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The World Water Crisis: Report

he Earth's Most Precious Resource May Be the 21st Century's Most Lucrative Investment...
Here's How To Profit from the Coming Fresh Water Shortage

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March 19th, 2008
The Earth is running out of fresh water.

If you thought oil was our most precious commodity, consider this...

Less than 2% of the water on earth is fresh water. And of that 2%, some is perpetually tied up as atmospheric moisture and permafrost. Put another way, if all the world's water were in a one-gallon jug, accessible fresh water wouldn't even account for a teaspoon of it.

In fact, per capita access to clean water is diminishing in all developed and developing countries. Beyond that, 20% of the clean water we do have is lost every year through aging pipes and other faulty infrastructure.

What's the answer? An investment of over $1 trillion will need to be made in the next 20 years to ensure an adequate supply of fresh water for the world's growing population. We'll see this money go to water utility companies and other specialized companies focusing on desalination, purification, pipes, pumps, and anything else that will help increase the amount of readily accessible water.

So it's no surprise that the water companies leading the charge in solving the water supply crisis stand to make legendary profits. A few water companies have already gained over 1000% in the past few months... And to be sure, there will be plenty more to come.
Green Chip Stocks Editor Jeff Siegel, featured on CNBC's Green Week

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* The only 2 ways to capitalize on the water-supply market, including the little-known "Reverse Osmosis" Model...
* Why the water industry closely resembles the oil industry in its infancy, and how Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi began securing his nation's water supply back in 1991 by funneling water away from Sudan, Chad, and Egypt.


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- Jeff Siegel, Managing Editor, Green Chip Review

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ila's picture

Tell me about your beautiful name..

Rosemary you are doing amazing work. May I ask you to please make a comment on my journal? I want to know the story of your name and I have questions there for you!

mboneenie's picture

The Story of My Name

My names are Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie. Rosemary is from Rosa the name of my grandaunt a women my mother loved so much. Olive is from an Irish Woman whio was a freind of the Family and asked a my mother to name me after her. Mbone is also from my grand aunt whcih means a women with respect. Hence Rosa Mbone was her name and my mum change it to Rosemary Mbone. Enie is my father's name which means someone who knows too much and you dod not need to tell him.
Then Rosemary you know is a herb and Olive is a plant.

But my initials are ROME.
So this is just a summary of my names I hope to have a good read.



ila's picture


Wow I love your name and your story so much! Especially "Enie" -- I think that should be one of my names too, hee hee!
You are destined for greatness with a name like that!!
thank you for sharing that!

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