we are a non-profit agency.


Randy Roberson
See "What is Telemedicine" at

Link: H.E.L.P.



Chingwell's picture


Hi Randy,

I would certainly welcome an opportunity to touch base with you by phone about your work. I am interested in what you are doing and would like to learn more and see how we could perhaps collaborate. Please let me know what is the best time for me to reach you.

Best regards,

Chingwell Mutombu

johnsonssempijja's picture

Respect to you

Sir l have got your reply thanks for your warm kind words,


disasterlogistics's picture

Contact Information

Time here is GMT-10. I can be reached from 7AM-7PM every day at +1-928-595-1127. If you receive voice mail, please leave a message and I will call you back.


Randy Roberson
Specializing in Mobile Medical Clinics/Telemedicine/Water Purification
(928) 595-1127

johnsonssempijja's picture


l am glad to hearing from you Sir. yes may you please mail back on my email.l would like to give you some report regarding our health here in uganda,

Dear Mr.Randy, hope you have got my Report-health? its been my pleasure to know you and l hope to hearing from you always

Johnson ssempijja

From: Randy Roberson
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 8:41 AM
Subject: RE: Multi-Purpose Packages Save Lives...Kenya Africa

Dear Harmisi Moha,

Thank you for contacting me and sharing a bit about your efforts to help those in need in Kenya. Your position as Pharmacist offers a unique perspective on not only the needs there but also various avenues for implementation of aid programs. I have an interest in developing efforts in Kenya, the DRCongo, Uganda and Tanzania (and perhaps more). In fact, I have trained and supported a water purification project in the area of Lake Victoria in southwest Kenya.

As with all our programs, we are not able to provide aid until I have the chance to personally visit and perform "Needs Assessment Surveys" in the areas where we will work. Unfortunately we are almost constantly contacted by people in many countries asking for help, but when we look closer we find some of them have no real intention of helping others, but rather only themselves. Please do not despair however. If you and I can start a meaningful information exchange, there is a good chance I can come to your area sometime soon. In the meantime, I will need to learn as much as possible about your work, the locations of that work, and what you believe the greatest needs to be, and how you plan to meet those needs.

Our two main areas of focus are telemedicine (implemented in stationary or mobile medical clinics) and water purification. Very often I have implemented both of these efforts in the same location. This is due to chronic medical needs as well as chronic water-borne illness. As a Pharmacist I am sure you understand the effectiveness of this all too well.

I would like to develop a telemedicine network that would not only serve your area but link together the other areas (mentioned above). As you know, by having more people working together, much can be accomplished. This is true especially in times of disaster, epidemic or conflict. There are many people we can pull together from many various interests and capabilities. One example of this would be This is a group who contacted me while trying to advocate for refugees from numerous areas in Africa. We developed and maintain a web site for them to more effectively communicate the needs of refugees. Their voice is being heard more and more each day. Just recently they held meetings in Parliament in Cape Town South Africa. While this is only one small part of the big picture, it is by bringing together many people from different areas that our humanitarian efforts become strong. Needless to say, we need to be wise in how we construct this coalition.

Again, I am pleased that you contacted me today. Please let us being a dialog. It is my hope that by sharing information, we will be able to begin a significant humanitarian network that will provide profound assistance for people in Kenya and beyond. It would help me tremendously if you would start by taking the time to write out a clear definition of where you are working, what you are doing, what the needs are and what you want to see growing in the future. I am sure I will have many questions. However, this information exchange will help me to help you.

Are you willing?

Most Sincerely,

Randy Roberson

From: hamisi moha
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 12:57 AM
Subject: Multi-Pupose Packages Save Lives...kenya Africa

Hey Roberson,

I wish to thank and congratulate you for such an offer that appeared in the pulse wire. I am a Pharmacist in Kenya running various humanitarian projects. I would therefore request you to furnish me with requirements and all the criteria laid down for the same offer.

The aforesaid project (make a difference) is a non profit for orphans, women who are distitutes, street children, calamities and anyother unfortunate arising. I mean the offer will be of great help and above all help us achieve our implementation plans..

looking forward to hear from you... thanking you in advance

Hamisi Mohamed's picture

still willing!

Hey Roberson?

I am writing to inform you that I am closly following the progress of your organization on your web-site.

We are currently working with the internally displaced people in Nakuru (KENYA) and after comparing the same i feel HELP will be most appropriate.

I will keep you up to date wit our progress


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