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Say my name Say my name...

Here goes:

What is your name?
What does that name mean?
What names were you given?
What names have you taken on or changed?
(nicknames, titles, married names, whatever!)
What do they mean to you?
And how have they shaped your life?

I'll show mine if you show yours..


My name is Jennifer. Jennifer means "fair one"
My full name is Jennifer Ann Ruwart. Ann is of hebrew origin and means "favored grace"
ooh.. so that means my name could mean fair one of favored grace. Awwww right!
I have not taken or changed my name.
My nicknames have included: Ruwart, JR, gobiprincess, jenn-i-fer (prounced jen-ee-four) and J-Ru
I love em all. Ruwart makes me feel spicy, strong and fun. It rips off the tongue. JR makes me feel masculine, in a good way. Jenn-i-fer makes me feel silly. J-ru makes me cool and unique.
Being called by my last name of most of my life by the men in my life has made me feel like one of the guys. Although I am ALL gal, emotions and all, there is nothing I won't talk about. I love locker room talk and don't get enough of it. I don't think most people know just how wild and silly I am.

Jennifer Ruwart, Chief Operating Officer, World Pulse
(Although I am part of the World Pulse team, the opinions I express on PulseWire are my own.)

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Wowee thanks Jennifer. Very cool!!!! I'm callin you J-RU now..

Ankur Naik's picture

My name is Ankur Deepak

My name is Ankur Deepak Naik. Ankur is a word of Hindi/Sanskrit origin that refers to a blossom, seedling, or the first sprouting of a plant in the spring. I was my parents' first child and was born in the spring. :) Deepak is my father's name and is a Sanskrit word that means "lamp" or "source of light". Naik is a common last name in India and derives from a Sanskrit word meaning "chief" or "leader".

All of these names are pretty common in India, actually. They are getting more popular in the US, which is nice because I'll occasionally run into someone who already knows how to pronounce them! The rest of the time I almost always have to say my name twice.

As far as nicknames go, the only one I didn't really mind was "Ank" (pronounced like ankh).

Ankur Naik, Lead Software Developer

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Ankur, your name is so very cool, and is the poetic version of YOU! I wonder, in India, is your name gender-specific or are their women called Ankur, too?

Ankur Naik's picture

more info

Hmm, good question! The only other Ankurs I've met or heard about have been males. It's possible that there's a female version of the name, like there is with Deepak.

I found out that in addition to being a common last name, "Naik" and its Sanskrit origin nayak have also been used as titles (with the leader/chief meaning) and as a military rank (it's currently used by the Indian Army as a rank equivalent to Corporal). A person with Naik as a surname may be part of the Anavil Brahmin sub-caste from southern Gujarat, as my family is. Though the Brahmin caste is considered the "priestly" class, there is some evidence that suggests that Anavils were also soldiers, which would explain Naik as a surname as well as some of the other Anavil surnames.

Ankur Naik, Lead Software Developer

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so rich...

i love digging into this. did i also ever tell you, that "naik" is a common word in Bahasa Indonesia? it's a verb that you use to talk about stepping up like onto a platform, or to ride like a bike or a bus... "ankur naik bis" means "ankur rides the bus"
I think that is why I also always want to say your name with Indonesian pronunciation, with a rolled rrrrrrrrr: "AHHHHnkurrrrrrrrrrr"

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Great topic, Ila!

My full name is Corine Demian Milano.

I have a strong relationship to my name and feel very attached to it——it's common enough that people have heard it, but not so common that I've ever actually met someone with my same name.

I am named after my great grandmother, Cora (my sister, Alia, is named after my other great grandmother, Alice). Corine (Cor-een) is Greek and means Maiden, and comes from Kore, which is another name for the Greek mythology figure, Persephone.

I have a love/hate relationship with my middle name, Demian for a few reasons. It took me years to even admit to people that my middle name was Demian, primarily because it's a traditionally male name and I couldn't believe my parents would do that to me! It turns out that my parents took it from the Hermann Hesse book by the same name, and after I read the book, I understood the relevance a bit more and am now kind of proud to have such an unusual middle name—though I don't always readily tell it to people!

My last name, Milano, is obviously a city in Italy. It was the name of the city my family left when they came to the US from Italy, and our original last name was changed upon arrival at Ellis Island. Unfortunately, no one really remembers what it was before it became Milano!

Now, I want to hear all about your name!

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sooo gorgeous

wowee corine i love to hear all about that. our names are such a springboard for other memories and kinds of writing. i would love it if all who answer this post feel free to segue on to whatever topics and sensations get stirred up!

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Say my name....

Thank you very much dear Ila, for this interesting question.

My given name is Kusum.
Its Hindi meaning is 'a flower'.

My family name (sir name) is Jain, that denote the 'Jain' religion I belong to.

I never chnaged my nickname (sir name)after my marriage as most of the Indian girls do (or expected to do)because I didn't want to loose my own identity in the name of marriage and wished to shape my life as I wanted to by serving the community people, particulalry the poor women really need this kind of support. I am happy to serve whatever meagre amount I can these rural populations in need.

Thanks again for your nice question.



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kusum in bloom!

Such a beautiful name, thank you for telling me your story. You are a special to keep your "Jain" name.

Corine Milano's picture

Kusum, your name is so

Kusum, your name is so beautiful—so is its meaning! Thank you for sharing it with the community.

It is very interesting that your surname denotes the religion you belong to—I don't know much about the Jain religion, but I would like to know more!

Thank you again for this post!


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Leah Auma Otieno Okeyo

Leah-i was named after my grandma,but she was 'Leya' since no Luo word ends with an 'h'.Its a popular name within our family circles.(We are actually 7 cousins with the same name,i being the eldest).

It is also a biblical name.In Hebrew Leah means 'cow',and in Arabic,it is a 'mad cow'.(I plead guilty to this).Another Hebrew meaning is 'weary'.

Auma is my sir name.Naturally,babies are born facing the sky,but the mad cow was born facing down!Male translation for this is Ouma.

I inherited Otieno from my dad.This means night in Luo.Dad was born at night.Female-Atieno.

Okeyo is my husband's name.This means harvesting.He was born when maize was ripe,at harvest time.Female-Akeyo.

My most popular childhood nickname was 'Maasai',members of this tribe are usually very tall and (i understand) i appear like one.

That's all about these Luo names.

....high like the Maasai with her long strong legs! WOWeee!
Maybe you were born facing down because you were ready to take action and make a difference in this world, not just to dream at the sky!!! Thank you for sharing your name story!

Did you know that Jonah is a Hebrew name for dove? And when I think of dove, I think of peace. So, Jonah will be a force for peace. I love that boy!


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I just found a little

I just found a little clarification on the origins of your Biblical name: Hebrew origin, meaning "Gazelle" which is "beauty and grace", also "worthy cow" as in biblical days cows were very valuable and treasured. Beauty, grace, treasured. I'm sure that suits you!

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Ila-a Luo word.

Ila has a meaning in Luo,which i will let you know when you tell me about yours.I guess your great grand parents could have emerged from my end of the world!

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Tell me the Luo secret, Leah!!!

What were you “called” and how did you feel in relationship to it?

Ila Renee Asplund


Tra la la BOOM de ay
Ra-Nay fell in the bay
The sharks had lunch today
Although she tastes like hay
They ate her ANY way
Tra la la BOOM de ay

Sing along, everyone! That was the earliest memory of having my name in someone else’s hands. It was a young Mormon missionary, a 19 year old funny, handsome, intimidating guy, that my parents had over for dinner. I must have been younger than five years old. It humiliated and fascinated me. Why did I taste like hay? I tried to laugh “with” but if felt more like “at…”

Reneé means “born again” in French.


I was and still am introduced by my parents as “our baby." I never minded really, but became conscious of it when I was in about 4th grade, I went to a special teacher to get tested to see if I was “gifted.” I wasn’t. She said, “they call you that word, don’t they?” I thought of lots of words: brat, pest, squirt, corn-swabble (a ruthless bully plagued me with that one, which felt very dirty but I have no idea where he got it)…”Baby,” she said. “They call you baby, don’t they?” She was referring to my parents, she must have asked about my birth order. I was excited, Yes Yes, that’s me! But from the way she shook her head, I knew I wasn’t supposed to feel that way.


Ila was my secret name growing up. The name that always got in the way at roll call, mispronounced on the first day of school or in any new setting. Ila was the name of my mother’s mother, who I feared and hardly knew until the last days of life when she was sweetened by her stroke.

Means "earth" or "speech" in Sanskrit

Means “From The Island” in French

Also spelled “Isla” with Scottish origin, related to a Scottish island

She died about the same time that I moved West, started college, changed in many ways. I reclaimed my first name and have never regretted it. It feels natural to me in a way that Renee never did. I have nearly forgotten being called Renee. Strange. True.

Swedish. A grove of Aspen trees.

The meaning is so sweet, it brings to me always a picture of yellow floating leaves in the fall. Yet the ASS in Asplund has given me my fair share of grief over the years…
More on that later.

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Ila-a Luo and Kiswahili word too!

Ila has two meanings in my language,Luo!

The first one is when you feel itchy,like scratching,then you say ila.

The second one is an idiomatic expression for "i can't wait any longer!" or "i am really yearning for it!"

In Kiswahili,Ila means "even though,all i ask for is..."

Somehow,your roots must be here,a Luo you are,from Nyanza,if not,a Swahili from the Coast of Kenya!

Take a holiday! We need you home!


What a fun post Ila!

ELSIE is a name that I have grown to appreciate in it’s uniqueness, in that the only other Elsie I know/hear about is the daisy chained carnation cow. Were it not for my name I certainly would not have acquired, with such little effort and desire on my part, my huge cow collection growing up (what better gift for an Elsie than an Elsie?!). However, contrary to popular belief, I was not named after a cow, but after my German Great Aunt. In German, Elsie signifies Noble. In other areas of the world it means similarly “My God is a vow,” “Consecrated to God,” etc. (It is also the Scottish diminutive of the Elspeth, which I now secretly wish was my full name and what I’ll probably start answering when asked what Elsie (LC?) is short for).

KREITNER, in my mind has always been a kind of good for nothing middle name. It’s heavy on the tongue and useful only for impossible guessing games. But on looking up the meaning online, I found a virtual treasure trove of self-identity! This might be my favorite name now. It is a German variant of the name Krauter which means…hold on to your seats now… “ a grumpy old man, an old fogey” ... I love the word fogey! I love old people! I am sometimes grumpy! I feel so connected. Given the homeopathic apocathary in our cabinets growing up, the fact that it is also the occupational name for a grower or seller of herbs is pretty cool too.

MCIVER, I like the heritage of my name McIver. It comes from Northern Scotland, on the Isle of Skye. We were Vikings way back when and our family crest reads “I will never forget.” Nothing says ‘I am a creature of destruction who is not to be provoked’ like a Viking with a grudge.

Now I will tell you who else thought my last name was pretty sweet. The boys in middle school. Please imagine the following as a Beavis and Butthead monologue “Your name’s McIver?…hehe…sweet…McIver…hehe…can you like make bombs…out of your toenails…hehe…thats pretty sweet…hehe…hehe” Don’t get me wrong, I think MacGyver is awesome. It just hurt a little to be reminded every day that he had not, in actuality, fathered me. (using only a toothpick and a grapefruit…)

An interesting aside: When my parents separated and my mom moved us up back North, rather than changing our last name, she just changed how we pronounced it. Hence, I grew up with two different last names, spelled the same. When in New York my name is Mc-I-ver, when in South Carolina my name takes on the traditional Scottish pronunciation of McKeeeeever. Ingenious!

NICKNAMES: McIver (hehe…sweet). LC (what does it stand for?!?!), EZ ( I was abroad…it was how they pronounced it), sweetcheeks (and how!), Else ( As in: your somethin’, else!)

IN SUM: After minutes of intense research and scientific investigation I have found that my name can be boiled down to the following simple equation:

Elsie+Krietner+McIver = An old, crotchety divine bovine with a great memory.

Corine Milano's picture

Love it! Crotchety divine

Love it! Crotchety divine bovine. :)

Corine Milano, Assistant Editor

Rebecca's picture


Hey Elsie!

We can be bovines together! Sometimes when I look up the origins of my name, Rebecca, it gives the meaning as "cow!" Sometimes my name is said to mean "to bind" which I think is equally uninspiring. This used to really upset me, so I tended to like other meanings better-like "peacemaker!"

In one of the preschools I worked in a few weeks ago, all of the kids thought my name was "vaca" instead of Becca...which is cow in spanish! They had a riot with that one! *giggle*

hanasazi's picture

To Bind

Wouldn't that suggest what a peacemaker does, binding people, nations, whomever in an agreement to live peacefully? Or a healer, one who binds wounds? I think it might be a much more inspiring name that it seems at first...and I'm sure that regardless of your name or its meaning you are a very inspiring woman.

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elsie may! elsie may!

I don't know why, I want to call you Elsie May! and now, it's May, Elsie! Hurray!

Who knew that all I needed to get to the sweet road to Jonah was a grapefruit and a toothpick!

What shall your World Pulse name be? Did you see? Mine is J-Ru. Similar to past nicknames, yet uniquely World Pulse. We also call Jonah "J" so maybe we'll call me J-De!

Auma's picture

Another meaning-oh no!

Coincidentally my sister forwarded me an e-mail today-with a biblical phrase: Leah was ugly.

I will hunt for a better meaning!

Help me in the search,towards a lighter side.

Leah Auma

Ankur Naik's picture

Hi Leah! I did some research

Hi Leah!

I did some research and found out that léah is an Old English word that means meadow or clearing in the woods. Also, léo means lion/lioness.

I think those are both great for you!

Ankur Naik
World Pulse Technology Director

(Although I am part of the World Pulse team, the opinions I express on PulseWire are my own.)

A clearing in the woods is a nice place for rest,solace,full of fresh air,it is actually a nice place.

In any community a lioness is known for its powers,prowess and beauty! it's great to know that my name has good things about it!Thank you for the research Ankur!

Leah Auma Okeyo

A clearing in the woods is a nice place for rest,solace,full of fresh air,it is actually a nice place.

In any community a lioness is known for its powers,prowess and beauty! it's great to know that my name has good things about it!Thank you for the research Ankur!

Leah Auma Okeyo

hanasazi's picture

Leah wasn't ugly in the Bible!!

It says she had beautiful eyes. Gen. 29:17
I'll bet you do too...

Auma's picture

I do!

Thank you, Hanasazi! Great to hear this positive one of beauty! I do...

hanasazi's picture

So we could say...

that your name tells of a treasured gazelle with beautiful eyes, resting in the sunshine of a meadow in the forest. The picture of you it paints in my mind is just incredibly beautiful.

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Rina Meutia or Dekna

My name is Rina Meutia. Since I am the second daughter in my family, my family and close friends call me "Dekna". Dekna stands for Adek + Rina. If you cut those 2 words, later it becomes my forever nick name Dek + Na or Dekna, which means "younger sister Rina". . Both my parents are from Aceh, therefore, I am so proud to claim myself as 100% Acehnese.

Now, let me first start by telling you about the second word in my full name, the "Meutia". Meutia is the most common name in Aceh. It is not a family name nor my father's name. My father’s name is Nurdin Ahmad, if you do not believe me. It's not very common to use your father's name as your last name, at least in my part of the world. Some people do, but it’s not obligatory, randomly practiced. My parents probably gave me that name because Meutia was so popular in Aceh, esp since the name comes from this famous and brave Acehnese woman hero, Cut Nyak Meutia. Historically, Aceh has a lot of women heroes :) You should google her for more detail information. However, according to my Hindi's friends, Meutia also means “pearl” in Sanskrit.

Now Rina. It has no specific meaning, unfortunately. Nothing much to tell. However, again, some friends in different countries claim that Rina is one of the common names in their countries. It can be Italian, Latino, and also Hindis, depends on how you spell it. "Reena" :)

Anyway, apologies for the boring explanation about my name. I honestly never think much about that. Some people might have different and personal connections with their names, but in my case, I would assume that I will still become the same person I am today even though my name was/is not Rina Meutia. I have so many good friends who totally forget my name and sometimes cannot even pronounce it correctly, yet we are still good friends and liking each other. For instance, I have this pretty flower girl in front of my metro station selling pretty flowers every morning. I like to buy flowers from her. We always say hi and smile to each other but never formally introduced ourselves. Over time, I can say we become somewhat friend, esp since I always pass her everyday to go to work. We even planned to play soccer together already this summer. However, only until recently, I finally know her name, but we are friends already. The friendship and good intention should come first. Those matter most to me, and names can follow later. The bottom line is, let we just be friends no matter what, even without knowing each other’s names. But you can call me Rina,….LOL!

Ok, ok, I know I am boring. I will stop now :)


You are anything but boring, teman saya! Terima kasih banyak untuk semua kata kata di sini. I love to hear about the Aceh tradition, that names do not necessarily follow patriarchal lines, and that you are named after a Heroine, which you are.

What did Meutia do that made her a hero?

And you are so right about names, you are truly a person who will connect people everywhere, beyond borders and with or without names. But this is why I love to ask you and others about names, because it inspires people to think about many other things...and now you have inspired All of us who read your post!

I think about your flower-girl friend, I know a woman (hello, Charmead!), who I worked with very briefly, and she immediately gave me the nickname "Petal" like a flower petal. Everywhere we went she called me "Petal" and it made me feel special. I even bought myself a pair of pants covered with flowers, not my usual style, but being with Char Char (my nickname for her) made me feel like wearing flowers!

Sekarang... tolong tanya perempuan2 lain, Silakan, menulis di sini, di PulseWire! Baik sekali kalau wanita Indonesia menjadi bersama sama satu. Saya banyak mau mendengarkan suara mereka!

Oh my god does that make sense at all?! I met a young woman from Bali the other day, who has just moved to Colorado with her American husband, dan punya anak kecil manis sekali. Mungkin dia sendiri di Amerika, dan mau omong-omong sama cewek cewek lain!

Ok, I tried. I need you, guru bahasa saya.

Jennifer Ruwart's picture

The hero!

Being a google junky, I googled Cut Nyak Meutia immediately after reading your post. From what I read, she and her husband led a resistance against colonization by the Dutch in the late 1800, early 1900's.

I totally get what you are saying about being who we are regardless of name. Yet, I have always thought my name has had some - even if just a little - influence over who I am. My name has 3 syllables. jen-ee-fur. The way it rolls over and off the tongue. It's not a fast name.

In numerology my Inner or Soul's Urge is responsibility, steadfast love, a harmonious home, domesticity, and maintaining long-standing family traditions. My destiny is to build, manage and organize systems that benefit humanity. PulseWire!

I decided to see what else my name meant and found this: Jennifer is the Cornish form of a Welsh name, Gwenhwyvar. Originally it meant “White Wave,” “White Lady,” or “Fair Smooth,” from “gwen” (white) and “hwyvar” (smooth). Guinevere is the Norman French version of the name.

What a great conversation Ila started!

Compassionist's picture

Help Me Rhonda...

My first name is Rhonda and I don't really have a name story other than that people like to sing the Beach Boys song when they hear it and also that my HS friends called me Honda Rhonda :)


Jennifer Ruwart's picture

I had to check

The girl's name Rhonda \r-honda, rho(n)-da\ is pronounced RON-dah. It is of Welsh origin, and its meaning is "good lance". Since the name only became popular in the 20th century, it also possibly derives from the name of the River Rhondda, meaning "noisy", in Wales.

Ankur Naik's picture

But then again...

What one person considers noisy, another might consider to be a strong, powerful voice! :)

Ankur Naik
World Pulse Technology Director

(Although I am part of the World Pulse team, the opinions I express on PulseWire are my own.)

Compassionist's picture

Always happy to hear your

Always happy to hear your voice! :)

Compassionist's picture

Fear me and my good lance,

Fear me and my good lance, whose name will be peace.

hanasazi's picture

That's the way to do it!

Nothing more powerful than a lance named Peace! Go girl!

KathyLeMay's picture

My full name is...

Kathleen Mary LeMay. I had no idea the origin of Kathleen. Love that wikipedia. "Derives from the Greek, Aikaterine".

Alas, their is debate about the meaning of that name from purity to injurious treatment. Hope I land somewhere in the middle ;)

I don't know a lot about LeMay, except that it is French Canadian (and thankfully this LeMay is no relation to General Curtis LeMay). LeMay is my adopted name. My birth family name is Cassidy, Yes, it's true: Kathleen Mary Cassidy. No Irish there, eh?

I don't identify so much with Irish or French Canadian culture. I most identify as a first-generation Finnish-American, my mother having been born and raised in Finland.

My mother's maiden name is the one I love: Kautiainen.

Kathy Kautiainen. That could work!

Thanks, Ila, for asking,

ila's picture

Kathy Kautiainen

Finnish?! My parents lived in Finland for about 10 years. I have a sister named "Liisa" -- yes, with two i's and two eyes.. and I can sing happy birthday in Finnish too! Thanks for sharing about your name. One part of the question though that not many people have answered, and I'd love to hear...
What names have you taken on or changed?
(nicknames, titles, married names, whatever!)
What do they mean to you?
And how have they shaped your life?
ESPECIALLY nicknames.. or just pet names, or forms of address that effect you... Do tell!

Cynda's picture


My given name is Cynthia which comes from Greek Kinthia, one of Artemis' names, goddess of the moon. I always hated my name and changed it to Cyndi when I was 12. When I was 24 I couldn't visualize myself as an old lady Cyndi and so I went on a search for a new name. I tried out Thea, Cyn, Cinnie, and then I was in a store and the called for Cynda over the loudspeaker. I turned to my future husband and said - that's my name! Flash forward 15 years and I'm meeting my daughter's new 5th grade teacher named Cinda. When I told her my story, she said that she was working in that store 15 years ago. She loved telling the class how I "stole" her name. My last name is Arsenault, from my Arcadian husband - 1/2 of Prince Edward Island is named Arsenault. When we married he took on my Collins as a middle name so we are both Collins Arsenault (although he reduced his to his initials "JC". I hate it when people leave off my Collins but I know it's a mouthful to say. Wish we had a better name system.

ila's picture

goddess of the moon...

well, now that I know, I will always remember the "Collins!" And never regret that a long name is a mouthful -- you are worth the time it takes to say it all!

Lycia Ora's picture

Mine means...

My name is Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan. "Natasha" is Russian in origin (I think)but becoming an ever popular Indian and Dominican name. It means "child of God" or "Christmas child", and is a name given to girls born around Christmas time (which I wasn't). I think it means "Natalie" in Russian, and "natal" being the root, which is about birth.

My parents were going to name me Natanya and thought it sounded too nasal....

"Lycia" is my grandmother's name and I'm not sure what it means. In Italian it's pronounced Lee-cha though. "Ora" my mom made up but in Spanish it means to pray.

ila's picture


now I know how to pronounce it! "Lycia" reminds me of delicious leechhee fruits. hurray! perhaps "ora" also has something to do with your ability to communicate in many languages and to open hearts...

from dictionary:

os 1
pl. o·ra (ôr'ə, ōr'ə)
A mouth or an opening.

[Latin ōs, mouth; see ōs- in Indo-European roots.]

hanasazi's picture

I was intrigued, so I looked

I was intrigued, so I looked "Ora" up online and found more beautiful meanings for your name at
In Hebrew the meaning of the name Ora is Light. In American the meaning of the name Ora is: Light. In Spanish the meaning of the name Ora is: Gold. In Latin the meaning of the name Ora is: Pray. In Anglo-Saxon the meaning of the name Ora is: Money. In English the meaning of the name Ora is: Beautiful seacoast. To clarify the last two, I found another site with more details:
Latin, meaning: region, clime, district, country / residents of a district
Found here
Latin, meaning: edge, rim, border, boundary / coast, coast-line
Found here
(Latin) edge or border; takes on the significance of coast or coastline.
Found here
O'ra noun [ Anglo-Saxon See 2d Ore .] A money of account among the Anglo-Saxons, valued, in the Domesday Book, at twenty pence sterling.
Found here
(o´rә) plural of os, mouth.
Found here

It's so beautiful! and with its many different meanings, it's also quite profound. Love it.

peaceful presence says:
My name is April, and as far as I am aware the only meaning of that is springtime. which is kind of cool! Green..growing..renewel, a renewed sense of social justice for all! My parents named me April so that they would not forget their anniversary in April.

Mi naci....more than my name i identify with my birth date. I was born on MLK day, and that goes along well with my activist, but mostly peaceful, tendencies.

My middle name is Irene, after my great gramma on my father's side. And i love the Leadbelly song 'Goodnight Irene'.

peaceful presence aka April Irene Burris (nee Mason)

Origin name

from greek eirene: peace

It totally goes with the screen signature name I picked out, although I had no idea! This has inspired me to do research.

EIRENE (or Irene) was the goddess of peace (eirênê) and of the season of spring (eiar, eiarinos). Late spring was the usual campaign season in Greece when peace was most at risk. Eirene was one of three Horai, goddesses of the seasons and the keepers of the gates of heaven. Her sisters were Eunomia (Order or Good-Pasture) and Dike (Justice).

She was probably identified with the Hora Thallo (Green Shoots), whose name Hesiod gives to Eirene as an epithet in the Theogony. Her opposite number was Polemos (War).

January -- Janus's month
Middle English Januarie
Latin Januarius "of Janus"
Latin Janu(s) "Janus" + -arius "ary (pertaining to)"
Latin Januarius mensis "month of Janus"

Janus is the Roman god of gates and doorways, depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions. His festival month is January.

Januarius had 29 days, until Julius when it became 31 days long.

I was named after Aphrodite's month, but, like I said I identify more with my birth month, and this just confirms it. I have always thought the two-faced picture of Janus was interesting, full of opportunity. And, doorways & gates-that is so open to possibility! ;) This leads me to believe one other thing that was said in our conversation about names, that we are who we are; regardless. I've never really identified with my last name. Like someone else said our society changes female names, so they don't seem personally relevant to me. i did look up my current last name, didn't find much. My birthname was Mason, that could be better. The two meanings I found for Mason were either a Freemason (associated with Knights Templar-Yuck!), or a mason who worked with stone.

So, I could create for myself a persona of a peaceful Greek goddess who builds stone doorways and gates, which she uses to enter and explore new possibilities open to humankind. Reflections of hidden humanity in a deep, dark, and bottomless pool.

April -- Aphrodite's month
Old English April(is)
Latin Aprilis
Etruscan Apru
Greek Aphro, short for Aphrodite.

Aprilis had 30 days, until Numa when it had 29 days, until Julius when it became 30 days long.

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty. She is identified with the Roman goddess Venus.

* The meaning of the name Burris is Of The Town, Borough
* The origin of the name Burris is English

shiku steve's picture

what is in a name?

I have grown to appreciate and juice out meaningful meanings out of my names -Faith Wanjiku .I loathed `Faith’ when I was young.It sounded, so biblical, so untrendy, and so unstriking.everyone else had funcky names.As a catholic I was allowed to twin it with another one-I searched and searched but no name intertwined well.I gave up and concentrated with more sensible issues as I grew up.
I joined my brother in burying his head and soul in inspirational books.I noted most if not all talks a lot about Faith-Faith without which you are doomed to despair in life, Faith without which you remain stagnant or step backwards instead of moving forward.Faith with which you are unconstrained, you move and keep moving forward.I adored it- Faith .Faith with which I have overcome tricky and challeging hurdles. Now,I live in me,and preach to others to have me.Faith.``double up your faith’’ to accomplish all your dreams!

Wanjiku is from `Anjiku’ .It has a deep and very complicated roots.Iam from a tribe in Kenya called `the gikuyu’ which was born by Gikuyu nad Mumbi.They had nine daughters, and all gikuyu girls are named after them.Hence Anjiku.I inherited it from my antie ,sister to dad.Small ones are nicknames `shiku’.I love it.It makes me feel so adored, exceptional, and babyish .Many feel that I have outgrown the name and should take Wanjiku, but I persist on Shiku ,and the thought of changing it boils my blood in irritation. my close family members and friends use `Wanjiku’ when something is amiss.

My schoolmated nicknamed me `dolly’-said I looked like a doll.I adored it though it made me feel like a sick bird, when they consoled me, oh my doll! in bad times.from it Dollin imerged.I carried it to college, and used Faith only officially.

I meet my a guy whom I was madly in love with.I mean madly.He called me `kahoney’ it made me feel sweet ,special and loved.I tried hard ,to keep him happy just to retain the name. It elated me.I scribbed it everywhere even on my pants! But I realized later the name was more on the lips than in the heart.It lost meaning hence I rubbed it off!

My x-mother-in-law nick named me `,mama Mumbi’ Mumbi was her name.She anticipated a daugher from me and agonized about it more than I did.She was loving and endearing .More than a mother –in-law to me.I shared all my secret with her. The idea of naming my daughter after her was a thrill! My x- fiancee dint appreciate the name `baba Mumbi’ so I dropped it too.
I mixed my name and that of my x-fiancee -he was Nicholas- and got `fani’ .It made me feel funny and stupid.I dropped it before anyone heard of it.I picked his second name-Maina,and become Faith Maina.It gave me a sense of belonging-a silly belonging! Isnt it? But I scribbled it everywhere,even in my passport.incredible!when marriage thorns rose higher than flowers I dropped the name and took shiku steve.Steve is my dad.He was the first one to note and question on the sudden change.I had a strong explanation``dad I belong to you more than to him’ dint I know that before? Women! Don’t laugh-I loved this guy barmy.I was waiting for him to propose we blend our blood,or share organs anything that could have made hime realize all my heart ,soul, body and moves was all about him and him only,.He dint.That saved my **s ! I got no idea how I could have drained his blood out of me, could we have blended.
I have retained Shiku Steve, (S S) the one you familiar with.

Love Shiku

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