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The hunter becomes the hunted...............

Dear all,

I hope that all has been well with you all. I am perfect and the boys too.Well this i had to share,immediately i learnt about it i really wanted to get on my computer and write this as it was still fresh in my mind since i couldn't believe how funny or at times unfortunate life would be to some of us.

Well my friend Susan (not her real name) has lived positive for the last almost eight years since she learnt of her status and only came forward to talk about it the day that she read of my story on the news paper i talked to her and we become quite good friends...well Susan is one person who lives her life to the fullest and is never moved by the fact of her HIV status in one way its a good thing but on the other we always ague about her relationship with her partners which seems not to bother her at all "the person who infected me dint sale it to me" she keeps on telling me..."i mean may be God has given you the nerve to shout it out to the whole world but that ant for me" she would say...

Susan happened to be going out with this guy from South Africa who she actually would fly all the way down there to see and after a while she confirmed to me that they were thinking of getting a baby together and as usual the freak that i was i went asking if she cared about the other person status and as usual she would shut me down with the who cares attitude and any way "i also dont know about this guys status you know" and that would definitely shut me up!So a few days a go i got to meet one of her "clandes" as she is found of calling them....(Clandes is another name of a not soo serious kind a boy/girl friend,at times a marred person to be precise).Well Mr.Clande was actually learned friend practicing law in his law firm..i had the honors of having a meal with Mr.Clande and well he was a nice person and all through all that i was thinking about was oh Gosh he looks soo innocent.Well i mean it was none of my business i had enough on my plate already.

Just last Saturday Susan calls me while i was doing some shopping and she goes like guess what?
Clande is infected!So as usual i am cought off guard and i shout a loud Oh No!I mean Susan is the only person who could have infected him..So i start thinking that this is not fare and immediately we get disconnected.As i try to call her i realize that my cell phone does not have enough units to warrant a sensible conversation and as i run towards the counter to purchase some airtime Susan calls me again "so how did this happen i keep on pestering" and all she says is "relax!It wasn't me!" so i wait for an explanation and she goes like well Clande has been positive for like forever,he got infected while he was doing his degree in law in India and has been living like that ever since....So Clande confesses to Susan and asks her to go for a test since he was sure that he had infected her" You see she went on you just don't have to go shouting about your status!This guys have been positive for like forever and as you can imagine Susan did not confess that she has been living positive herself but ruther made it look like it was Clandes fault...

Clearly the hunter becomes the hunted!

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