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Just "An Apology"

I'm sorry.
I feel sorry for, and pray that future generations -including the ones already in progress- will understand that an "apology" is an insult.
This is on my mind due to a wonderful conversation with my beautiful sister that I keep encouraging to visit pulsewire and share her thoughts. We've talked of this topic before, but tonight I have realized that it might be a nice post. Mind you, this is just a thought and the shorter length of this post has no parallel to the importance of the topic:
When I speak of ones' apology, I am talking about the "apology" that some have give in regards to the history of slavery between caucasian and Africans to North America and the like. Is one (one being whomever agrees) really that ignorant to think that an "apology" will make up for lives, land, ancestry lost? Or, an emphasis that my sister makes, how so many years of a HUMAN race being treated as though they (we, being that we are all one as I believe) were not human? I would imagine that not even physical (ie money, etc) would make up for this.
To prevent myself from babbling on like I often do, I just wanted to make this post so others will have this in their mind tonight as my sister and I did: why is it that the government expects (or at least their actions show) everyone to live happily if the ground or any type of inheritance (literally any) was stripped, with no choice, from under you? That the government is okay with people working in an environment that makes them unhappy from sunrise to sunset their whole lives...literally their WHOLE LIFE. Does one actually think it is not necessary to provide compensation for what was lost, not just an apology or admitting that something was done?
Also, and in other words, do not let yourself think that the result of slavery of Africans to America was a result ended. The situation that people live is a living result and people need to be compensated, and receive more than an "apology". What can we do?
Side note: since this is a web post and we are not speaking directly, I must say that my tone is never negative, and with knowing the past and knowing (well knowing the slight bit that I know; mind you), my personality and being is to focus on the positive. So with this entry, this last note is to be included; we must always have faith.


dr edonna's picture


I was so surprised to hear of a conversation of this type coming from one from your culture, and I am much surprised and feel hopeful, I hope more take up the banner as you have. Yes!! You are absoubtely right the human rights violations that were committed against Africans on both sides of the continent will never be resolved by a simple apology, and Africans of the Diaspora must seek not only compensation but they must seek true healing, along with all those who participated must seek such healing because while it may seem to have advanced the financial capital of America it actually created a backwards culture. Why do I say backwards, because we have learned to make money but not peace. We have learned the art of war but not love, hence we have not advanced much in our spiritual development as we have materially.
We can travel the stars, but for what purpose, to enslave another people on another planet.

As we move into a new year, all of us must ask ourselves, what are we doing to raise the vibrations of earth's population, and you my sister have taken that leap and I thank you for it.

corinnasp's picture

I am very grateful that you

I am very grateful that you read my post, thank you. As well, grateful for the beautiful vibe and inspiration yours words give, thus the encouragement And being of you and your mind set.
As I go to rest my head I am glad that I read your comment and sleep on the fact that all of us being of the earth lack our spirituality and being in tune with nature and being at peace. Even if one us able to find some sort of peace, as you were saying, we are distracted by money. Especially in mine and the upcoming generations I am hurt by how our eyes melt at ANYTHING trendy and mainstream; we are blinded by sex and luxury of vanities. Thank you for reminding me that everyday is another day to speak with others and brighten our vision.
As well I will be looking forward to your postings and will be sure to find motivation.

Happy New Year and Blessings of Peace and Clarity

I know it seems like a trendy message but I truly mean it, that there is a force residing inside of you that I want to travel through to other young people so they too may hear the voice of something that is non-material and more spiritual. I hope you are sharing your beauty with others around you of your ethnic group.

The funny thing is that I don't know if it is a New Year or not, because in Ethiopia it is the year 2002 and the new year started in September, so who knows what year it is but we all know it is spirit time! And for that I say Happy Renewal!!

corinnasp's picture

That is so kind of you to

That is so kind of you to say. Thank you and how wonderful that just through this internet connection I can comment likewise. I know that every one, everywhere has this spirit in side of them. You probably know more so than I. Just (or should I say not just with) with all of the reasons you and I have spoken of, and people giving into these things, their spirit is lost, but I feel never left. Mind you, I do not believe it would unless taking the physical body with.
I find it forever so beautiful and mysterious, spirituality and spirituality as being one with ourselves (for lack of better word). One of my challenges is to stay focused with the many distractions, and to stay clear to what needs to be done. But for the sake of babbling, which I can often be good at, I will just say that I am grateful you emphasized spirit. I crave the atmosphere of spirit among many people and it is all too often lacking around areas that I must be. I feel that considering how many things -though not impossible- that need to be done to set the world's people free in many ways, our spirit will always keep us at peace. So thank you, and with that and your kindness, I will remind myself that, on top of other conversations of awareness that can be shared between myself and acquaintances or friends/family, even if spirituality can be a touchy subject for some, it should not be left out.
Thank you for sharing the uplifting and warming thoughts. Hope you are well.


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Beautiful dream

Ii is so true that compensation is needed. I know that right now it is only a beautiful dream, but who knows, maybe if enough of us keep dreaming, we might make a difference for new generations.

Thanks for this. It is much needed.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

corinnasp's picture

Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for your comment. Indeed it is a beautiful dream, but hopefully not just that. One day, when we, as a people, come to find what is truly important, and all it connected, this will hopefully be among the many. Even better, a world that is so peaceful, that this would not be necessary because everyone has faith and is happy. ... Away from the floating thoughts. I believe that compensation (for lack of a better word) is not far fetched. It may be a while, but the first step, as to make one at all on any part, is to make people aware. A system should not be able to stand once something comes out to the front if you know what I mean.


And you are right... we must not lose the faith towards the coming generations. As well, not lose faith for our own generations because we (all generations) are forever in the working.

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