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The Kite Runner Movie and the Politics of Afghanistan

The present situation of Afghanistan is not stable because its politics is full of war and violence. Aggression, ethnical conflict, and war of years after years motioned the politics of Afghanistan to make today’s unsecured Afghanistan. Actually, in the The Kite Runner movie, it teaches how a country can be influenced dramatically through politics because the politics is based on invasion and tended to violence. Politics ruined Afghanistan because the politics of the country does not ensure independence, is not well-supportive with certain rules, and is not in favor of general people. The politics of Afghanistan was full of violence in the whole movie. In the beginning the Soviet invasion and at last the Taliban ruling.

The politics of Afghanistan stepped forward through power’s up and down. The politics could not ensure independence for its citizen as it could not protest the soviet invasion which made its citizen to escape from their homeland. Amir’s father, who was a communist in politics fled from his own country due to the fear that the army of Soviet Union were looking for him as he was involved with politics. Afghanistan was attacked by Soviet Union in 1979. During the invasion, the Soviet soldiers tortured on the general people and destroyed the country’s infrastructural stability. For instance, when Amir’s father was fleeing to Pakistan through the frontier, on the way to Pakistan there were a woman in the vehicle and one Soviet soldier in the check post wanted to capture the woman that introduced a low mentality of the Soviet soldiers. They destroyed many building as when Amir went to see his home in Afghanistan, he found that everything was destroyed, all the trees were cut down. The politics of Afghanistan has had a huge influence on the whole country as it demolished independence of the people and infrastructural stability.

The movie teaches about Afghanistan’s politics that the ruling party, Taliban, who ruled Afghanistan right after defeating the Soviet Union, did not have well-supportive certain rules to rule over the country. They used religion in order to remove western influence from Afghanistan. They imposed some rules on the general people in order to establish the religion in the governmental ruling system. In the movie, The Kite Runner, when the Taliban came to the power of ruling the country, they compelled every woman to wear veil, but before the women of Afghanistan were not bound to put on veils as they had the freedom to wear dresses according to their wish. Later on, when the Taliban came in power, every woman in the stadium were wearing veil. Though the politics of Afghanistan is based on Islam, there are some brutal rules as punishment. For example, in the movie a woman and a man were punished because they were accused of adultery. As a punishment the People of Taliban group threw stones to them unkindly, without investigating the transition of the accusation. When the Taliban were in the power of government they spread terror among the people by making them anxious of the unstable political situation.

From the movie The Kite Runner, it is acknowledged that the politics of Afghanistan was not in favor of the citizen of Afghanistan as it leads to discrimination and political unrest. The politics had the evidence of ethnical conflict among the people. Even the children had the feeling of ethnical conflict. For instance, Hassan, who was known as a Hajara, an ethnic group in Afghanistan, he was tortured by a group of Pashtun boys. The Pashtun believed that they are the only elite ethnic group in Afghanistan. A Pashtun character in the movie, Asif scolded Hassan that the Hajara did not have any right to get up with the Pashtun as Hassan was friendly with Amir, a Pashtun character in the movie. In addition, Hassan was abused by those Pashtun boys. This ethnic conflict dominated in the politics later on as Asif, one of the Taliban leaders who were Pashtun, abused Hassan’s son Sohrab also. Though the Taliban leaders were from Afghanistan and they were in power, the people of Afghanistan did not like them because of their activities, actions. They punished the general people when they committed any crime, but they themselves also committed crime. In the movie, it was shown that the Taliban people came to an orphanage and they took children from the orphanage in exchange of money. They tortured and compelled them to do any work that they wanted the children to do. In the movie, Sohrab said that every day the Taliban leader Asif came to him before the early morning and he recognized himself as dirty.

The movie, The Kite Runner teaches about Afghanistan’s politics that the political unrest began with the Soviet invasion and it was carried on by the Taliban. The political unrest is responsible for ruining the country as it was full of violence which did not ensure independence of the people, is not recommended with specific rules, and it is not congenial for the people of Afghanistan. So, for stabilizing Afghanistan it is needed to remove the political unrest by establishing a political environment, where independence will be ensured and politics will be free from violence.

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