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Constituency Development Fund in Makadara, Where is Ksh 26, 418, 847

Name of students: Makadara CDF commitee (Under the leadership of MP Dick Wathika)
Exam: Constituency Development Fund
Year: 2006-2007
Examiner: National Taxpayer Association on Behalf of Makadara Tax Payers
Result: 82.06% TOTAL FAIL
Remarks: Very, Very Poor, no Need to waste time and resources for a repeat

I had the privilege to sit under the instruction of very strict teachers in the Mathematics class during my early days of elementary school at St John's Primary school, Kaloleni. Sure, while in standard one, I was taught basic arithmetic by Mr. Musau with his black rubber lash that I very quickly learnt how to count and add up 1+1. And while in class eight, I could not escape strict algebra tuition hours by Mr. Okumu aka Opare. Now, I need to put my mathematics into use.

Earlier this week, the National Taxpayers Association released a Citizen CDF report Card a document that reviewed audit of constituency development fund (CDF) and the Local Authority Transfer fund (LATF). According to NTA findings in 17 constituencies including Makadara and 5 local authorities, " a total of KSH 500 M has been wasted, misused or unaccounted for".

In the financial year 2006-2007, Makadara Constituency Development Fund under the leadership of MP Dick Wathika received Ksh 32 193 847. The NTA reveals that Ksh 3 100 000 was badly spent while Ksh 23, 318, 647 is unaccounted for. In total, Ksh 26 418 847 is mismanaged.

Flashback!!! In my mathematics class, Mr Musau would have asked me " Lindy, According to the NTA report, How much money was spent in Makadara constituency Development Projects?" "I would answer 5, 775 000. My other teacher Mr. Okumu would ask, "Lindy, what percentage of money is mismanaged?" I would answer " 82.06%".

Lets grade this performance paper with a red pen. 82.06 percent of funds being mismanaged is a total Fail and a disgrace to the constituents of Makadara. What does the CDF Commitee and their Patron Dick Wathika got to say about this?

A section of the media report, in the advent of NTA report, MP Dick Wathika denied having misused CDF funds and "showed journalists photographs of the projects in Makadara and listed some of the areas where money has been spent already. These include the release of Sh1 million each to eight secondary schools, Sh450,000 each to 27 primary schools and the construction of 12 light masts at a cost of Sh20 million" (

Well said. But Mr. MP how do we justify the use of funds by looking at the Photographs? Aren't there any books of accounts and receipts or other financial documents that would justify the expenditure? By the way, concerned Kaloleni residents alledge that the renovation of the Kaloleni social hall was a total hoax? They allege that the men contracted for the said renovation, were instructed to sand paper the old tiles and return the same in the name of new tiles bought for the roofing of the social Hall? By the Way, Mr MP. How much did the small toilet behind the Kaloleni Social Hall cost?

I also noted from the CDF website that estimated amount for purchases of desks for primary schools was 100 desks at the cost of Ksh 300 000 per school contrary to the Makadara CDF website that has recorded Ksh 450 000 spent per school. This does not balance up the math.

For us to end povert by 2015 according to the UN MDG targets and achieve Kenya vision 2030, transparency and accountability of public funds must be prioritised. We therefore call on the Makadara CDF Commitee to rise above mediocrity , corruption and mismanagement of public funds. Give us an honourable share worth the trust we bestowed on you by electing our representatives in 2007, Otherwise, There will be NO MORE CDF class for you to repeat in next election.


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This is really sad affair of

This is really sad affair of things. The people responsible should be held accountable. I hope the public rises to the occasion and together with other agencies take them to task. You have begun well by writing. But there is certainly more to do.


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