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Lesson from Professor Muhammad Yunus

In the One Young World Summit, we all are born after 1984 and before 1987 representing 192 countries to discuss on the global issues that are ignored. Like some others delegates I was lucky enough to find sponsor and attend the program.

We created a resolution and passed the below resolution.

1.The Environment and its Protection Task Force
In the belief that climate change will seriously affect future generations, we call upon:
Governments to take more deliberate, legislative action to help guarantee that appropriate carbon emissions reduction targets are both agreed and met by 2020.

2.Media - its changing Identity and Power Task Force
In the belief that freedom of speech is promotes a successful society, we call upon:
The media to use its influence and power to help protect truth and personal freedom.
3.Developing Leadership for a Positive Future Task Force
In the belief that upholding human rights is essential, we call upon:
Our political leaders to make clear their stance on humanitarian issues before we consider our support for them.

4.Global Business and its Role in shaping society Task Force
In the belief that multinational corporations have a fundamental responsibility to behave ethically, we call upon:
Global businesses to define and act on their role in the fight against poverty.

5.The Global Health Agenda Task Force
In the belief that all humans have the right to healthcare and nutrition, we call upon:
Businesses, governments and civil society to work together more effectively to prioritize spreading information about and providing access to good healthcare and nutrition.

6. Interfaith Dialogue:
In the belief that war must never be carried out in the name of religion, we call upon: Leaders and followers of all faiths to unequivocally commit to deliver peace amongst nations, races and creeds.

I will write about the program later but today I will focus on my dream and how I was inspired from the One Young World Summit. One of the delegates from Beijing said that “it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning. There’s work, hard work to be done” while meeting her in the summit. The resolution was created by the youth and about 700 youth voted for the resolution to pass. All the counselors and speakers were inspiring but the one who was the most inspiring speaker ever I found in the summit for me even from my childhood is Dr. Muhammad Yunus. From his inspiration, I opened the micro finance in my country without knowing about the concept of micro finance because most of the Professor Yunus used to say “Sometimes not knowing is a blessing because knowing create a mind set in your mind and you cannot get out from this mess.” I didn’t have any concept of banking and micro finance but I created just like Professor Yunus. However, I got opportunity to listen the talk in front of my eyes about his micro finance only this year.

One young world provides me such wonderful opportunities to link with my ideal person. Professor Yunus point out that when business men are so focused on making money and they disappeared after they succeed. He said that if you are so focused of the money you will forget about other issues which are hampering others from your business. I think this is true that is what our previous generation is doing from years and years so we, our generation , have to change this system because this is creating a mess in the world and according to Yunus that is why the numbers of poor people are increasing day by day. His every word was so inspiring but I remembered some of his sentence “Big things are good to have in mind, but I always think from the smallest things. If you can have impact on one person, then you can multiply the effect and succeed.” That is what we all young people have to do to bring change in our community. While talking about this microfinance, I remembered his sentence saying “Microfinance flourished whilst the major banks were collapsing.” I think this is what we all have to think to bring the positive change in our community. I know still some researcher’s critics the work of Professor Yunus but we should not take it negatively. We have to earn from others critics about our work.

The example of social enterprise that is created by Professor Yunus for children in Bangladesh not only improves the heath of those children but will also provide opportunity for unemployed. As a son of Chittagong, Professor Yunus realized that many rickshaw pullers were unable to buy a pair of shoes and have various types of disease in their leg. Therefore, the most fascinating aim for the future is that now he is in the process to produce a pair of shoes for poor people of Bangladesh with the collaboration of Adidas. The shoes can be bought in less than a $1. Finally he concluded his speech saying that “The world is made by ideas, not theories. We make the rules, and we can change the rules. We should keep reinventing ourselves”. This si what we all have to learn from the profesor Yunus speech. What I have seen is when we made one rule, we think that, that is the best rule ever in the world. Actually the professor speech says that it’s not true and I do agree with Yunus. We have to change the rule according to the time so that the rule will fulfill the desire of the time.

If you want to watch the speech of the Yunus please follow the below link and you can find others counselors speech as well.



Great info, Sunita!

By reading this I discovered that there are great inspiring minds in One Young World Summit who are able to create new waves with positive vibration and break the habits and boundaries!!!

When did you start micro finance? I was always running from this field... It seems so impossible to me. You said you didn't know anything about it when you started. This means you have made it in a new way. Must be some easier methods to follow you!!!

Ok, following the link now to listen to the speech of Professor Muhammad Yunus.

Have a good day,


Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

Thank you VIC,
I started microfinance at the end of 2004. I have already wrote about it in pulse wire. You must have missed it..
Above is the link, I posted about our micro finance. Nothing is easy, it's always challenging to take initiative to do something. However I never give up.

read the above link, you will understand how I firm and what challenges I have bear to form a shape to our group.
I still remember, My age was the must challenging part that everyone questioned mark about me because stil Nepal there is a big concept that leaders are old not a young people like us. I need to work to remove this concept as well.

Anyway, I am glad that you are also interested with the concept of micro finance. If I can do anything , please let me know.. I will be more than happy to answer your question..
love much

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

gkimball's picture


Hi Sunita. Could you tell us more about the informal dialogues and concerns of the young leaders you met in London? What's on their minds? Also, where can we find the final report on the decisions you made as a group? Thanks, Gayle

sunita.basnet's picture

Some information about Summit

Dear Gayle,

It is my pleasure to hear from you. I am glad that you are interest in our (youth) concerns.

Yes, of course I will be more than happy to share the informal dialogue and concerns that had been raised in One Young World Summit. Most of the young leaders like me were concerned about the environment and religion.

Many leaders from Africa were requesting the media to focus on positive aspect of development . As they said that currently the media are focusing only on poverty, HIV and many others things that are going in Africa. However, they are not focusing what the young leader in Africa are doing there to bring change. Moreover, when a student from Africa went another country for study or any other purpose, they became of victims. People from other continent treat them that they are from bad countries.

On the other hand, some young leaders requested that the war in the name of religion should be stopped. One of the speaker from Pakistan says that his brother was killed because of only he was a Muslim. Even some leaders share their experience that they have been treated differently only because of their religion.

These are couple of many cases. If you want to know what we did in london, please go through the link.

If you need more information, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I will be more than happy to share my experience.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

heatherc67's picture

No rules

Hi Sunita,

It has been too long since I have checked in with World Pulse, but I read this post and was so excited that you were able to attend this submit and hear Dr. Yunus speak. I have read two of his books "Banker for the Poor" and "Creating a World Without Poverty", and I completely value his insight.

He is so right about how business is about rules that drain creativity and innovation, because they are too consumed with making more money. But these type of rules only benefit of the few. His vision shows how a business can also do something for masses and particularly those who are suffering the most.

I sure would like to know more about this conference and what you gained from his insight.

Take care!



sunita.basnet's picture

Rules are made to be modified

Hello Heather,

I am glad that you also admire the work of Dr. Yunus. I have read a book "Banker for the Poor" however, I have not find the book "Creating a World Without Poverty" in our library.

Yes, I agree with what you are saying. I have already posted about OYW Summit and I wonder what other information will you be interest to know from me.
Please follow the link to know more about the summit, I have posted in OYW.

Looking forward to hear from you.


With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

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