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May Italy give a bit of beauty to the world

Gentian, on Zuccone Campelli (about 2100m altitude)

You all are so hardly imagining a more viable future, a world in which everyone can be freely follow their unique path.

I try with my little contribution. Nothing so big, and after all who, sincerely, wouldn't like?

I would have liked to say, "oh, Italy has given her contribution", too. Then I read the newspaper and watch television, and see a depressing "reality".

One would cry the whole day and night.

How many signs... A political party trying to ban mosques in name of the "christian roots of Europe" - the same party whose message is a blasphemous and systematic contradiction of the Holy Gospel. Hasty, unreflective and desperate decisions to privatize water. Attempts to "simplify" justice so that we'll be sure it will not function - but very efficiently. An urge to construct and waste arable and natural land, even though almost all these new house will never be sold. Scandals so "private" according to some, yet so revealing of what the women worth is in the mind of so many people to date. And, angry, but pointless reactions of everyone to everyone else.

Maybe allowing more women to enter the Parliament and the Government is not sufficient. We need urgently more women voices.

A lot is to be made, however. These voices, although powerful, are really few.

We can see: what Italy now expresses so harshly to the World, is a culture in which there are too few women voices. And where the terror for a changing World, the hard will to conserve waning privileges, the "me against anyone else" still prevails.

Look, what the actual image and role of women in Italy is. A "category", when asking and demanding. Still today (December 2009) "roles", pretty young shells the human being behind of no one really cares of. And when no longer young and pretty, just useful commodities, disposable.

Will Italy return to be herself? Let me say, I hope.
Can do nothing different, however: I live here.
But I also know positive forces abound - only, they are not visible. They are the myriad of people who, privately or in very small associations, pursue the good and maintain this country alive, after all. So, my hope is not founded on just nothing.

Meanwhile, we may try doing something positive.

At her minimum, in my opinion Italy may give the World one tiny, yet so important thing: a bit of true beauty.

Not the "beauty" of the top-models glaring annoyed at you from some unlikely glamorous car advertising poster.

I'd like this: the beauty of souls open to the World and the future. Beauty of courage and passion, for one's own ideas, and yes, for work. The deep, timeless beauty in the eyes of children, the very same you can find in nature. And, art, our heritage. And the landscapes this art was designed to be in.

May we begin from here?

From my own little side, I have not many things, but I share with you a tiny flower. It's alive, in an almost inaccessible place where no one else can stay. I wish my country, and all of us, this tiny savage flower be a symbol. To start again.


jadefrank's picture

The voices of Italian women

Dearest Mauri,

Let your voice be a beacon, a call to action for the women of Italy. If only every Italian woman had the fiery passion that lies within your heart and the courage to act on it. I love this journal... much as I love each of your journals because your voice is so clear, so honest and so fresh. You have brought so much to the PulseWire community in your interaction with and encouragement of others, your unique topics around women in mathematics and science and your ability to draw us in and hear your message. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with our community, for letting us into your world and for encouraging us to embrace our gifts and use them to lead humanity on a new path of peace and beauty.


Mauri's picture

Jade, maybe you're too

Jade, maybe you're too generous! ;-)

Your compliment is welcome, by the way.
(A special honor for one who, in a sense, is on the fringe of our species ;-) ) (an occasion to explore, after all).

Say, situation helps you, on many times.

Here, especially, and now. Maybe, history makes us hypersensitive: Italy spawned fascism all over the world, with the results we had already seen.

And now, you see around you so many signs of the very same kind...

I'm thinking to write the other Italian people in Pulsewire, to see what do they think about (maybe, you know, me is me and my perception of reality is just that, "mine"). Waiting for others to join (it's so difficult, I know by personal experience, to "meet in" the first time).

Would, at least, anyone of us say something "beautiful" (anyone can). And, reporting back, the little we can do.

Yesterday was late night, so I didn't. That's better, my call will have the opportunity to be a bit more reflective.

It costs nothing, after all...

And last, "I" have to thank you. It's almost difficult to believe people like you exist in the "real world" (and that's a pity - it means we are so accustomed to ugly things and people, we imagine the world is theirs). I can imagine how hard your work is, trying to collect all threads together. It's moving! I know that volunteering for something complicated demands an immense passion, huge enough to overcome the heavy load of time, involvement (if it is a load at all ;-) ).

So I wish for you (and us) you will support us as you do, lovingly, connecting all the very many threads. It's so necessary!

Love, and a hug


jap21's picture

Hi Mauri

I am so touched by your words when you say "we are so accustomed to ugly things and people, we imagine the world is theirs". Dear friend, I do not accept that for you, for me, or for anyone in this community.

I always agreed with what someone said:"The bad ones do what the good ones LET them", meaning that the good ones must act in order to keep the world a better place.

Let us always (or at least for the longest possible time) be together, and support each other so that we will be able to see that good things can be created by all of us. Let us believe that we can. Let us put the world's energy to work towards enlightment. Let us never stop doing the job, the everyday job of maintaining the good alive and burying the bad 10 feet beneath our feet.

Thanks for the flower. I always feel connected to people who love nature. I thank God for putting you in my way, to show me that in such a troubled world, in a faraway location, in such a developed country, there is someone who cares for the good things that must happen to humanity.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Mauri's picture

True, we must ACT!

Jackie, your words are inspiring, as always.

It's so true, we "let", or let not, others do the ugly things I said, and even more.

Economical decline (or the perception - or the removal of it) make things worse.

I'm wondering what we can do, and there are many things.

Connecting, first of all. People promising fear and hatred stay always connected (the television is a perfect way, used as it is in Italy). We strive for connection, but the fact is we are not, or not enough. We have to find other ways.

And, "being subversive".
I'm realizing any subversive act is visible by its very nature. If today love is the extreme form of subversion, then let's flow it!

I'm doing many little experiments with nitty-gritty people who decided to be racists and imagine being rewarded by unease if not overt hatred. Smiling to them, and treating kindly, is so often disarming to them. Repeated many times, may open a breach in shells hardened by television-induced stupidity, or dogmatism.

This made me remember a friend of mine who spends part of her time helping people to compose ethnic and tribal conflicts (in Europe we are reputed experts in tribal wars - see Bosnia, just to name one). The method is very simple: collecting people of the "opposite" parties to do some work together. Then, they realize the "others" are not so other after all. And, it works!

This could be an idea!

So, let's subvert the ugly-and-evil!

Hugs, and a big thank for your loving and warm support.


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