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The Life of an Adventurous Woman


Victoria Vorosciuc's picture

Smells good!!!

Dear Cara

I watched the video... Great enthusiasm, great spirit!!!

Feels like you are here to inspire all with your experience!!!

I want some adventure...

Where would I start from???

Welcome to Worldpulse,


Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

Cara Lopez Lee's picture

Start from within

Hi Victoria,

I'm so glad you found the video inspiring. Thank you!

As for seeking adventure, I don't think it's so much about what we choose to do, as whether we do what we feel passionate about. I start by asking my purpose. What do I feel I have to contribute to myself, God and others? Then I decide to apply my skills and passion to achieve that next goal. I always make a plan, and it doesn't ever happen overnight.

It took me more than a year to get my first job as a reporter, even though I had a degree in broadcast journalism. A lot of people accused me of not really trying, even though I sent out about 70 applications. Finally, I got the job in Alaska. If I didn't get that position, I'd planned to join the Peace Corps, which also would have made me happy. So, I don't always rely on circumstances to provide me with what I want. I just plan to make the most of the circumstances at hand.

It took me about 4 years to save the money for my world trek. I lived very frugally, but I was excited about my goal. Then my stepmother died, and I had to spend almost half the money I'd saved for last minute plane tickets, unpaid leave from work, a rental car, etc. My grandmother knew how hard I'd worked, and gifted me the money I gave up, plus a little more. I still had to sell my car, but I finally had enough money for the trip.I might have put off the trip a little longer, but my stepmother was only 46 when she died, and I realized life was short. She inspired me not to ever let death catch me not pursuing my dreams.

I don't always travel, and I don't always go to exotic places. But when there is an opportunity to do something that involves new people, different cultures, music, color, laughter, play, beauty, nature... big gulps of life... I take it. By the same token, when someone needs a ride, a volunteer, or a shoulder to lean on, I take those opportunities, too.

In 2000, I started writing my memoir, and only now in 2010, is it going to be published. I gave up a good job with good pay, so I could tell that story, because I had something I wanted to say to empower women. My husband and I have given up a lot to make this happen, but we're happier than ever. Next, I'm writing a novel about my Mexican-Chinese ancestors. I think storytelling is another adventure, and a worthwhile purpose. I believe sharing stories about the struggles of different people helps foster understanding between all people.

To me, being adventurous means never taking a moment for granted. So, tonight when my husband came home and said, "We should walk to the park to watch the full moon rise," my reply was to drop what I was doing and say, "OK, let's go!"

Hmmm, a long answer to what may have been rhetorical question. But I appreciate you posing the question!

Take care,

JaniceW's picture

What a delight!

I hope more women watch your video and are inspired to find the adventure in their lives, whether it be in their back yard or beyond. If you are ever in the Portland OR area, please stop by as I would love to hear more about your adventurous life! Best wishes,

Cara Lopez Lee's picture

Delighted to delight

I'm so glad you enjoyed the video, Janice. I wanted to inspire: "look what's possible!" rather than "look at me!" I'm glad that comes across. I feel honored by your invite, and will definitely stop by whenever life takes me to the Portland area. I'd be excited to hear about your adventures, too!

Take care,

Rita Banerji's picture

The path of the spirit

It takes courage to follow the call of the soul. And you are doing it! I am too (but it is not always easy. Then I think -- would i do it otherwise? And the answer is no -- so i continue :)

still today we had to post this on our Gender Bytes blog because we got so many complains from women tourists in india. So the path of the soul has to be mindful :)))

Here are 11 Safety Tips for women traveling alone in India or for that matter anywhere in the world (on the Gender Bytes blog today).



Rita Banerji

Thanks for passing on those important safety reminders for women who travel, Rita. They're all spot-on!

Take care,

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