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Long Silence of Friendship

Dearest Friends,

Hi! I've been missing you all lately my dear friends! . My apologies for not being so visible on line since the start of the year. My eyes closes everytime I opened the computer and start writing, I have to wake up early morning to catch up with people and end the day very exhausted.

But today , I'm writing you just to let you know how I am going. Thank you Tina for missing me! Because of you , I write this letter. I'm so happy because I really love writing. But with so many pressures ahead of me - just the thought of it made me feel so exhausted and find difficulties to write anymore. But friendly words always did great miracles..

Last march 19 was the graduation of my daughter from kinder school. It was so great for us! She received her two academic gold medals and seven special awards. And you know what? I was also given an award as the "Best Mommy". Wow! I was so happy ha! ha! ha! A special way of giving recognition of my hard work. Such a great school !

As of now, we are confronted by so much pressures by our forthcoming election this May 10. Whew! one month from now we will be selecting new set of political leaders for three years. My day's activities are really driving me crazy like hell!

Our election system will be computerized for the first time. For most of rural women population, this will be the first time they're going to see a computer . They will vote for the first time not names of candidates but vote through shading of circles. This is really crazy because a background agricultural country likes ours, only majority knows how to operate computers. I'm sure their will be heaps of invalid votes. There are scenarios of the possibility of no election and President Gloria Macapagal will remain in power as president of the Philippines.

Our election is marred by so much violence. Just last week, a hand grenade was thrown at the ancestral house of the Ciry Mayor who is vying for a set in Congress. A month ago a mayoral candidate was shot by unidentified gunmen after hearing the Sunday Mass in our neighborhood.

It's scary but we have to be courageous. Who will speak for the poor women and children, if we are scared to speak up for them? Who will take them to the path of righteousness and justice, if we will not go with them?

Lots of challenges along the way! In the coming election in May - my group will be hosting the People's International Observer's Mission . Mostly of them will be from the US -and they will be doing alot of obervation and documentation of electoral fraud and violence in our communitties here. I will be joining them as a Pulsewire Correspondent hopefully.

So friends, this is all for now. I'll be leaving tomorrow early morning to sit down with a political candidate. I will be presenting to him our women's agenda and hopefully get his support.

Thank you so much for bearing with me. Even if you feel I'm not around - just drop by and give me a warm friendly Hello! Take care and wish you all well and happy..

love much ,


Your voice rose brightly and radiantly as I read your post. How we have missed you but I know that you are busy working diligently and courageously on behalf of women and children in the Philippines. Helping the rural population understand the new system and helping to make their votes count is so very important, and we applaud you for keeping the authorities accountable and the elections fair. I hope that the increased security is in your favour and not a means to shield the corruption and fraud.

We hold you in our light until the elections and pray for your continued safety. You are an inspiration to us all and without your fight, so many women and children will remain oppressed and silent. Thank you for all that you do, and may the love of your PulseWire sisters give you strength and protect you on this journey.

p.s. please give a high-five to your daughter from me. Am so thrilled for you both!

malayapinas's picture

Best Shots

Dearest Janice,

A big big smile! Thank you so much ! My passion for social justice for women and children will always be with me in my journey. Engaging in the electoral process is such a great challenge for me and for all the Filipinos who want genuine change in our leadership. I'm doing all my best to share in this political endeavor as an activist while doing my best to be a good mother.

Sometimes so much pressures from work, I missed some shots for being the best I could be as a mother and a wife. I do miss dropping lines for Pulse Wire community as well. But being here with you always brighten my day and lighten my load. Wish you all the best and more power to all of you!

Happy Easter!


olutosin's picture

Congrats mom!

This is a great news comrade, you are doing marvelously well at mentoring your beautiful daughter, keep it up! I do know that a brilliant mom, will surely deliver brilliant daughters,

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


malayapinas's picture

Joy of life

Hello my dear comrade! How's life? How's your upcoming travel to India?
Wish you well and hope life brings you so much joy with you lovely daughters.


Nusrat Ara's picture

Congrats to you and your

Congrats to you and your doll. I see you have a huge job ahead. Keep going and just remember we all all with you.

Lots of love


malayapinas's picture

Dear Nusrat, Hi ! Thank you

Dear Nusrat,

Hi ! Thank you so much! I've always see you on line and admire you for such a great job. Keep up the good work!


Martha's picture

Congratulations!!! We


We celebrate and rejoice with you.

Take care

Let's have women back in gender

malayapinas's picture

Thank you Martha! Such a

Thank you Martha! Such a great reward for all my sacrifices ha! ha! ha!

best regards,

Tina's picture


Congratulations on being the best mommy and on your fab work to keep the rural women in teh Phillippines abreast of current affairs and the need for their voices in the upcoming elections!!!
You continue to be such an inspiration to me certainly and to us all I'm sure!
Much Love

malayapinas's picture

Tina my dear friend, I love

Tina my dear friend,

I love to see you and spend time with you . Thank you for the warm friendship!


jadefrank's picture

A leader and a Mommy

Hi Malaya,

You continue to amaze me and inspire me with all that you do. You are an amazing mother, an accomplished professional and a passionate activist. I wish the best for the people of the Philippines in this upcoming election and I hope that you will keep us updated on the process.

It's great to hear your words again and feel your power rise within me.

Lots of love,

malayapinas's picture

Tough Job

Hi Jade! Thank you so much for the very inspiring description of me. I'm still wondering how did I get through with these challenges. Tough job, especially being a mother at the same time an activist. My daughter continue to inspired me in my advocacy for women and children especially children of her age. I wish I could have a preschool of my own where I can help children realize their full potentials at their young ages and became better citizens of our country in the future.
Anyway, thank you again and keep up the good work!


busayo's picture

Congrat Malaya

Congratulations and best wishes to you and your children. For being the best mommy you have done all of us
proud. It is great to hear from you again, we miss you.

Lots of love

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

malayapinas's picture

Thank you Busayo! I'm so

Thank you Busayo! I'm so happy for you too! Keep up the best!


Rachael Maddock-Hughes's picture

Congrats and Courage!

Congratulations Malaya!

It is wonderful to be able to mark the graduation of your daughter, particular against the backdrop of so much violence and conflict with the upcoming elections.

As I hear you writing about the problems that many rural voters will face, particularly women, in moving to a computerized system for voting..the importance of programs like VOF become truly visible. I would love for you to keep us updated as much as you can in your efforts on voter education--although I know you will be incredibly busy! What programs currently exist to enable voters to become familiar with the new computer system? Are there any program specifically focused on educating women? What are you hearing from your community about this new system? Are people intimidated?

Keep us updated and keep safe! And a big congrats to you and your daughter!

Kind regards,


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

malayapinas's picture

Hi Rachel! Thank you so much!

Hi Rachel! Thank you so much! Just came from my obgyne today due to my severe menstrual cramps these past four days. I have my ultra sound and I have to go back to my obgyne for the diagnosis. I'm fine today taking some pain reliever.

Anyway, I'm so happy about your interest in our computerized voting system. Yap! everybody seems to be intimidated with the electronic devices. Actually, I have not yet able to see even one actual electronic device. They called this PCOS or Precinct Count Optical Scanner. This device will be the one that will record the number votes of a certain candidates. This is very new and is really very intimidating especially to those who have not seen any device of this kind. Whoaa! including me! ha ha ha. Tomorrow I will be speaking to more than a hundred church pastors regarding our computerized election. Yes! i will give you updates and post some short artciles for this.

The goverrment agency COMELEC - Comission on Election have programs on voter's education but very technical and doesn't dicsuss the vulnerabilities of the new computerized election such a a massive fraud on issues of program source code, power back out, hacking, etc. If these issues were discussed among voters - including intellectuals - this is very strange to them. How much more to rural folks and poor women, old women who are not exposed to this electronic devices.

I'm also interested about what you said that the program of VOF become truly visible. Can you expound a llitle bit about this? Do you have ideas how will I go about this? I'm very much willing to take up this matter so that I can do this in the process of our education campaign on voter's education for women.

I will post some very short articles about this after my tomorrow's activities.

thank you so much Rachel! wish you well and good health!


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