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Women Writing for Change

When I was studying in class 10, I was so curious to know about the real world. Few of educated men gathered together to discuss about the development of our community because women were not allowed participating in the group. Once I was so interested to involve in the group and participate in the development of our community, I was admonished by the group of men. That day I decided to form a women’s group and worked for their rights. However, there were no sources of information, what to do, where to go. I felt that I didn’t have enough life skills to be a leader and a good decision maker. Finally, I get chance to come to Asian University for Women in full scholarship and heard about the World Pulse from the student affairs. I was so inspired from the motto of the pulse wire “Nobody speaks for me. I speak for myself." Therefore I decided to contribute my experience and feeling hoping that I can bring a change from my writing and make other people aware of Nepalese women situation in the globe.

Jensine Larsen, the founder of World Pulse take an initiation to provide a web 2.0 citizen journalism training and gather all the ignored voice of women around the globe. Pulse Wire is mostly a platform where women from every corner of the world speak out for a positive change by publishing unheard stories from their communities and their daily lives. Here they can talk about the problems that they face every day and their possible solutions with sisters from other countries (Pulse Wire 2009).

Pulse wire offered training in citizen journalism and empowerment in 2009 to 31 rising women leaders from 21 countries. Each correspondent was assigned to an individual mentor where the 31mentors provide their valuable time, support in their assigned mentee’s challenges and inspired them to raise their voices. At the end of the six month training, these voices of future correspondents channeled the power of web 2.0 and about 100 self stories were posted on the News Wire Pulse Wire. Among all of these 31 outstanding women, three correspondents- Jackie from Bolivia, Malaya from Philippines, and Sunita from Nepal will be invited to the United States in fall 2010 for tour and media award where they will shared their experiences with media in different places of the USA. In addition to these three women, Busayo from Nigeria was selected to receive a full scholarship to the Empowerment Institute's Certificate Program (World Pulse 2009).

Pulse Wire: A Platform to bring the Social Change

Pulse Wire has played a vital role in helping those women who have always wanted to do something for the society and bring change but have not got the opportunities to let their voices be heard. Gifty Pearl Abenaab from Ghana says that “I have learnt the power of knowledge, resources and connections” She believes that the skilled she has learnt will help her in attaining her goal to be a media consultant for Women’s media projects and programs and a Lawyer. Another correspondent- Xthina-Avila from Mexico shared her stories about how she came to believe that “peace journalism” could help her in bringing change in her community. She has written stories about people who have been affected from the gang war in the Mexico as well as people working for the betterment of the society.

While networking with likeminded people in the pulse wire, I found a quote of Shinjo Ito that says "It is human nature to want to follow an easy path walked by many others. We shy away from anything that seems difficult. However, if there is no path to follow, we have to make one. The harder the circumstances, the more courageous we must become, to accomplish what at the time may seem impossible" (JaniceW, 2009). The powerful women from 21 countries are writing about the social reality of women in their respective culture to spread the message of hope and positive change to the rest of the world even though “language is quite a barrier” as stated by Victoria Vorosciuc from Moldova during the program.

However with the help of her mentor, Pat O’Connor’s inspiration and feedback from world pulse community, she was able to communicate her stories with the readers. Reading Victoria challenges during the training, mainly remember my own mentor, Carol Anderson who told me about her own challenges during the program. She told me “It’s really hard to continue the program due to technical and language problems”. For most of the VOF correspondents and Mentors, conference call, time conversion and language were a big problem. Even with this language and technology barriers, VOF correspondents and mentors have been able to build a platform where women from different cultures and background write through their writing unite for the single purpose to advocate for the rights of women everywhere. After reading the articles about oppression being faced by other VOF correspondents, Tina Garforth from USA felt that she needed to do something to help. It became important to write her opinions and thoughts freely in order to spread the message of these atrocities not worrying about what others thought about it.

Even though women are oppressed in every sector of the society including their own homes they still has the willingness to forgive. Like Anette Leslie from Jamaica by inspired from the girl from Israel who vision was to not be bitter. She had gone through the trauma of being abused by her male colleagues in her old school who had even gone to the extent of drugging her. All she wants to do is forget the incident and only peace. Pulse Wire is one place where she can express her thoughts and feelings without any fear and be who she is.

Jacqueline Patino from Bolivia said that world pulse has been a ‘freedom of temple’ to find her own freedom. Her ambition in life is to be “small enough for a little girl to feel she is my size, tall enough to see any man eye to eye and humble enough to acknowledge myself as a tiny part of the infinite universe God has created for us, and yet big enough not be stepped on by anyone.” There is a famous saying “If you educate a man, you will just educate him but if you educate a woman, you will be able to educate a whole family. Jacqueline too believes that investing in a woman is very important and beneficial in order to reduce poverty. Money can help to empower families who are the basic units of the society.

As a VOF Correspondent, I have found many likeminded people who have the strong determination to bring change in their community. Finally, Pulse Wire has been able to give us a platform were we can liberally raise our ignored voices. We all feel excited and privileged joining the world pulse and want to share our gratitude to all people that breathe with world pulse that will and has been able to transform the world.

This article was written by Sunita Basnet and Astha Joshi (

Voices of Our Future: Web 2.0 and Women's Citizen Journalism. (2009). Retrieved on December 18, 2009, from Pulse Wire website

Introducing a New Frequency in Global Media. (2009). Retrieved on December 20, 2009, from Pulse Wire Website

Janicew.(2008). About Me. Retrieved on December 20, 2009, from Pulse Wire Website


Victoria Vorosciuc's picture

Great Prophecy!!!

This is such a great story!!! A glance in the moments of past when each of us was learning to build a new path... Today, there are more people to follow and express themselves through web 2.0 ... Incredible journey. Very emotional work, well done Sunita and Astha!!!

Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

sunita.basnet's picture

Thank you

Hello VIctoria,
Merry Xmas dear. Yes of course, the six month vof correspondents training was an incredible jpourney and this is a post I tried to captured our past experience.

Thank you dear for your valuable time for answering my questions.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

JaniceW's picture

So touching

What a wonderful testimony to the journey you have all taken through PulseWire and VOF. It is a privilege for us to have been able to connect your voices across oceans, cultures and borders; to have witnessed the sisterhood that has grown from common ideals, values and dreams.

Jensine once said that "the creative human potential of women and girls is the greatest untapped resource on earth". You have all shown this to be true by sharing the stories of those who have been silent or are never heard from in the syndicated media. Using today's technology, we can now unleash the power of these voices and hear first-hand their needs, concerns, issues and challenges.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us and validating what we know in our hearts to be an empowering program for women everywhere. You will all go on to transform the world, and we wait with abated breath.

sunita.basnet's picture

Empowering Program

Yes, the journey of PulseWire has been an empowering program to all of us. I believe whatever we are learning from the program, we all will use to tnsform the world. Yes, it was not a place just to share of experience instead was a place to love, care and support each other. We laugh together in our happiness and cry together in our sadness.

I still remember the day when there was a cyclone in Bangladesh, you and some others vof collegues write individual letter to us wondering whether we are safe enough or not???? AS i was in a foreign land, I feel like my own sisters around me.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

jadefrank's picture

Woo woooo!

Hi Sunita,

This is a beautiful tribute to the journey you and the other Voices of Our Future correspondents have made individually, but also together in this empowering program. You and your colleagues have pushed beyond what we had dreamed possible in this inaugural year and your amazing spirit, courageous voice and passion for change have captured us all. I am so eager to meet you in person on your tour here in the US and I wish you all the best in the U.K. for One Young World.

Lots of love,

sunita.basnet's picture

Dancing Over here

Dear Jade,

Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I am dancing over here because I receive your comment after a long time. Ofcourse, vof correspndents program has been the empowering program. I have also got chance to meet many courageoous and inspiring women all around the globe.

I cannot wait to meet with you personally during my tour in US. Thank you so much for your best wishes to my UK program. I will be writing about that in the pulsewire after attending the summit.

Last but not the least Merry x-mas and happy new year 2010.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

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