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I am writing to encourage you to write, :)


Salam dear sisters,

“The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.” Leo F. Buscaglia

It seems like if I approach first, that would be the start but not end. Here I have added a brief introduction about myself, to share a brief information about life. Hope you will read that and share your ideas as well. So how about you,,,

I was born in Mazar-e-Sharif, a province of Afghanistan. After the Taliban took over our homeland, we traveled to the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. We had our own house there, but the situation was so bad that even we, girls, were not allowed to attend schools or universities, work outside, and travel abroad. My father is a police officer and he was working secretly for the government even if it was hard for him because Taliban were against the government. We all sisters were at home thinking about what will happen to us in the future. After awhile staying at home, my sister who is now in her sixth year of university in medicine opened a secret a course to at least teach the girls in our area. Beside that she also thought us till fifth grade.
After the Taliban were beaten by the help of the foreign countries, schools had finally started. My sisters and I went to school and continued from fifth grade. Going to school is one of the great revolutions that had happened in my life, but since then no revolution came to my life until I was graduated from 12th grade.
After I was graduated from 12th grade, I was thinking, “Good Mursal, you did well.” Yet knowing what was waiting for me after then. The rule to join the university in Afghanistan is to pass a general exam, which contains questions from seventh grade up to 12th grade. I took the exam and passed in Fine Arts, but that wasn’t what I wanted to study in order to complete my goals. I wanted to study Engineering, so I stayed at home for six months and finally I was able to pass the scholarship exam to Asian University for Women and get a full scholarship.
Before joining “AUW”, I was a girl who had at least some knowledge to share with those other women who were poor to get it in easy ways, but in fact, neither I had ideas how to share it nor did I have opportunities to start it. By coming to “AUW”, the second revolution happened in my life, I have entered to a community with varies cultures and religions. I have learned a lot how to live with different people and how to communicate well and finally how to share my ideas, experiences, and feelings. Briefly, I have gotten enough confidence to confront any problem, which I face to and have gotten enough ideas and knowledge to find a better solution for them. This will help me handle my problems, and achieve my unlimited but Possible-to-do goals in future.

You can all join and share about yourself briefly as I did, Just try to share because sharing is the best we can do to bring out our feelings that have been hidden for a long time. So who is first,,,, :)
Waiting for your beautiful, helpfull starts,,,,,,,,



pooza11's picture

loved the way u started with

loved the way u started with a quote. I am really encouraged by your writing . I myself is not very open and find so difficult to share feelings, thoughts and emotions. But yes, it feels so relief when i try to open up and share some bits and pieces of my life.I am happy to hear that somehow you went to school and continued your education and now you are studying with full scholarship in AUW.
Looking forward to hear more such stories from you which will give me a sense of encouragement and surely will write soon as well.
keep writing


Dear Pooza,

Thanks a lot for you to be the first person who give comment, and thanks for your beautifull comment that somehow encouraged me as well. I wish you best of luck to share your beautiful, optimistic feelings and emotions. So Best Wished, :)

with love,


shakila's picture

dear mursal!


I am very glad, to read the way you shared you feelings .really you are a wonderful, young women from Afghanistan. I know the situation of Afghanistan, how the people suffered in past few decades, and what is their current situation .but, thank to Allah the situation is getting better and life style is improving :)

I know you will achieve your goal one day, because you are very ambitious and hardworking. One day you will write a journal on “how it feels to be a “civil engineer “.(insahllah )

Luv ,shakila

Mursal Hamraz's picture

Dear Shakila,


Thanks for giving a beautiful comment, Wish everyone know your talent and your importance in their lives as i have realized and understood. You are my real, best friend, I love you dear, :)

with love,


Farida Royesh's picture

What an inspiring and

What an inspiring and encouraging piece of writing!

Whenever I feel lack of energy, I will visit your profile. Keep your astonishing way of surprising others and make my tears to find a way to come out........

Mursal Hamraz's picture

Dear Farida jan,

Thanks dear for encouraging me too. I really wrote this from the base of my heart,so that all women who use this website, could read and also start to write something of thier own. Because sharing and bringing out our feelings is really important. If we try to keep everything inside always and be afraid of bringing them out, one day we will be exploded, i mean not today, but tomorrow or in future, those feelings will come out but that would not be the right time for them to come out. Now, as we have gotten the chance to share them, we ought to do that.

with love,


Asma Ejaz's picture

Realy impressed by your writing

Hi Jani,
I am very glad to read your essay.It realy impressive and heart touching.You wrote this essay by your heart and it true.Keep roacking.Hope to read your new thoughts soon
Best Wishes!
Asma Ejaz

JaniceW's picture


How wonderful to hear from you directly. We had heard your story through Sunita but your unique voice gives us another perspective. I am in admiration of all that your family went through and am so happy that you now find yourself at AUW. Their programs will provide you with so many opportunities and I know that you will make many friends from all over the world. I can't wait to read more from you. Best wishes,

p.s. sorry for the late response but I was away on vacation.

Mursal Hamraz's picture

Dear Janice,

Hello dear Janice,

Thanks for your beautiful comment, it actually encouraged me alot. Yeah, to be candid, AUW brought a great revolution in my life, I am really gratefull of AUW and it is great, devoted members.

Best regards,


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