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Lindy Wafula For Makadara Parliamentary Seat

Makadara Constituents, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with great pleasure that I today officially announce that I will be contesting for the Makadara Parliamentary seat. This decision follows an assessment of the deteriorating state of our constituency and our nation.

I am dedicated to nation building from the grassroots. I support brand new ideas and A brand new Leadership. The raising of a new BREED of Leaders that is without GREED is what Makadara in Particular and Kenya in general needs today and I am proud to be counted amongst young leaders in Kenya who dare to break the tradition of old tyranny and patronage that has caused poor people misery and oppression.

I dare to take on those who call themselves "Experienced Politicians" because they have wasted our vote, our trust, our time and our resources with their usual political rhetoric. What Makadara needs is not titles of big men but the service of a visionary leader.

From the abode of a humble family raised in Kaloleni Estate by a father (the Late Stanley Michael Wafula) who was the coach of Black Mamba FC and a mother (the Late Domitilla Fwaya Wafula) who was sister to Former Kaloleni Councillor James Fwaya, I have learnt that "whoever desires to become great, must first be a servant" (Matt 20:26).

My vision and accomplishments in community empowerment and development cannot be understated. I have given myself to service from my school days at St. John's primary School in Kaloleni estate. In my early youth, I was left with the responsibility of taking care of my sibblings when my dear parents succumbed to HIV/AIDS and died. Being a head of an orphaned household was not easy but I dared to take the responsibility that today have given sweet fruits seeing my sibblings economically independent. I have been a voice to the voiceless, and a keeper of many poor households in Makadara. The number of orphans and widows I have assisted in my community, to find food and shelter and an education is a task that I joyfully undetake because I am called to service.

The Community development projects I have initiated amongst underpriviledged women and youth for self help in different parts of Kenya testify that I am a Visionary Leader that Makadara needs today.

A movement has begun. A tide of change is moving and it is unstopable. The movement is a wave that is empowering communities across Kenya to embrace an agenda for CHANGE. I urge you all, My dear Makadara constituents, listen carefully to this small still Voice of REASON, we cannot afford another season of misery and hopelessness. We cannot afford another time of unemployment for the youth, lack of Water in our taps, Insecurity, an increase in slum households that we are forced to become because a few rich people are pushing us day in day out into adverse poverty.

It is time for change, it is time for a Brand New Beginning. We are matching together as one towards a destiny bright with Change, Vision, Development and Dignity

I humbly send you forth to the byways and highways of Makadara, Nairobi and Kenya. Let us shout loud our VOICE OF REASON that It is a New beginning of BRAND NEW IDEAS and BRAND NEW LEADERSHIP

A Vote for Lindy WAFULA is a vote for the young and old. For women and men. For change and Development. Register as Voter in Makadara and Let's use our votes to bring about sound Change.

For God, My Country and My Consituents

Yours Maidservant,
Lindy Wafula


Mauri's picture

Lindy, you are so welcome!

Yours is a great new!

I wish you, and your voters, all the success possible!

Writing from Italy, I may add your quest for a new breed of leaders without greed is essential also here. And, I guess, the whole World!

So, what else may I do, other than supporting you from afar?!

Politics has to change, all over. We see too much sterile confrontation, too many robberies, and a lot of violence. The World is indifferent to all this television-aimed activity, and evolves as a consequence of our real choices. We see climate warming, water misuse, poor people becoming more and more poor.

Here in Italy, specially, we see a politics whose main aim is being voted once again, promising (they've really done) "less taxes for all", and (in practice) freedom of fiscal evasion. When voted, their second aim emerges very quickly: to get power, and hoard it serving the "needs" of a tiny minorities of already extremely rich people. Our mr. Silvio Berlusconi, to name just one.

There is need of policymaking, not "politics"! Of responsibility, and love. Of no fear of not being re-elected (in Italy, this is also very important to politicians: if they survive some years in their roles, they get a monumental pension - something I'd abolish immediately).

There is a need of a policymaking for *all*, men and women, and children as well. The environment, too. All living.

So, to you my very best wishes!

And to all who can, let the district of Makadara a place in the World where change begins!

About what happens in Italy, I'll soon say to you all: just today we're voting at the Administrative (regional) elections, after a crazy electoral campaign in which press and TV were gagged. Am very curious to see.

Love, and a warm "thanks"!


Dear Mauri

Thank you for the comment. Just the other day was out meeting women for the International Women's Day. And the Cry of one girl over a packet of milk made my heart bleed for days. together with my wonderful women in Nairobi, we choose to commemorate IWD by visiting the Kenyatta National Hospital and found women and their recuperating children held up in the wards because they could not afford to pay the hospital bill. some had stayed in the ward four moths after being discharged. Sincerely, what kind of a world is this that women cannot afford basic health care for them selves and their children. and much more they cannot afford just a pint of milk that little girl was crying for. Yet our politicians have the best health insurance covers.

if wealth was to be spread across at least a waiver for a woman who has stayed in the hospital more than two months is warranted. Nobody would like to lounge at a hospital ward, certainly no mother who has children waiting to be attended to at home would stay at a hospital sleeping on the floor if she did not genuinely have money to pay

Match this scenario to the luxurious cars that our politicians drive at the expense on taxpayers money. Which one deserves attention
this is one reason I am taking this bold step. thank you for your support every word of encourtagement builds my spirit. someday we shall overcome.

Terry's picture

All the very best to you!

Hi, it is exciting to read this. I have been a voter in both Starehe and Embakasi, i guess this time round i will register in Makadara! Keep writing more. It would be good to hear the plans you have for development of Makadara. With God all things are possible!

Will keep jotting.



Terry Shiundu

mamaAfrica's picture

All Roads lead to makadara

thank you Terry, Let all roads lead to Makadara. It is the dawning of a new day. Thank you in advance for your vote


olakitike's picture


YAY! this is such exciting new. I believe that you can bring the things that you have learnt from your challenges in life to bear to transform your community as a parliamentarian. I really do hope you win.
Although I obviously can't come to kenya to vote for you, if there is ANYTHING I can do to help you, Please let me know!
Go Lindy!

mamaAfrica's picture

virtual foot soldiers needed

Thank you Sister Olakitike

Thank you dear for being a big support. Right now I will ask every sister to use whatever avenues in our capacity to get the word round. If you can afford me space on your facebook, blogs, other online pages, I will be honoured. every word sent forth will not return void. any other support is welcome campaign website is coming up soon. You can find me on facebook you could aslo join and support me on the groups created by my constituents
love you and Thank you

olakitike's picture

Hi Lindy, I will be proud to

Hi Lindy, I will be proud to host you on my blog!
I will get back to you in April about it. Is that okay?

mamaAfrica's picture

Will be honoured

April will be fine Dear. I will be honoured to be featured in your blog


Sophie's picture

Go gal!!

Am excited to read this from you! Even though i don't vote in Embakassi I hope we can give u support in tihs, I believe we need leaders who have already proved like you have from household to community, then we can entrust them with the country. Keep us posted, any pages you have like facebook etc, let meknow.

Go gal!!!!!

In sisterhood.

Sophie Ngugi
Child of the Universe

Dear Sophie

Thank you . I agree with you taht we have learnt it the itter way. This time round let those who are wary of loosing their place in Parliament benches Yet they have not served us know that Kenyans are tied of petty politics. We want change, we want development and we want it speedily.

I urge you to vote for a woman and for young visionary leaders and let take Kenya to the next level. Wazee wote (All old People ) should leave bunge and retire from politics.

Got pages on facebook, and a group Lindy Wafula for Makadara. Drop a line

jadefrank's picture



What exciting news and an inspirational way to start my day! I wish you the best of luck in your campaign and while I cannot personally vote for you - I will endorse you with my support.


jadefrank's picture

Jambo, Kenya Cafe


I recommend you post this also in the Jambo, Kenya Cafe!

nyakikongoro's picture

Hi Lindy, That’s the way to

Hi Lindy,
That’s the way to go………., welcome on board!!! i am so excited about your coming up to stand as a woman Mp for your area. in fact as i was reading your mail, i was jumping in my seat, and i was like yes, this is the lady i need for the struggle we are entering. Surely, Kenya like Uganda, we are going through the same social- political and economic battles that need people who think beyond self. i am also standing for the Woman MP for Bushenyi district in Uganda. The experience you are talking about is the same experience i am going through, there are people who think that those seats are a reserve for them and they have failed to transform the lives of many people simply because they think they can use money to buy off the voters. i am so passionate about improving the lives of women and other vulnerable groups- i am a woman activist . Having worked for the women organizations and moving around the district and the country at large, we need to move from numbers to effective representation, from rhetoric to action, it’s not a matter of electing you and you just forget about the electorate. Lindy, we need to work hard and mobilize the constituencies so that they can realize that we are a new breed of leaders who are more focused on development rather than serving our stomachs. For these countries to stabilize, they need women of our caliber. We shouldn't be intimidated by “the corrupt people" who think that will buy the electorates, as long as our agenda addresses the needs of the constituencies, we shall make it.

We need the women and men out there to support our transformative ideas in all ways, especially women groups/ organizations etc, for i know that what we have entered will definitely promote your work. Let’s keep in touch and we keep supporting each other emotionally for it’s a real struggle in this space!!!! Best of luck. For us we are now preparing to go through the primary elections of the party i belong to and there after we go to national elections.

mamaAfrica's picture

The Tide of Change

Dear Sister Rosemary

Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. I too encourage you to to continue waging a good fight of faith. The tide of change that is sweeping across the continent of Africa has come for the purpose of placing women in their rightful positions in society. As peacemakers and benefactors of the poor and the oppressed.

Somebody once said "You can have power over people as long as you don't take everything away from them. But when you've robbed a man of everything, he's no longer in your power". We have been robbed of everything we are. Our livelihood our, dignity nad our intergrity has been pocketed by a few selfish people who do not care whether we live or die for as long as their interests are put first. Well. Not any more The tradition of recycling old beauractic and corrupt leadership in Africa must stop.

In these coming years, elections in Africa will not be about money that buys votes from the electorate but ideas and development projects that bring empowerment and improved livelihood. We have to speak this logic to people at the grassroot. Yes we need money for run campaigns but money should be invested in projects that improve infrastructure and services that the public needs.

I wish you the best in the primary elections. Stand strong and tall because you are a woman of great substance. I would like to keep contact with you


Nusrat Ara's picture

Great going girl. All the

Great going girl. All the best.



Rachael Maddock-Hughes's picture


Amazing Lindy, absolutely amazing. You provide encouragement to all of us to go for our dreams and make our communities better. I am absolutely moved by your latest endeavor! Go girl!



"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

mamaAfrica's picture

If we don't stand up

Dear Rachel
Thank you dear, Must admit that this courage comes from seeing women all over the world making a difference in their communities. thanks to pulsewire for highlighting every story of empowerment from different corners of the world. When I read Mauri's comment from Italy and Rosemary's from Uganda and every other comment hereby I know that It is Time.

It is time for women to stand up against Injustices. we must stand up on the platform and face injustices that are happenning in every nation head on. If we do not then we have only but ourselves to blame. if we do not then we allow those corrupt and selfish leaders keep stealing from the taxes we so much work for. The result wil then be that our children and children's children wil have no inheritance .

it is sad to see that in Kenya money set aside for free primary education has been redirected to personal accounts of a few greedy poeople at the expence of millions of children from middle and low income families who can only afford public school. Injustices such as this MUST stop. We have asked our leaders to reform but our voices to them have been a tune to dance to and make merry. Now we are moving for a more powerful force OUR VOTE .

Every support from international women will be strengthen us as we fight for power and justice. Thanks to you and others

Maryanne W's picture

We need more from you Lindy

Congratulations Lindy on your bold move to contenst for the Makadara parliamentary seat. Suffice it to say that I am a voter in Makadara constituency, so your appeal is one that is close to my heart. Kudos to you for the development work you do - I've just had the opportunity of visiting your Project Africa site. You deserve great accolades for your work.
If you will however allow me to play the devil's advocate. So far, I don't think you have convinced me to vote for you as such. Your appeal is similar, if not exact, to those who have previously appealed to us, campaigned, promised us all sugar and spice, gone to parliament and basically done nothing for Makadara constituents. Basically, it reads like 'same script, different cast'. You need to come out as someone unique, someone different and with that 'je nes sais quoi' that we need to vote you in. So far, nothing.
I'd also like to encourage you to campaign by focusing on your strengths and what you can do for the Makadara constituents, as opposed to focusing on what those before you have failed to do. Ofcourse, this is not to say that you should not touch on the latter - but your main strategy should be to focus on your successes in the community, and the change you have been able to bring about, as well as what you will be able to do - based on what you've been able to do so far. Trust met, we are tired of hearing about what has not been done by the old geezers (because it is obvious common knowledge, and we don't need someone reminding us all the time). What we need is some new kind of voice with a new kind of focus, which will be most refreshing. And that could be your selling point.
I must admit that the road will not be easy, especially considering the zero morale that Kenyans currently have for anything political. After diligently standing behind in endless queues in 2007, only to awaken to the horror of the butchering that went on after that, we simply have negative zeal for anything called under the umbrella of politics, i.e: 'Voting, MP's, councillors etcetera etcetera'. You only need to look at the figures of the current voter registration exercise. Today, 8 days after the lauch of the exercise, the IIEC has only recorded 700,000 voters. And they expect the figure to be 10 Million by May 5th. They say that even though its only 8 days since the start of the exercise, the turnout is too low. Thats how much motivation Kenyans have for participating in any electoral process. And mark you this is just for registering afresh as a voter! We are yet to know how many will actually partipate in voting for the harmonized draft constitution.
That notwithstanding, I do beleive that you can make it, depending on your strategy, your committment and your zeal. And ofcourse your constituents.
Best wishes.

Dear Maryanne

Thank you for candidly raising your voice. I acknowledge that basis of the sentiments you have made come from the concern of whether Kenya is forging forward or going through a vicious circle.

I wish to categorically say that my reason for declaring my run for the Makadara Parliamentary seat is for the same reasons that you have mentioned. I note that if there will not be any new leaders to counter the operations of the old schemers we are bound to go through the same old theatrics of politics that promises but fail to deliver.

In my work as a community developer and planner and especially working with women nad the youth, I have noted amongst other issues of concern is the need for Makadara to be haven for the development of the youth nad the empowerment of women. I have noted for instance that Makadara CDF committee is domineered by men as chief executives hiding under the lining of 6 women. How Can we expect development where there is no gender equality. Part of my agenda is to empower women to leadership roles at constituency level with women representing at least 50% of delegates in any constituency development commitees .

The youth of Makadara remain the backbone of our constituency yet they have been wasted and reduced to idlers, criminals, drug abusers. I wil make my priority finding resources to invest in youth developement advocating for their education, training and employment. I am already working on plans to involve small and medium enterprises in Makadara to offer the youth apprentice training and training.

I commit to lobby and advocate for industries in Nairobi's Industrial area which is in Makadara constituency to consider creating apprentice training nad employment fo the youth in Makadara. Above all it is to our best interst if we invest in the arts that the youth in Makadara engage in and ensure that any investments in sports, music, arts, etc create self employment.

Education, Vocational training and enterprise development should be made a priority in Makadara for women, for the youth and for any groups that want to make makadara a better place

I stand for the truth and aim to engage in clean politics that is characterized by transparency and accountability of public officials. I will fight corruption, insecurity, drug abuse, and vices that have robbed us of our dignity and integrity and to fight to the end for the good cause of leading Makadara forward.

Please do share in other issues that I have made a priority in My campaign by joining me on facebook and on my website

This journey is for us all Makarada constituents to take. Please share your thoughts on what needs to be done to make Makadara better. Above all, I urge you not to give up but to register for a vote for that is the most powerful tool you have now to make your voice be heard and make a difference. Vote and vote wisely

love you



This is a very inspiring move. This is a very bold step and I wish you the very best. Kenya, and Makadara need you!

Go girl, and take the constituency by storm.


Stella Ndugire- Mbugua
ICS- Africa

shakila's picture


Dear sister and friend!!

Whish you all the best .we all hope that you will do your best where ever you will go and whatever
you will do.

My best regards are with you for your success in every field of life.


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