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Heart Breaking News.

There is violence in form of killings and not robbing of anything in Migori. Reports have been made with a lot of concern and pity. Houses are broken into at around 7:00 PM and everybody found in that household are slashed with sharp machetes. Women and children are not spared. They are daring.

It has not been made clear what the men are after or why they are doing such bad things to the innocent! According to those who have been attacked and have been lucky to survive: the men get cladded in police uniform and so when they come it is not easy to identify them otherwise. This makes the people reluctant because Police are supposed to protect and not to harm. That is the advantage that they take to get to peoples houses.

Prior to attacks, letters are dispersed in certain areas alerting the members that they are on their way coming. Sure,it is not a joke: they say it and do it. They walk in gangs and are very confident in executing them.

There has been much tension in the past one week. Residents here live in fear. Who could these people be? What could they be after? Who will protect the people?

On Thursday 26th November, 2 suspects were killed by mob justice. Machetes and guns were recovered from them. This brings a lot of questions then: Who will give Kenyans security? Is mob justice the way to go when suspects are caught? Why do Kenyans resort to mob justice? What are these people up to and why does it take so long to find out this?

I was able to visit two women and two men who were slashed at the hospital. I was not able to give them a one on one talk since they were overwhelmed and i would not add any weight to this. We therefore have an appointment to get first hand information from them.

Right now we are living in fear. Home is not a home any more. We have had enough bloodshed. We are tired of shedding any more. We need a stop to this. I would like to hear from Kenyans in this group if there is any part of the country suffering the same, and from the whole group if anybody has ideas on the way forward.



jadefrank's picture

violence in Kenya


My heart cries out for what is happening in Kenya. You bring up some very important questions about mob justice and why this is the only alternative for Kenyans to seek justice on those who slash innocent people in their homes. Are the police unwilling to investigate or take action? What do your communities need for security? I look forward to hearing what other Kenyans in our community can add to this conversation. Thank you Leah for reporting on these horrific events. Talking about it is the first step to change. I pray for your safety and the safety of those around you.


Auma's picture

We really need change!

Thank you for your comments and concern,Jade.Insecurity is still high.Last night a taxi was hijacked.The driver was shot dead and all the passengers slashed.A differnt home was also attacked last night and the family members slashed again.

It is very frustrating when we live in our own homes in such fear!

This evening Leila and i paid a visit to one of the slash victims.She is in Trauma.She says any banging sound makes her think it's a bullet sound,She was threatened by a gun on the day she was slashed.She pauses the same questions.

There should be a way.

Asante sana,Jade.


Leila's picture


I know it is really hard for us to cope,don't worry mom coz very soon we will be fine.
your loving daughter.

Nusrat Ara's picture

Dear Leah, It is so sad that

Dear Leah,

It is so sad that such things should happen. To be constantly living in fear will be such a strain. I hope the gang is busted soon before inflicting any more damage. But the point is who is doing this and why because what we actually need in every problem is finding its root cause rather than superficial treatment.

We are all with you courageous lady.

Lots of Love


noblessh's picture

You are making a differnece

Dear Leah,

I am so sorry for what is happening in your community. And I think that you bring up some very important questions about mob justice versus alternative ways to deal with the violence taking place around you.

While I cannot offer much insight or advice on how to go forward, I wanted to let you know that by sharing your story you are taking the first step. People such as myself, on the other side of the world, need to hear from other women what is happening. Hearing women's stories will spur action, raise awareness and hopefully lead to a peaceful solution for you and those around you.

Keep sharing your story, I will continue to share it as well. Stay strong and I am wishing for the very best for you.

Peace and Love,

Shannon Nobles

"The question isn't who's going to let me; it's who is going to stop me." - Ayn Rand

jap21's picture

Hi Leah

I am so deeply sad about these news, my dear friend. Comforting you, telling you that it will change is not enough, I know. But we need to get out of the box honey.

Let us think about the cause first. Is this political violence? Is it tribal violence? Or are they just drug addicts who have lost their normal thinking and don't care about anything anymore?

Once you can clear up where the violence is coming from, then you can start working to empower yourself and your neighbors to make a self defense plan. You need to be aware that these malfeasants do their job: they watch you, they follow you, they know what you do, where you work, the timing, etc. So you and your neighbors need to do your job also.

The ones who stay home should be aware of cars standing by too long, strangers hanging around the place and youngsters playing where they are not supposed to play.

The ones who leave should be able to be reached through cell phones and all neighbors should have the numbers available in a simple list easily reachable.

This is just the beginning of a neighborhood watch club. You need to empower them, you need to become the leader honey.

I will be praying for this to be over soon.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

cad_communication's picture

Shell shocked at the horror

Thank you for giving us this report.
It reminded me of the time in Zimbabwe when we were expereincing a similar scenario. The only difference being that ours was politically motivated.
What is happening to us? Where has the concept of Ubuntu gone to? We need to look at ourself, our lives as Africans and find ways we can leve in harmony.
Once we allow these barbaric acts to continue they will spread to the rest of the continent and many will view it as the African way of life.


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