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Information is power. Information can and changes the mindset of an individual. Having mingled with different women in my country, I have come to realize that women are still lacking knowledge and information on issues that are affecting them. Although our nation is slowly been modernized, certain traditional norms still hinder the progress of women and development.

It is actually elderly women, mothers who believe in the traditions that inferiority them. Here women are abused and even their own daughters are sexually abused by their husbands, their brothers but tradition tells them, they have to keep silent on what is happening in their homes and bedroom. When a girl becomes of age and when she is about to get married, she is taught a culture of silence to keep her marriage.

A taboo it has remained in most parts of the world, including my country for women to speak up. A woman is considered an embarrassment if she speaks out on the ill treatment she is been subjected to by her husband or her own father. Most HIV positive women I have met and worked with were infected by their own husbands because their voices were not lifted up. Babies are been raped as little as two months old and infected with STDs but women remain silent because this is what is expected of them. They have been taught by the elders to believe and it is in their minds that a man can do anything to them despite the consequences, and men know that what they women have been taught and take advantage of them. And even those who have already been infected with the virus remain silent and it is still a taboo to many women negotiate safer sex.

Women have the high levels of HIV and AIDS, other suffer high blood pressure and several other serious diseases. There is need to change the negative mindset of women and not only that but to empower them. Some women fear to lose the support of their husband and family and fail to open up. But by empowering such women with livelihood skills with a change of mind which is able to denial the evils of certain tradition norms, more women will stand firmly and speak for themselves.

Being part of the world pulse board of directors would be a way of creating awareness of the inferiority our fellow women are facing not only in my country but the world at large. It is also a platforms that will be used to network with already existing organizations working and dedicating to change the mindset of these elderly women and young women who continue to uplift the traditional norms which has subjected women to sink so low. By being on the board of directors, it is a chance to find new strategies we can use to identify common issues women in our countries are facing, developing campaign strategies, not only on the internet but also through our local media and communities. Mindset can be change through education; world pulse is the platform where if many women were to be members, they can have a positive change of mind. It is thus as a board member I would encourage more women to join world pulse.


JaniceW's picture

New strategies and new thinking

I am so glad you have applied for this position. You so inspire me. Your stories have touched our hearts, opened our minds, and ignited our passion to make this world a better place for women around the world. With your posts about the challenges young girls in Zambia face, you have shed light on the lives of those who are rarely seen or heard. All the best with your application.

Dando's picture

Thanks Dear

I like always, will always be greatful for your support.
I am also thank ful for world pulse because our voices from diverse places are being heard. And people are getting to know what it is that we as women are going through and hoping as we unite together we can still make this world a better place.

With love


giftypearl.abenaab's picture

Dear Dando

It sweet to hear from you and refreshing to read from you again!
All the best

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation

Dando's picture


thanks, am around and well.
Hoping you are doing great.
I read your articles and you really inspire alot, I just wish there was a way we can be networking.

thanks and best

SpiraSpera's picture

Thank you

Dando - Thank you for voicing these critical needs. You are so very right. We must break the silence... we must change the culture to one of empowerment, knowledge, strength and hope.

You speak such truth. And the world at large, as you say, needs to hear it.

Speak on, Sister!

Dando's picture


what a lovely name you have.
Thanks for talking time to read through my post.
I continue voicing out and I hope we will all continue uplifting the voice of the voiceless.



Celine's picture

Dando, that is true

Dear Dando,
Yes, majority of women of Africa are yet to overcome cultural stereotypes. One of the strereotypes being that women are to be seen and not heard. For instance I know of about two families where the man had sex with the daughters. The wife do not have opportunities to press charges on the husband for raping a minor, just because she has her marriage to keep and extended families and invariably culture to respect as doing that will ostracize her and made her an abominable woman in her immediate community.
A University student of more than eighteen years of age was raped by her father when she went to ask for money for her upkeep in school. After raping her, the father threatened to disown her if she ever open her mouth to tell anybody. She was emotionally down, went back to school and told a few friends. She resorted to looking for and getting a well to do boyfriend who can cater for the rest of her studies in school. By so doing, she will never go back to her father again to avoid another round of psychological trauma.
Thank you for being a voice to the voiceless.

Dando's picture

Hi Celine

its so sad what is becoming of men who are supposed to be protecting their women and their daughters. And like you alluded to women are scared to report for fear of their marriage breaking and losing support. I wise organisations working to promote gender equalities and ending violence againist women and girl child would do more sensitization, so that these women can speak. I also want to say thaat women empowerment remain the strongest tool to get women talking. without empowerment women will always shun to talk about their problem because they fear no one will support them if they husbands denial them support if they exposed them.

Government is number 1 responsibility to ensure that women are treated with dignity and that they are supported at all levels.

I hope there are organisations in your country such as YWCA, women for change and also victim support units which can be of help to those women and their daughters.

Thanks for your comment

with love


jadefrank's picture

Women must no longer be silent!

Dearest Dando,

It is a joy to read your words again... I have missed your voice! It was so exciting to read your article again on water in the new World Pulse Magazine and to see your face and words printed there in such a beautiful magazine. Congratulations!

I agree that women must no longer be silent! Your work in HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment, and your vision for empowering women is incredible.

In friendship,

Dando's picture

am humbled

and thanks for your compliment. It is always a pressure to be part of worlpulse a team commited to create awareness.
the plateform is a tool to the voiceless.

In friendship


Nusrat Ara's picture

You are right . We have to

You are right . We have to got to break the silence. And yes the traditions and culture has ingrained this complex in women over the years in such a way that it will need a lot of hardwork to undo it over a period of them. We have to begin as early as we can.

I am been so inspried by your work and of others. Keep going.

Lots and lots of love.


Dando's picture

Thanx Dear

Lets continue uniting as worldpulse team and we can start breaking the barriers of the bad and evil habits surrounding our tradition.

Am equally inspired by your words and would like to network with you.

With love


sunita.basnet's picture

Inspiring Dando

Hey Dando,
First of all, thanks for skype chat. you were so inspiring believe me. I like your innovative ideas to change the mind set of fellow women. I agree with you, we should speak up for our identity, for our rights and our freedom. We have been oppressed since years which is more than enough, now its our time to speak up but we will not oppressed whoever has mistreated us. Otehrwise what is the different between them and us?

We need to break the barriers of our development. Lets be together.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

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