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New Year, New Start

Hello Fellow Book Lovers!

It's a new year, and a perfect time to get back on track with our book club. I know that the last few months have been quite busy, but what better time than now, to jump back into our readings and discussions.

I know we are still trying to figure out all the details of how to discuss after reading, please share your ideas! This is our group, we are all in it together: input, sharing, and friendship.

According to the schedule, for January, we are reading "Half the Sky". I actually just started the book, before I even realized it was on the book club calendar. It's absolutely fantastic so far. What do you all think? Should we have it be our Jan/Feb book, just so we can all get the book and then read it, and then have time to discuss before the following book starts?

What other books do you all want to read? I know there is a plethora of amazing books in the arts section of the World Pulse e-magazine. Maybe something from there? Or other books too. I'd be glad to organize and compile the book ideas from you all, and create a schedule for the year. That is, unless someone else is passionate about doing it, I'm happy to otherwise. We have a world of books, and a lovely world community of members (YOU!); what a great opportunity for us all to learn, share and grow.

Alright ladies! New Year! New Start! Write in and share your thoughts.
Let the new begin!


Ellen Smith's picture

I'm new to the group and to

I'm new to the group and to the site. I loved Half the Sky and look forward to discussing it with you. Is there a place where I can find the list of books scheduled to be read?

jodelight's picture


Hello Ellen!

Welcome to the Book Club! and to PulseWire! We are thrilled to have you in the book club and on PulseWire. We are still working on the book lists. The homepage of the World Pulse Book Club ( has the lists so far, but we need to add for the months ahead. We welcome ideas and suggestions!

So glad to have you with us!

ellen's picture

New Year, New Start

I too would love to firm up a list of books and define how we plan to discuss them. Half the Sky seems like a good choice for our next book.

I don't know how many book club members would be able to join a Skype discussion, that's one possibility for a discussion. If that's not doable, then perhaps someone could volunteer to lead a book discussion each month. That person would then come up with a list of several questions to provoke discussion and post them for everyone to read and react to. The discussion would not be real-time this way, but at least we'd all be thinking about it at the same time and responding to some questions. Members could also raise their own questions and ask members for their thoughts. What makes the potential of this group so great is that we are an international group of women and bring our own perspectives, experiences and cultures into the discussion. I'd love to see us get off the ground. But first I think we need to determine how many women are interested in making this happen monthly to see if there's enough interest to get this going.


Darcey's picture

back on board

Jody I am so glad that you started this conversation. I was just looking through old posts from the book club this morning, and it feels like ages since I have contributed anything...really missing out on that opportunity that we began. So, this is PERFECT timing...especially since I had no idea that Half the Sky was on the list, and just bought it a couple of weeks ago.
I am only a couple chapters in...but I am so glad that this book is next on the list!!
I am not sure how to make it flow more smoothly with contributing and starting different discussion threads. Half the Sky seems to cover so much ground, so maybe we could break it down that way (the beginning with the trafficking, prostitution, etc.)and go from there. I agree that we should take a couple of months and discuss as we go maybe?
looking forward to keeping in touch!!!!


"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."
— John Lennon

Nusrat Ara's picture

Dear Jody, I was thinking of

Dear Jody,

I was thinking of making a post but somehow it never materalized. First of all Happy New Year. You know I wasn't able to get the book for dec and Jan. I did the next best thing. I borrowed a book from a friend that I had heard about a lot.
A CASE OF EXPLODING MANGOES by Pakistani author Moahmmad Hanief. I suggest you put it on the list. After reading Benazir's Book it will be a treat as all who have read Benazir's book will understand as well as love it. It is a black comedy. Also I suggest that we should not limit to women authors that limits my access to book meaning I will be always asking for books.

Lots of Love


jodelight's picture



Thank you for the feedback. Ellen, I like the idea about having a question list. It would really be great for us all to be pondering the questions, and then hear each other's answers; as we come from different places, we have so much to share with each other. I do think we could coordinate a few skype sessions too. It will all just take some planning, as we are all in a spectrum of time zones.

I would like to suggest that we read one book every other month. For example, "Half the Sky" for January/February, and the next selection for March/April, and so on.
I feel that a book a month is a great goal, but we are all busy women, and it does take some time to read, and then discuss. I think that the challenges we've had in the past, may be related to the fact, we finished one book, and had to jump into the next book, while trying to discuss the first one. I think it's too much to juggle. I would love to read more books, but in this case, I vote quality over quantity. We have so much to learn and share with each other, I don't think we should rush that. What do you all think of this?

I'll work on a good structure for discussions near the end of each book. How about we say we try to be wrapping up the book by the 7th week. That way by the 8th week, we can discuss, and prepare for the next book.
So, in this case, we could try to finish "Half the Sky" by the week of Feb. 15th-20th( February is so short!) and then be prepared to discuss the next week.

What books would you all like to read for 2010? I'm going to look over the arts section in the e-magazine. Please suggest your preferences. So, in this case, we would have 5 more books to read, if we do the bi-monthly book reading.

Looking forward to a new start! I've begun reading, hope you're all on board. You are important to making this a more diverse spectrum of voices. I am excited to discuss!

jadefrank's picture

Go bookclubbers go!

Hi Jody,

Great ideas! I support the idea of reading one book every 2 months, allowing more time for in-depth conversations and possibilities for connecting on Skype to really dig into the subjects and utilize the true international nature of this group so that we can look at the topics from an array of angles and cultural viewpoints. So exciting!

I recommend re-posting your above comment as a new journal entry so that all members in the book club with have a chance to read this thread.

Thanks for pulling us together for 2010!


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I just got Half the Sky and am excited to start reading it. I read an interesting book a few months ago, Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a traditional Muslim girl from Somalia living in Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and then Kenya before she becomes a refugee in the Netherlands to escape an arranged marriage. She later rejects Islam, becoming an outspoken supporter of women's rights in Islamic societies and arguing that the Dutch are too tolerant of Muslim immigrants who are generally not integrated with the rest of Dutch society. It is very challenging to Western ideas about cultural relativism. I'd like to know what other people think about it, especially in light of the recent attempted bombing by the Nigerian man who was radicalized in this same kind of Muslim enclave in London.

World Pulse Technology Associate

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Hi, I'm new to this site, and new to this book club. I was excited to learn "Half the Sky" is on the list. I just finished reading it, and that is how I found this site in the first place. I'm looking forward to dicussing the topics and issues addressed in the book, and the many others to come. I am not an experienced world traveller, and as a stay at home mother, I'm not sure when I may get the opportunity to do so. Travelling and learning through books seems an excellent way for me to stay informed, and hopefully, enlightened.

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