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The effects of different situations on my final choice,

First of all to be honest I want to say that I really do not know what engineering is? What do we have to study in order to become an engineer? And finally how can we work after becoming an engineer?
However, behind these all, I also have some memories and thoughts which encouraged me to be interested in engineering and to feel the warmth of its positive effect for my future which is dedicated for others.
One of the people who simply made me observe the brightness of engineering is my cousin Dawood. Dawood is an engineer. One day, when there was no one in our house only my sister and me, he came to our house. After setting together he asked about our studying and then, he asked me what I want to be in future after graduating from high school. I did not have an exact decision so I told him that I do not know. Then, he told me that engineering was the best field which could suit me very well. I was amazed by his saying. I asked him why I should become an engineer. Then he picked up a tea cup and asked me “Do you know what this cup is made of?” I told yes of course, it is made of glass. He smiled and said “You are a bit right. That is what engineering makes you perfectly right.” Then he told me that I was so curious about everything so I could be a perfect engineer in future. I could not guess what it means; but, I can remember that there was something inside my heart making me unique of what the other people thought about me. In fact I was always looking deeply at something for example sometime when I was looking at any tall building; I was thinking of how human being with their small body structure can build or figure a building with that much height and magnificence. After that day, I have become more curious about things around me. I wanted to know everything from its basis even at some time I tried to fix some damaged sockets, plugs, radios and etc.
The other situation which made me feel so eager of engineering was acting as a son in my family. Till now I feel that my family confront with many problems in absence of me. In Afghanistan, some people have some unusual conception about females. Some of them think that girls cannot do any physical work without cooking and cleaning. They think that engineering is only for males not for females. I am sure it is totally wrong and inacceptable for everyone. Human beings can do whatever they want only by trying and doing their best but it does not matter whether they are male or female. During my high school studies all my brothers were not living with us. They were either studying or working outside. I am the youngest child in my family so I really felt the responsibility of being a son for my family. I always tried my best to cooperate with my father in everything. In those times Afghanistan did not have enough electricity even sometime there was no electricity at all during the night. So sometime, I went out at evenings to buy some petrol for the electrical generator and then I turned it on. Indeed it was really difficult and at some situation so dangerous to turn it on but I did it without any hesitation. By doing these all activities I felt I can do whatever I want. I had the internal feelings of being someone in future that can think critically and vividly and can find the best solution for each problem.
After graduating from high school I passed six months of hollow without studying or doing anything. I was only helping my mom in her studies and going to a basic computer course. The computer course was also not so useful because I could not work on computer in my home. We did have a computer in our home but it had already damaged. Thinking how to solve and how to fix this problem (Computer) I started to go to CISCO Academy which was located in the Ministry of Women Affairs. I studied there for three months. Every day when I learned something new in there, I wanted to apply it to the computer. After passing six months it has become so hard for me to stay more at home. I could see my world which was going to damage in front of my eyes. In that time I had realized that how was the situation of those women who were always staying at home without going outside or doing anything else. Even though our situation was different because in their family no one wanted them to do anything in outside of their home but in my home it was my family specially my father who could reach to my hearth only by taking my hand and could feel the situation of my heart and my soul. He counseled me and led me to the way of success in my life. Every day he was going to the Ministry of Higher Education to find a solution for my further education. By setting all the day inside the house made me so bored that even I spent all the time watching TV and listening to the news which was always bad and horrible. Almost every day I heard a bad news such as suicidal attack, bomb blast, attacks, dying of poor people……etc. I was almost broken inside my heart just like a glass being broken without any sound. But still there was a glimmer inside my heart which made me feel hopeful for my future. It was nothing else but taking revenge by my knowledge. When I watched the news about any bomb blast in any building which destroyed the whole building, I thought of becoming a person in future who can reconstruct it.
Finally, I reached my goal by coming to the Asian University for Women. After coming to here I made my decision not to think about war or bomb blasts anymore but only thinking about the new future in which I can do the best to lead my country and other back warded countries to the way of success and peace. I can feel the change which leads me to the hidden ways of success.



Dearest Mursal,

Once again I am so moved by your writing and ability to take me on a journey with you through your thoughts, experiences and your dreams for the future. I loved reading this journal and learning about what lead you to the Asian University for Women and to study engineering. I sense that your father is a really positive force in your life as he was so determined to help you find education. Your drive will take you far - and it already has! You are living proof that women can break the molds of tradition and can be successful in whatever profession they choose.

I am hooked on your writing Mursal!

In friendship,

Dear Jade,

I am glad to see people read my journals, even I am not so perfect. I really become so happy to see the others can understand my feelings through reading my writing pieces. Once again thanks for your comment.


JaniceW's picture

Very cool

I just loved reading about your path towards engineering and think that it's a wonderful career choice for you. Every object we see around us is a result of some form of engineering, whether it be the cup in Dawood's hand or a beautiful bridge spanning a valley. Your achievements will not always have your name on them but you will see the fruits of your labours in so many ways. I am excited for you.

You might also like to join the Math Support Gals group where like-minded members have come together to celebrate science. You can find it at:

Best wishes and I look forward to reading about your journey.

Mursal Hamraz's picture

Hi Janice,

Thanks for giving comment. I am so happy that you like my journal about my journey towards engineering. I have just joined the Math Support Gals group.


Asma Ejaz's picture


Mursal it is so impressive.....keep writing
Best Wishes!

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