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A Cause of Unbalance

I see a great misconception in many people and communities . It’s a conventional stereotype that people see as perfectly fine , but is not healthy . Many people confuse Male as Masculine and Female as Feminine , I am of course not talking about the function of a male and female body’s , but the workings of our mind / soul in balance .
The truth is , we are healthiest when we balance masculine and feminine . This is proven by all our best and holiest people .
A classic example of this would be gentleness and power , wisdom and fortitude . Combined , these traits are far superior than when separated . The fact that many in this world believe this to be untrue proves why so much is unhealthy in our world in my opinion . If you look at women in many unbalanced communities and societies you see often woman having some what more masculine and feminine balanced than most man . Women are generally forced /trained in many different ways to be gentle / focused care givers to children and the elderly using fortitude to do endless tasks around care giving etc. . Planning meals ,with what is never enough , and dealing with violence and conditioned sexual dominance with wisdom and skill to fulfil a socially conditioned role . Usually faining an overtly feminine role to survive.
On the other hand men generally are the people who dole out the punishment , gather in fear based groups posturing and plotting to take control of others for what is to be understood as profitable religious or secular reasons or both . These motivations rationalized as a quest for abundance for there people , but is really for the men and powered by violence that is described as honour and faith and again forced on males at a young age in these unhealthy societies .
This is a generalized account , but true in basic truth & result and not difficult to see in many of our world’s unhealthy places . My point is that balance is the key , balance of masculine and feminine in both men and women . We don’t have to be a woman to be gentle or a man to be powerful . If and when there is balance men’s and woman’s roles are far less defined , men and women / girls and boys are equally doing all things and skills are shared and taught to the interested and not classified by sex . Exceptions would be understood as simply that and understood in a balanced fare way . Again I am of course not talking about the function of a male and female body’s , but the workings of our mind / soul in balance . People who are balanced are far more giving , ethical , patient , strong , positively enduring and compassionately wise beings , in sync with our world .

peace and love



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We must balance the scales


I wholeheartedly agree. Traditionally, in American society, we as men are taught and learn to assume masculine roles. Our same individuals and institutions responsible for cultivating gender roles, should stress more emphasis on the balance of masculinity and femininity. Reflective of my personal experiences and opinions, I believe this is why we men are here in communities like WP. Not only do we yearn to make a difference in the lives of women, we also want to make things better for ourselves. If we as a world culture expect balance within society, and within ourselves, it has to start with shaping the way WE as a people view gender rendering, developmental patterns and methods, and human interaction. When the boundaries of culture are temporarily removed via the internet, there becomes a collective component; where the efforts of people and groups in another part of the world can voice their opinions and concerns. By soing so, the world community can then address issues such as "causes of unbalance/imbalance", thus creating change, cultivated through the collective education of the world.

Darren Bunton

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