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Thank you For Her Water

As I was sitting for breakfast with my daughter the other week I was blessed with a thought: "good job, my child. Good job holding your glass so well (versus a sippy cup)" and then my second thought -which should have been my first- came to mind, "I am blessed in my life that I watch my child drink from a cup of clean water; is situations like this, one must take advantage and take action so one day, others that do not drink or even have access to clean water will soon be drinking clean water." as well I visioned, "if I were in the shoes of a mother that did not have access to clean water, she would not just be able to say, child we cannot drink this water because it is dirty. Rather, she would have to have her daughter drink this water, possibly contaminated with garbage or even feces, because she would not want her child to die of dehydration".
Why aren't human rights actually there for every human. Your human right is not a privilege. Everyone should have an option.. I have drawn a blank from weak hands. I WILL NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO BELIEVE THAT A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT IS STRONGER THAN A CLUSTER OF CONSCIOUS MINDS. NO.


Fatima Sultan Syed's picture

From one Mother to another

Dear Corina
If only we could perceive how incredibly blessed we are to have so much at our disposal.
I have a picture of a woman washing her clothes in a muddy pond taped to my closet wall..only to remind me of my blessings in those times when we cant help but feel whiny and overwhelmed.
I am mother to two children and I am continually reminded of the luxuries we have around us, although we may not think of it as such.
On another note - about water, I recently read an article about medicinal contaminants in California water, traces of about 26 were found. Only because we are constantly flushing these toxins down the drain besides other reasons as well.
well this is to say, how long it is before we lose the water that we have at our disposal. Our policies are not only making it harder for those who do not have water accessible to them but also endangers what we have around us.
Its in these times when we think of these incredible problems that we face - we have to band together more than ever as women, who put humanity first - one child at a time!
in sisterhood

corinnasp's picture

Dear Fatima Thank you so

Dear Fatima
Thank you so much for your reply. It's interesting that you mentioned the topic about the water, technically, being intentionally contaminated for what -they think- would be good for us. A loved one and had just found out about something similar, though no location given nor not with the idea of 26 contaminants. I believe there was a woman talking about some sort of, very small amount of a SEDATIVE in drinking water and that some are considering to continue doing so.
I am glad you brought this up because it has reminded me that I need to do some research on this because I may never know if the water I drink is next.
I hope that along with everything the world is working on, that they realized this is very unnecessary and discontinue the coming trend; I cannot imagine.

Looking forward to speaking with you again

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