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The sun rose and set in her eyes.

The sun rose and set in her eyes.

Her loose school uniform hang askew on her frame, moving this way when she moved that way. The young girl sat on her grand ma's laps, the energy in her little frame urgently looking for a way out.

The young girl's eyes bounced around, cutting through the weak afternoon heat, the grating coughs, and finally settled on a young woman who had just walked into the bus. She strode through the narrow aisle like she was walking down Hollywood Boulevard, walking towards her chauffeured limousine. Her presence was painful, she did not belong here, she did not belong on that bus with the rest of us. Her presence was a reminder of all she had, all we'd never see, the kind of life we'd never live.

The young girl's eyes lit up when the lady slid in the seat opposite hers, whipping out a slim cellular phone and launching into a dreamy conversation. They ran over her perfect hair, her heavily jeweled fingers, her impractical patent leather high heels. And her head turned. She took in her own worn shoes,shoes so used not even a good polish could bring them back to grace. They worked up her ashy legs, the uneven hemline held together with a medley of stitches and then wandered out of the bus, outside the window, and to an unknown destination. And slowly, the sun in her eyes set as I watched.


Jensine's picture


I hope you know you are an exquisite writer. This piece cuts straight to the heart.
Don't stop sharing your gifts with the world.

Jensine Larsen
World Pulse

Dy's picture


Thanks Jensine; a scene i experience on public transport this past week. It was heart breaking to see in her eyes the realization that she was not as privileged as the lady. I wanted to hug her and tell her she could be anything she wanted to be.


sarah.s.hope's picture

Love this!

Dear Dy,

I hope you keep writing. You have a gift! This is so touching. I can picture it and feel it happening. Telling stories in this way weaves the web that connects us all, to our own humanity and to one another. It is a powerful and beautiful gift to share. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.
Hope to see more of it here on Pulsewire and in other places.

Asante sana.

Dy's picture


You will definitely be reading more and thanks for the appreciation. The scene was heart breaking, such silly rules really that we employ to define how important we are to the world, to the people around us, such silly little boxes we are forced into right from the start. Keep reading and thanks again!


Cara Lopez Lee's picture


That was beautiful, Dy. Thank you for capturing and sharing that sad and intimate moment, and reminding us of the young eyes that are always watching the world around them for clues to their future.


Nusrat Ara's picture


So Touching. I was really moved. you have put down your experience/observation so beautifully. Loved it



consolata's picture

This is great piece

Hi DY,
I am so inspired by your piece of work. This would be encouraging to our WomansHope readers ( Womans Hope Magazine). You really have the talent. Keep on touching someone with your inspirational stories.
That God for this great network. Found you.


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