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Mother…My Life Mentor

Mother…My sole life mentor. Although many might say that they were influenced by great leaders, pioneers or innovators, my case is different. The people who influenced me the most were the ones that I have lived with for my sixteen years of life. They are the ones who supported me when I failed and the ones who lauded me, when I succeeded. MY FAMILY! Particularly my mother has been my sole life mentor and the paragon of success for my entire life.

When my mother was only nine years old, she had lost her father. Since, she had been responsible and the sole bread winner for her family. But she had a fixed sense of determination to succeed. My mother would support her family and still contribute to her community. She was even appreciated multiple times by her local newspaper for acting so benevolently toward others.

Respectable attitude and sensible behavior portray a panoramic view of who you are as a person, my mother says. In addition, that I should also be careful to objectivity in every step of my life. And to abide by the fundamental belief that I should not impose onto others what I would not choose for me. She advices me to remain tolerant of diversity and to accept differences as a civilized manner of unity.

Even though, my mother came from humble beginnings and was born in a tiny village, she had big dreams. She wanted me to achieve more by giving me the opportunities that she had never had. She would tell me to read the deeds and speeches of great leaders such as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, or Mahatma Gandhi, hoping that I would eventually follow their footsteps. In addition, my mother would expect me to ponder about their wise words and learn from their wisdom. For instance, when Martin Luther King, famously, said, “I have a dream” in time of anguish, she expected me to make that more substantial by having a dream myself.

Although you should have aspirations, my mother always tells me, they do not come easily and life is not a bed of roses. For without any pain, there is no gain. Hence she instilled in me the very idea that hard work and education are my doors to success. And that the privilege of education, which is lacking to so many in my home country, is amply available in the US and that I should take full advantage. Moreover, she would infuse in me this idea to make me stronger and fight temptations that would corrupt me.

Whenever I come across anything in my everyday life, I find my mother’s advice to be very real and I embrace it even more. Furthermore, every minute I spend with my mother, I consider it as a future investment in my life.

My mother has been my ultimate guide and has made me the person I am today. Her strong and lasting influence has, indelibly, left a mark on me. Everything I achieve in the future will be because of my mother and I will always express my deepest gratitude for the privilege of having her as my mother.

Mesmer G. Gebrialfa



Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Proud Mother

My friend Abeba Beraki is the principal of Ozone School in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where my sons study. She left her coutnry Ethiopia two decades ago and came to KSA where worked in the field of education. Mesmer her elder son, 17-year-old, who has grown up in Riyadh, is studying currently in one of the famous University of America. He is an intelligent hardworkering student.
Mesmir has been the top of his class. He finished his secondary school in America where his father works. His score enabled him to study in one of the best universities there.

His article published above surprised his mother and filled her eyes with tears. Proudly she read his sincere words to me. I asked her to allow it be published on WP, on the occasion of Mother's Day, she joyfully agreed.

Miss Abeba dedicates this wonderful article to all mothers worldwide, especially Africans.

Thank you Mesmer, son, for this sincere feelings and recognition of your mother's role in your life.

jodelight's picture



Thank you for relaying this piece to the PulseWire community. It is beautiful and inspiring. Wow! I love it. Please pass the word on to Abeba, that she is a powerful woman, and that it was an honor to read about her life, and how she is teaching her son to live a conscious, beautiful life. His pride for his mother reverberates throughout the article. I am so happy to have read this. Thank you Halima.

Be Well,

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Many thanks!

Dear Jody,

Thank you so much for passing and writing this valued comment. Abeba Beraki has read your words and she is so happy that other ladies share her joy and value her son contributes. She sends you her greetings and gratitude.



jadefrank's picture

Beautiful tribute!

Dearest Halima,

Thank you for sharing Mesmer's beautiful tribute to his mother. As Jody mentioned, his pride reverberates throughout the letter and gives me goosebumps to hear such a young man acknowledge his mother is this thoughtful way. I think your children must have similar feelings Halima, as you too are an inspiration.


Dearest Jade,

Many thanks for passing , reading and commenting on Mesmer lovely manifestation of love and attribute to his mother personality and hard struggle to build her future as a successful educationalist and teach her son how to have a dream and work hard to to getting it reality. Mesmer is a wonderful guy. Sooner or later will hear about his successful achievements accademicaly and socially.

Just remember this name: Mesmer G.Gebrialfa

Starland's picture

What a hug!

Just goes to show how very vast and beautiful a mother's love can go. One mother, the whole world.
Thank you

K-lee 3709

K-lee Starland, Ph.D.

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Beyond imagination

Dearest K-lee,

Thank you so much for your rich comment.You know what does a child mean, especially when he is loving, kind, successful and evaluates efforts taken to bring him up. I agree with you that monter's love has no limits. Its effect is beyond imagination. I like your phrase: One mother, the whole world.



Fariha Akhtar's picture

I can relate!

Dear Halima,

Thanks for sharing such a lovely post. I can so relate to Mesmer's mother - lost my father when I was 9 but was lucky to get good education which has now enabled me to support my family. Hope one day I turn to be as positive a being as Mesmer's mother :)

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