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on thhe 8th of march..lets not forget our sisters in darfur..!!

i got up this morning feeling sour because i changed my pillow last night...and went about all day massaging my neck and suffering a headache...!!! you believe this????to feel so attached to something as small as a pillow...and to be sick just because a small detail was changed in my daily routine....!!!i felt rediculous...i was too embaressed to look into my soul and find the selfish inhuman creature that i have become....!!what about those women in darfur who have lost not only thier belongings...but thier families...thier homeland...thier honor...thier physical and mental stabilty.......and their rights to live like the human beings that they are!!
dear freinds....right now...while im writing these words..>>some 800 thousand sudanese women from the western and south west region are displaced....homeless...with no security medical silly pillows!!........................these women saw thier childen killed infront of thier eyes...and thier husbands tortured to death.....they were raped ....and abused janjaweed soldiers who raided thier villages ....and killed the unarmed ...unprotected civilians and then burnt down the villges...!!...
darfur my friends is an open bleeding wound ..throbbing in our hearts...!!...
the situation there is truly devastating....300 thousand darfurians were killed in the early raids to villages but later the count went up according to UN missions...while our islamic dectator of a president said publicly that those killed were only ten thousand.....which is quite a big number too!!!!>.......only he doesnt care!! the contrary,the sudanese government was found to be connected to arm deals and some tribal vilonece amongst the fighting groups in addition to the fact that governmental troops didnt protect the villages attacked by the janjaweed...the arab,muslim troops!! was a massacre!!...
the displaced camps in chad now are the only haven for those who managed to survive the attacks...they are waiting impatiently for the alleged peace to return to thier beloved land..!!
of course...within this crisis....the ones suffering most are the women-as you can imagine- they miss thier killed bloved ones...and they try to provide and work day and night for the sake for those still living...with no decent health services....nearly no reproductive health and extreme poverty.....
my heart goes out to all of you my sisters over there living like zombies...with no human dignity but the little that you try to summon with your strong faces and weak heart goes out to all your sick..hungry children forgotten-or lets say,ignored- by the world....especially the arab and muslim countries....and by your own people!!............
i have nothing to give to those women but my voice...and the voice of the pulse...!!



JaniceW's picture

The power of your voice

This is such a powerful piece that tears at my heart. Thank you for speaking out on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of women who represent the courage and hope of a new generation in Darfur. These women display such fortitude and determination in not allowing their abusers to win. They muster courage that cuts through the media fog that manipulates our beliefs into thinking that the genocide of Darfur is no longer a problem. And they struggle each day to wake up with a sense of hope over despair.

Let us place their voices at the center of international debate and lift them up so that they are heard above the political rhetoric. I so honour your leadership in reminding us of this tragedy and of the many survivors left behind who no longer wish to live in fear, in shame, in poverty and in isolation. Thank you,

fatma's picture

lets be thier voice!

thank you janice for your strong response.....
the genocide in darfur continues under the eyes of the world...and the daily displacement of more tribes is still going on....with hundreds of thousands of women suffering immensely to keep thier children alive .....and struggling with the horriffic memoies of the mass rapes and abuse they were subjected to....
its questionable how the media continues turning a deaf ear...the broadcasted information about darfur is nowhere near the real thing...and itheres no special documentation on women there.......
the situation is heartrending ,janice!
i know i havent been present around much lately in the PULSE ......but the tragedy of our sisters in darfur has become unbearable and thier cries and suffering pushed me into writing again and trying to find a voice for them among the humane,supportive family of the pulse....
i promise to continue writing about them ....hearing thier sorrow and reponding to thier cries of help....
thanks janice!

fatma's picture

humanitarian crisis in darfur!

moreover, the sudanese government has banned all human aid NGO's from darfur and the result was really disastrous...
these organizations were the only provider of medical aid and food provisions.....the UN missions now are trying to work with the displaced camps in Enjamaina but there are shortages of medical and food protions....problems with security and great diffuculties with maternal health especially.
the sudanese government is still dealing with the situation there from its political aspect and denying totally the humanitarian crisis going on in darfur province.....women and children abducted...raped and disappearing ....and villages wiped out from the face of the planet!
the upcoming election in april is a challenge for the government ...thats why they are trying - in vain- to hide the facts and true numbers about darfur.the putrid smell of genocide has already spread all over.....lets be a voice for those without a voice over there....
lets be a helping hand for our sisters suffering day and night in darfur...!!

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