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The Awakening Of Women Warriors

What a journey from where my first fancies didn’t exceed the limits of my obscure village to the world Pulse where the world opens its arms and embraces Halima’s evolution!

With every article I write, read or comment on, I feel wrapped in the toga of knowledge and empowerment. The training and package of self-empowerment that helps my mind grow , overcome limitations, and release its full potential to cement my feet on a solid ground. Shouldering part in the building process of tomorrow’s society for my daughter’s generation is the top priority.

I have been fortunate to have met wonderful personalities, including the World Pulse staff, as well as courageous colleagues from the four corners of the world. I certainly feel proud to allude to the fact that, during my training, I wrote two women’s biographies who have both been among the three awardees selected at the end of the program: Busayo Obisakin form Nigeria and Jacqueline Patino from Bolivia. Both ladies have opened my eyes to the fact that women’s sufferings are a global phenomenon.

This giant platform has done me great favors. Thanks to this Program, the remarkable story of the Sudanese female journalist Lubna Hussein, who was sentenced to flogging by the Sudanese authorities for wearing pants, found its way to the international media. In addition, my frontline assignment, “A Future Without Females Genital Mutilations” has the lion’s share of publication in the international media of which I have never dreamt of. Please check the link below for the full story: (

Having women’s voices heard has salvaged me and many others. Traditions and uneven development are main factors behind women’s suffering in my homeland. The situation is expected to aggravate especially with the 9 January 2011 Referendum on self-determination Southern Sudan.

In addition to previous chronic situations in the Sudan, there are still tribal traditions reported, such as that a woman has the right only to go out three times during her lifetime: from her mother's womb into the world, from her father's house to her husband’s, and lastly, from her husband's home to the graveyard.

However, this backwardness is perhaps due to the concentration by the Sudanese women’s emancipation movement on political equality more than addressing social problems and bringing effective solutions to them as well as introducing lasting social changes. This might explain why Sudanese women were the first among African and Arab women to obtain the right of equal payment, parliamentary representation since 1950s and 1960s, nonetheless, young girls in many parts of Sudan are still circumcised. A woman can be flogged for wearing pants as we have seen in Lubna’s case.

Engaging women in decision-making starts from the house; yet in most cases women are partners in crimes committed against their own fellow women in the name of preserving the tribe, community, religion, customs, and traditions. Unfortunately Mothers’ and relatives are also part of this marginalized segment.

Lack of education, knowledge, and awareness can largely be responsible for this tragic situation. By Applying skills I have gained during the 2009 VOF training program and overcoming the barrier of the English language, especially for Arabic-speaking women, circulating knowledge through a chain of women will affect women’s lives, I feel excited to apply for World Pulse Community Board Member for this end. As the saying goes, “a little shrub always grows into a tree”!

I feel that my social background as the first African Muslim woman whose native tongue is Arabic gives me a vantage point from which to contribute to the Board. This includes, but is not limited to, the fact that as a certified correspondent with the Voice of Our Future will help me carry the mission to entire African continent and the over 280 million people in the Arab world.

Five months earlier, I started communicating knowledge to my counterparts. I distributed copies of the training manual to 10 female journalist members of the Sudanese Journalists Association in Saudi Arabia (SUDANJA), of which I am a member and they are currently studying and consulting with me . I have also made a ten-minute presentation on the experience of the World Pulse on citizen journalism in a symposia organized last month here on electronic journalism by SUDANJA.

Coinciding with the celebration of World Women's Day, last march I wrote a post on Sudaneseonline, the largest Sudanese Diaspora discussion board, highlighting the story of the World Pulse with its 4500 audience and experience of globally empowering women and the formation of the VOF. The link below reflects on that:
As a result, many Sudanese have joined World Pulse following this unique and successful move. Kindly consult this link for more details:

I plan to use this platform to motivate women step out of restricting traditions that keep them powerless, submissive, abused, lacking self worth and lagging behind.



JaniceW's picture

So happy to see you applying

I have learnt so much from you and so appreciate all your posts highlighting the challenges of African Muslim women. Your writing is so powerful and you have helped us feel connected to the women you write about and able to relate to them even though we are continents apart and from different backgrounds.

Thank you for all you are doing to shed light on and improve the lives of those who are rarely seen or heard. Best wishes with your application,

Dear Janice,
I don't know how to thank you for your support and encouragement!

I hope that women worldwide join this platform, make use of the tremendous possibilities as I do. Lately I was thinking how could Arabic-speaking women enjoy the WP tremendous possibilities, communicate, speak for themselves and get heard?.
Could WP help them in the future to overcome the language barrier?



sunita.basnet's picture

Go girl go ahead!

Hey Halima,
You are a courageous women to stand up and speak for the truth. I am so much happy to see more and more vof fellows are coming together to apply for the best. All the best with your application.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

You made my day!

Dear Sunita,

Thank you so much for passing an commenting. You made my day sis. Wishing you all the best with your application, carer and life.

Love and hugs,


SpiraSpera's picture


Halima - You are an outstanding Woman Warrier and inspire a worldwide tribe of many others!

How many of our sisters share similar situations to the brave women in Sudan? Women, who as you so remarkably assess, "only go out three times during her lifetime: from her mother's womb into the world, from her father's house to her husband’s, and lastly, from her husband's home to the graveyard." What an image... what a literal and also symbolic assessment, even for many women I know in countries like mine - the United States.

For as far as women's movements have come across the globe, we still have so much further to go. May we share your tenacious spirit and commitment to going out into the world - forging paths, opening doors, extending the scope of the journeys women can and will take.

Thanks for your vision, wonderful work and inspiration!

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Million thanks

Dear Spira spera,

Appreciation for your kind and encouraging comment that made me smile from the corner to the corner (a broad smile).the journey of Sudanese women towards emancipation isn't an easy one. From my great great grandmothers, as I was told, down to my generation. Astonishingly they never give up fighting for their rights. Lubna Ahmed Hussein, female journalist who has boldly resisted be flogged for wearing pants is a good example of Sudanese women who fight on all fronts and under all circumstances. Please visit the following link to have more details on her story:

Although the law is still in force and may in the coming days be worse than it before, especially with the new elected government who has declared its intention. Thanks to her the status of women in Sudan under this regime, is brought into the international focus and the world's attention.



Dearest Halima,

Your journey with World Pulse has inspired us all and placed women's issues of Sudan squarely in our minds and hearts thanks to your courageous reporting. And your recent leadership in bringing so many Sudanese women to PulseWire proves your dedication to this community. You continue to amaze me with your termination to expose the truth and bring women's issues to the forefront of Sudan, as well as the world.


Dearest Jade,

Thank you so much for passing, reading and commenting. Your Kind words have produced a tremendous effect on me.
I appreciate and value this opportunity and platform provided to me to grow and develop. I hope that more Sudanese females join and benefit of this platform.



Khushbu's picture


Hey Halima

You are doing every possible thing to make Sudan a better place for all, esp women and girls...your stories are always captivating....

Good luck with everything:)


Khushbu Agrawal

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Young leader

Dearest Kushbu,

Thank you so much for your comment. I am so happy to read and share stories with a great young woman like you. Wish you all the best in your life and future career. Don't forget me when you establish your organisation!



SpiraSpera's picture


Way to go, Halima! We Women Warriors stand with you, support you, and celebrate you today - and always! :) Lead on!

In sisterhood,

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Made my day!

Dearest SpiraSpera ,

Thank you so much for your comment and encouraging support! You made my day!



consolata's picture

Go Go girl

Hi Halima,
Mine is to pass a word of congrats to you. You have inspired many and believe changed their lives too. I did publish your story in our Magazine Womans Hope and readers really responded it.
I do believe it did to change people beliefs.

Keep up the good spirit Halima! Your efforts will certainly be rewarded.

Love Consolata

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Many Thanks!

Dearest Consolata,

Thank you so much for passing your congratulations and great news of having published in your magazine "
Woman's Hope". But you didn't tell me which story you published? Could you provide the link? I would be grateful!

Again thank you so much.

in sisterhood,


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