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Is America Ready for a Woman President?

Hillary on cover of Newsweek

This week's Newsweek featured Hillary Clinton on the cover with the title, "Hear Her Roar." Within the edition were numerous articles devoted to gender and politics. In the article, "Just Leave Your Mother Out of It," Kathleen Deveney shares that according to a recent CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll 34 percent of adults do not think America is ready for a woman president (compared with 26 percent who said we weren't ready for a black president).

To me, the question isn't so much "Is America Ready for a Female President," but rather if not, "Why the hell not?" It is ridiculous that this is still up for debate in the 21st century, but apparently, here we still are.

What's your opinion about gender and U.S. politics?

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If so it sounds like "America" is ready for a woman president.
I would also consider the fact that there are people like me who are 100% ready for a woman president but do not see Hillary Clinton fit to be the first one.

Goldie Davich, PulseWire Online Intern

Jennifer Ruwart's picture

Tell me more...

Good point, Goldie. I've wondered whether the fact that I work for World Pulse means I must support Hillary. Surely the answer is no, but one could almost see the rock and the hard place, neh?

In the last election, I almost exercised my right to not to vote b/c I didn't feel strongly about any of the candidates, but in the interest of not being tarred and feathered by friends, I cast one anyway. Personally, I cannot stand the notion of voting for the lesser evil, as many Americans (and obviously me included) are resigned to do.

I am so for a woman president, too. I am also for a black president. And a green, warty president. As long as s/he/it is the right candidate.

The interesting thing about surveys is that they can almost say whatever one wants them to, depending on which angle the results are presented from.

Regardless of personal opinion of Hillary, I am curious how the PulseWire community feels the media has interacted with and reported on Hillary as the first woman to run for President. (or at least to make it this far)

Jennifer Ruwart, Chief Operating Officer, World Pulse
(Although I am part of the World Pulse team, the opinions I express on PulseWire are my own.)

My feeling is that the main stream media has reported on Hillary in a way that I have construed to be fair. All except for Chris Matthews (from Hardball on MSNBC) meltdown. In print media I don't see that there has been any anti-woman sentiment. Most of the big papers and magazines are respectful of her gender and haven't offered me any reason to feel gender has been an "issue" with Hillary's candidacy. If anything the main stream media has reported more often on her campaign than any of the other current and previous Democratic Party candidates.

Goldie Davich, PulseWire Online Intern
"Although I am part of the World Pulse team, the opinions I express on PulseWire are my own."

Goldie Davich's picture

contrary to my opinion

Clinton's media coverage is 'far less positive' than for Obama, says ISU's Bystrom

Women for President: Media Bias in Eight Campaigns

Women for President By Erika Falk

but still -- I am reminded of Howard Dean. His candidacy was ended by American main stream media and he's a white man AND a doctor... SO I guess I just don't buy Gender inequality as a relevant issue in this current presidential election cycle. The next go around maybe there will more women candidates and then the discussion could be widened from 8 cases of women running for president...

However you asked a very interesting question. And I will be sure to pass on any info I come across.

Goldie Davich, PulseWire Online Intern
"Although I am part of the World Pulse team, the opinions I express on PulseWire are my own."

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