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Let us speak the words

Maya Angelou recalled, “I was ignorant of being ignorant. Then I became aware of being aware”. These words sum up a great turning point in my life, when I became crushingly aware of how much I did not know.

Having grown up in a rural community within the southeastern part of the United States of America, I have always sought to be in a service profession, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology and a master’s in elementary education. While obtaining these degrees, I spent ten years in the world of non-profit development, seven of which were dedicated to raising funds for our state’s largest children’s hospital, where I led volunteer committees, planned fundraising events and built key relationships to engage the state behind our important mission. In my personal life, I have also served as a volunteer on several boards, the one closest to my heart being a community center which assists and works with refugee and immigrant families and youth.

I have always been a person who strives to roll up her sleeves, to listen to understand and to think outside the box in offering creative solutions and engaging the skills and passions of others around a shared, positive vision. I am still this person, and yet, my life’s purpose changed significantly when I had to face my own deep challenges.

Coming to terms with and overcoming my experience of childhood sexual abuse has been the battle of my life. It has made me re-examine all that I feel is important. There were times in my life when I simply could not speak the words I needed to. Today, I cherish that right of every human being as one of the most important ones we possess.

Our need and right to SPEAK; our need and right to BE HEARD. No one can ever take these possessions from us. And yet, all over the globe, every second of the day, people do. Where are these voiceless individuals and how can we hear them? What an amazing and important question to consider. Thankfully, World Pulse is asking it.

Most definitely, I feel a kinship with all people living in systems that are damaging to their bodies, minds and souls, who are striving for wholeness and working for change. I hope to somehow walk with them, listening to their stories, finding ways to hear, share, and speak the truth each of us knows.

Last fall, I made a huge decision. I felt strongly that my inner voice and, quite truthfully, the voice of Feminine Wisdom, was beckoning me to forge a different path, to think more broadly, to get outside of my comfort zone, to continue to fill the void of knowledge for which I ache and to find a way to share the abundance of knowledge on specific topics, which I have painfully acquired.

So, I resigned my job. I sold my condo and gave away many of my possessions. I took three months off to give myself something I have never had: time and space to still all that is swirling around me, to research where and how I could begin living into the next chapter of my life, to fulfill my true purpose. I still do not know exactly where the road will end; yet, the journey is proving to be quite amazing.

My specific research interests are in studying patriarchal systems and their impact on human and family development. I have applied to a number of graduate programs in women’s and gender studies and am hoping to begin this fall. Within this topic of study, I want to research child sexual abuse to assist in prevention and treatment efforts. I want to bring voice to this issue; I want to work for change.

In January, while applying to graduate programs, I took an internship at a university in the Middle East, working with young Arab women, many of whom are the first females in their families to pursue higher education. Half way through the semester, my mind and heart are filled with questions, and the experience is indeed opening my eyes to the complex global needs of and opportunities for women. I truly feel we are living at an amazing time in history. Perhaps, as women today, we have never been more poised to continue ushering in massive global change. World Pulse is a phenomenal force, empowering women to lead the way - together.

If selected as a board member to represent PulseWire, I would spend a lot of time reading about and responding to the experiences and concerns of PulseWire members. Indeed, I have my own passions, yet I feel the responsibility of this position would be to serve as a pitcher: receiving the stories of thousands of women from all over the globe, holding their voices – their wisdom and curiosity, their strength and vulnerability, their pain and anger, their creativity, resiliency and compassion - every precious last drop of who they are, and pouring out the themes of their stories to be shared with the World Pulse Board and others who need to hear them. Through discussion and idea exchange, strategies can be formed and action plans implemented.

The Native American proverb reminds us, “It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story.” How many voices do we have? How many stories need telling? Let us find these answers.


To conclude, this World Pulse Board position is an incredibly important opportunity, and there are many who can do this job with grace and skill. I would be honored to serve the PulseWire community in this way, and yet, I support whole heartedly the person who the community deems best suited for this role.


JaniceW's picture

Thank you

This is an amazing time to be living in and we are so fortunate that technology allows us to share ideas, dreams and stories with friends from every corner of the world. Thank you for wanting to represent the voices of PulseWire and all the best with your application. It will be a difficult choice indeed.

SpiraSpera's picture

Thank you Janice!

Yes, it is incredible to learn about and from such amazing women. I am just so grateful for hearing these amazing stores. Fills me with such hope.


Riruta UW Empowerment Programme's picture


You have rightly summed up the Feminist voice -Speaking and being Heard. When we dance to the same tune with the right steps sister we are sure to heard. We shouldn't stop dancing until we are sure we have been heard and heard correctly.

Anne Khadudu Baraza,
CEO- Riruta United Women Empowerment Programme
+254 729880651/ 020 2602803
!27-00502 Karen, Nairobi Kenya

SpiraSpera's picture

Thank you

Thank you Anne!

Let the dancing continue! :)

Celine's picture


Spira, my heart goes out to you for spending a good number of years in the world of non-profit development. Studying patriarchal system and the impact in human and family development is another interesting path to tow. Children are highly vulnerable and voiceless group. Bringing a voice to their issue is a wonderful idea.
Best of luck!

SpiraSpera's picture

Thank you Celine

Your journey down similar paths inspires me. I'm very excited to learn more about women's and gender studies. I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do. Life has been a very hard teacher, and yet, I know there is so much more to learn.

Thank you for your encouragement. :)

In Sisterhood,

giftypearl.abenaab's picture

The Words...

Yes, Spira,
Lets speak the words that can bring change. Lets hear the words of women and girls everywhere and lets include these words in all decisions and subjects that that affect them-from Anthropology to Zoology.

All the best

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation

SpiraSpera's picture

Yes, the words...

There will never be enough, but we must keep speaking them.

Thanks Gifty!

jadefrank's picture

A thousand voices

Dearest Sara,

I love this quote by Maya Angelou as I think it holds true for many women, especially in the United States, where our grandmothers and mothers fought for rights that we enjoy today and now we must turn our eyes to the world and ensure that women everywhere have the opportunity to succeed and be an equal force in creating peace, ending poverty and fully enjoying all our human rights. I really enjoyed reading your application and am moved by your journey. Your proposal to act as a pitcher for women's voices is a beautiful vision!

In friendship,

SpiraSpera's picture

Thank you so much

Thanks Jade. You are so right - it is true that many mothers and grandmothers in the US fought for rights we enjoy today, and how grateful I am for that! And yet, unfortunately, I have come to believe many women today in the US are still cloaked in old harmful patterns of oppression and abuse, perhaps harder to see because popular culture masks it so. For instance, my own mother and grandmothers would probably despise the fact that I am a feminist. And so... certainly, we must work for equality, peace and empowerment for our sisters across the globe - at the same time being honest about the challenges we still face at home. There are so many types of poverty... spiritual, emotional, financial... everywhere. So you are right - we must help fill each other's pockets in all of these ways. We must ensure women everywhere have the opportunity to succeed.

Thank you for your support and your role in creating peace!

sunita.basnet's picture

power of the word

Dear Sara,

I agree with you because now I have understand how much powerful the word can be, representing our voices, encouraging each others and supporting our sisters.
Yes! The word will give the voices to women and that you can do it!
All the best dear!

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

SpiraSpera's picture

Thanks Sunita!

Yes, the words and the courage to say them - may we all keep celebrating this power of voice!

You are certainly leading the way!!

In gratitude and sisterhood,

jap21's picture

Hi Sara

Yes, thousands of voices will be represented by you, and in the best way, always.

Happy to write about you and your life sweetheart. Thank you.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

SpiraSpera's picture

Thanks so much!

Thanks again so much, Jackie. You are always such a voice of comfort and encouragement.

I appreciate your kindness!!

In sisterhood,

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