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My weird but inteligent, smart teacher

Being grateful is important, but it is not important to decide who is the one for whom we can have gratitude and who is not. The Gratitude Attitude in the Science of Happiness teaches us how to be grateful to others in order to be happy, but is there any point regarding what kind of people deserve to be thanked for? The answer is exactly NO. I was grateful and still am and will surely be grateful for my teacher, Ms. Shaima Khaliq, in future. She was the one whom we called ‘The Killer.’ She was the one for whom all my classmates were dying because of her sad, strange style; they could not breathe properly and could not talk or joke in the class.
I can remember my friend telling us, “When she enters the class, it looks like all our classmates become like statuses and there is no fly which can fly around the class.” I know these stupid feelings were not from the basis of our heart, they were just from the top, surface of our heart which was covered by the dust of fear and hatred of that strange person. Ms. Shaima was teaching us chemistry, the complicated, boring subject as some students’ view, but she made us taste the bitterness of this subject in order to punish us for our bad idea of chemistry. I wish I could tell her, “Dear strange teacher, please keep your weirdness, it suits you best; I love you for your strangeness and may almighty Allah fulfill all your desires.”
Why do people think of strangeness as madness? I do accept that a mad person can be a strange person, but it is not true that a strange person is mad. If it is correct, why did our school hire her as the teacher, instead, they could easily take her to a mental hospital. Moreover, A mad person is the one who cannot control himself and who is not able to live normally and simply as the others, but a weird person is the one who is responsible to live as a normal human being even if his/her style is different from others, he does not harm others. A weird person’s perspective of life might be the same as a normal person, but a mad person cannot control his life, so how can he think about others?
The important similarity between madness and weirdness is their root or base which is past life experience. Basically, weirdness is a kind of life style or temperament that a person has due to some past life experiences. In now days, weirdness is regarded as abnormality or madness in some societies, but in reality it is not. Even though it deviates from the norms of the society, it is not exactly madness. On the other hand, madness is a kind of abnormality or mental disorder. It can be a kind of deviation from society’s norms and doing strange activities that some time can be dangerous to others. Sometimes, madness can be the result of past life experience as well. A person might become totally changed after passing a horrible and miserable event such as; being brokenhearted, losing a close friend or becoming aware of having a severe disease...Etc. My teacher, Ms. Shaima, was a victim of breast cancer disease. She had had it for many years and she was in progress of treating it, that is why she was not happy and satisfied with her life. Other point, she was infertile and did not have any children of her own, it deducted from her kindness for children and for other girls and boys. In opposite, there was a person in our area who was mad and always did strange things such as; running after people, telling them, “Go, Go to the walk side otherwise the car will hit you.” He was completely uncontrollable and did not know what he was doing. Some time, I thought that he might have lost a friend in a car crash or accident, so he became mad and always tells everyone to walk carefully on the street. This is how life experience can change a person as much as a second life given to him and the result is either weirdness or madness, but the difference can be found after the person starts his/her new life’s activities. These activities have important role in case of finding whether the person has a strange style or she/he is actually mad.
Another point is that, the major difference between weirdness and madness is their effect on society. We know that a mad person cannot be helpful and beneficial to a society. He/she always tries to do something which mostly creates problems and difficulties however, sometime a strange person can be so useful and positive to a society. These effects of madness and weirdness make them different from each other, for example; the mad person in our area always frightened everyone by running after them; we all were afraid of him and sometime we had to change our way to school to be safe from him. On the other hand, my teacher was the first teacher in our school who made the lazy students study hard and improve their knowledge. In those days, almost every day, all the lazy students stayed late at school and the intelligent students were teaching them and helping them in their studies. Eventually, all the lazy students were converted to those students who were always ready either to explain the previous lesson or to explain the new lesson.
At last we come to know, even thought, past life experience changes a person’s life and at least makes two different personalities, still these two personalities differ from each other according to the activities that the person does and the effects of these activities on the society.


Fatima Sabri's picture

Hey dear, so nice, :)

Dear sweet friend, Mursal jan,
So nice Journal, I like it. Yes it is completely true that in now days some people can not understand the difference between ecentricity and madness. Indeed, there is a huge difference between these two broad topics. Nice dear.


Fatima Sabri

Mursal Hamraz's picture

Hey Fato, Thanks dear. :)

Dear lovely Faima jan,

Thanks for your beautiful comment.



Farida Royesh's picture

Salute to My Mursal!

Great Job my dear,
I am inspired by your outlook thus I look forward for your new posts. Keep writing and write from depth of your heart.
Best wishes for your future

Mursal Hamraz's picture

Salam dear Farida jan,

Dear Farida,

Thanks alot for your nice comments, these comments give me power to share more of my experiences and ideas, so soon I will share one another of my piece of writing.

with love,


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