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Secon World Championship in Cooperation

Dear Friends,

H.W. Mayor of Kampala together with H.W. Mayor of Entebbe, Jinja, Mukono and
Busia greet you all welcome to the Second World Championship in Cooperation!

Globetree is now moving south to join the Committees who are in their final
preparations for the Second World Championship in Cooperation in Kampala,
Uganda. In a few weeks about 1000 children, youth and adults will come
together to create their vision for a better future.

3rd of June all participants will get together in a joyful Meet and Greet.

4th of June Our Uniting Water Ceremony will be held at the Opening Ceremony
of the WorldCiC and the children will build bridges for the Future Vessel.
Adults will join and support the children’s creation in the evening.

5th of June a Parade through Kampala City will announce the World
Environment Day. A Tree Planting will take place in an area which will
become a park commemorating the Second World Championship in Cooperation.

6th of June is the Closing Ceremony. Our Uniting Water Trophy will be
presented from Kampala to Kuala Lumpur. The Mayors will present The Promise
for the Future to the children. All young participants will get a Gold Medal
– when we cooperate we are all winners!

During all days there will be seminars and workshops. Adults, children and
youth will learn from children who experienced the post election crisis in
Kenya and from girls in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda who are in the LVRLAC
Girl Child Program. Children with disabilities will convey their visions and
work and a lot more.

Please have a look at the Seminar Program!

At the centre of the WorldCiC are the 10 cities/municipalities in Sweden,
Uganda and Kenya who are now in partnership. All partnerships rest on the
foundation of the United Nations documents: The Rights of the Child and
Agenda 21/ Sustainable Development. The Partnership projects will have
their common kick off at the Second World Championship in Cooperation. It’s
not only 10 cities/municipalities in partnership; it’s also two regions;
Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities Cooperation and the Swedish
Association of Local Authorities with financial support from SALA IDA/Sida.

With this mail we enclose the WorldCiC program and the WorldCiC seminar
program below.

Kampala City Council and Globetree welcome you all who are on your way to
the WorldCiC!

We also welcome you who in the last minute will decide to join!

In our next Newsletter you will know what happened in Kampala and the plan
for the next Third World Championship in Cooperation which will be hosted
by the City of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Ms Kajsa B. Dahlström

President Globetree


If you wish to join WorldCiC in June

Please contact the WorldCiC Secretariat in Kampala or Globetree!

WorldCiC Secretariat Kampala, Uganda

Ms. Annette Nanyanga

Mobil:+256 (0)772 591 230

Mr. Badru Ssembajjwe Senoga

+256 (0)756 55 708

Sweden – Globetree

Ms Marta Velander

+46 (0)70 370 07 64

Mr. Sam Samuelsson

mobile: +46 (0)70 5538730

Draft Program

World Championship in Cooperation
City of Kampala, Uganda 2 – 6 June, 2008

2 June Arrival day

3 June

Meet and Greet – preparing for the WorldCiC – seminar/workshops

Venue: The Garden of the Kampala City Hall

09.00 Welcome to Kampala!

H.W. Deputy Mayor of Kampala Ms. Florence Namayanja

09.15 Preparations for the parade (5th June)

10.30 Rehearsing of the Our Uniting Water Ceremony (Openings Ceremony)

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Program rehearsals for the Opening and Closing Ceremony

Playing together – have fun!

Seminars and workshops – see detailed program

4 June
Opening Ceremony – Building bridges in the Future Vessel - Seminars

Future Vessel: The Garden of Kampala City Hall

Mayor’s Meeting and Seminars: Kampala City Council

Workshops: The garden Kampala City Hall
09.00 Preparing the Building of the Future Vessel

10.00 Official Opening of the World Championship in Cooperation 2008

Our Uniting Water Ceremony

Children from participating nations unite water from a place they care for

The children present Our United Water to the dignitaries
Welcome to Kampala!

H.W. Mayor of Kampala Mr. Al Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala
World Championship in Cooperation - a global gathering guided by children

Kajsa Dahlström, President Globetree

Guests of Honour

Words of appreciation to the children

Swedish Ambassador H.E. Mr. Anders Johnson

Uganda Minister of Youth Hon. Mr. James Kinobe

Dances, songs and drama by the children

11.30 The Future Vessel – The World Championship in Cooperation

Children build bridges between their created visions of the a common future

Seminars and Workshops (parallel with the building - see detailed program):

Mayor’s Seminar – Our promise and commitment to the children

Teacher’s exchange of experience in learning from children, NGO’s,
university students,

artists and others

13.00 Lunch

14.00 The bride building continues
17.30 Children write their notes of wishes to the Night Building Team
18.00 Children return to their homes/hostels.

Youth and adults enter the Future Vessel Arena and form the Night Building

Seminar: How can we work together and fulfill the children’s notes of

18.30 Mayors, civil servants, teachers, NGO’s, volunteers, students and
others work together

to fulfill the notes of wishes from the children.

20.30 The Night Building Team sits together and share experiences;

What have we learnt in the Future Vessel?
21.00 End of day

5 June

World Environment Day – Parade - Meeting in the Future Vessel - Planting
trees Seminars
Venues: Garden Kampala City Hall; Planting venue: To be decided; Start of
the Parade: To be decided

08.00 Gathering for the Parade
09.00 The parade starts at Constitutional Square and ends at the Kampala
City Hall
10.00 Children guide the public into the Future Vessel

11.00 Snacks

11.30 World Environment Day

Welcome Address: Hon. Minister of the Environment Ms Mutagabwa

Trees – performance by the Tree Theatre Group, Malaysia

Planting Trees and Climate Change - Mr. Jes I. Izaidin
President Tree Theatre Group
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Planting trees

14.30 Planting trees over the Globe - Web cam communication between

15.00 Back to the Future Vessel

17.00 Barbeque - Children’s dance, music and drama on the Environment

19.00 Back to home/hostel

6 June

Guiding of the Future Vessel – Seminars - Closing Ceremony

Excursion on the Lake Victoria
Venue: Garden of Kampala City Hall
By the shore of the Lake Victoria, near Entebbe City Hall, Lake Victoria

09.00 Gathering at the Future Vessel
09.30 Guiding of the Future Vessel. Invited: schools and general public
12.00 Travel to Entebbe. During the travel: A small evaluation of
14.00 Closing Ceremony - on the Lake Victoria

Guest of Honour Hon. Minister of Gender Ms. Saida Bunda

Welcome to Entebbe! H.W. Mayor of Entebbe Mr. Stephen Kabuye

The Mayors read their promise to the children

The Mayors receive the Golden Key

Handing over Our Unting Water Trophy

Our Uniting Water Trophy is presented to the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
by H.W. Mayor of Kampala Mr. Al Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala

Address from Malaysia; Welcome to the Third World Championship in
Cooperation 2010!

The children receive the Gold Medal

Children’s Performances
18.00 Celebration!

Seminar Program

What we do today will be the children’s future

June 3rd Meet and Greet

15.00 Bridge building in the Future Vessel

The challenge in the WorldCiC is to find means and ways
to build bridges between one another


Ms Kajsa Dahlström, Globetree

17.00 Girl Child of Tomorrow

Girls! How can we acquire the skills we need to live by ourselves and come
away from discrimination? Coordinator: Ms. Alexandra Nabagesera, Lake
Victoria Region Local Authorities Cooperation

June 4th Official Opening of the World Championship in Cooperation 2008
- Creation of the Future Vessel

14.00–16.00 Mayors Promise to the Children

The Mayors from the participating cities work out a common document which
will be presented to the children at the Closing Ceremony

Chairman: H.W. Mayor of Kampala Mr. Al Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala

14.00-15.00 We are deaf and we are blind

Children who are deaf and/or blind share their way of
learning together with their teachers.

Ms. Jane Ramu, Head teacher, Kilimani – Nairobi Unit for Deaf and
Blind, Nairobi, Kenya

Ms. Monica Slätt, Teacher, Association for Deaf and Hard of
Hearing Children with Families, Älvsjö,


14.00–15.00 Big Issues – Small Children

Working with democracy, influence and gender equality with children aged 3 -
6 years.


Ms Jane Ruvaga, Head Teacher and Director of Baby Hope Centre,
Nairobi, Kenya

Ms. Maria Stavling, Pre school “Tusenskönan” Stockholm, Sweden

15.00-16.00 Twins in Cooperation

Partnership between cities and municipalities; Uganda – Kenya –

15.00-16.00 Learning from the children living under poor conditions


Mr. Moses N’dungu, Children’s Garden, Nairobi, Kenya

Prof. Birgitta Qvarsell, Stockholm University, Department of
Education, Sweden

16.30–18.00 The Kenyan post election crisis – is there a path from violence
to peace?

Kenya face post election crisis with violence, killing
and broken family ties.

Conflicts erupt suddenly, not only in Kenya, all over
the world between individuals, groups, and nations.

Can we learn from history? What is needed to move the
mind and actions from conflict to peace?

Children and adults in dialogue from Nairobi and Homa
Bay, Kenya

20.30 The Night Building team sits together and share experiences

What have we learnt from the children in the Future


H.W. Mayor Mukono Mr. Johnson Muyanja Senyonga

Mr. Peter Wenster the Swedish Association of Local

June 5th World Environment Day: Parade, Guided tours of the

Future Vessel, Tree Planting

13.00 Tree planting and Climate Change

How come the planting of trees can halt the climate

Jes I. Izaidin, Director Tree Theatre Group, Malaysia

June 6th Roots and Space – Closing Ceremony

11.00-12.00 Sharing of WorldCiC experiences for the next host in Malaysia

Children, youth and adults discuss together


H.W. Deputy Mayor of Kampala Ms Florence Namayanja

Mr. Jes I. IzaidinTree Theatre Group, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mr. Börje Berglund, Senior Advisor, Globetree

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