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Luxury of Time

Hi Dear Friends!

I'm posting this article of mine with heavy heart . I will be joining a candle light proatest action today as we condemn the brutal killings of women and journalists here in our country. Please join me as we mourn and seek justice for the victims of this killings- the women, the journalists and the relatives.


It was a beautiful morning yesterday though I felt a little bit sick of allergy. But, I was so happy. I was able to talk with Jackie for the first time on Skype. It was such a lovely half an hour exchange of joy and excitement being selected as VOF winners. With my six year old daughter talking with Jackie was such an added joy for me.

I also emailed Scott telling him I will take a short time-out. I just wanted to relax and enjoy looking back with my eight months journey in Pulse Wire. I just wanted to feel this wonderful lifetime experience before diving again for the next stage of my journey as one of the World Pulse VOF correspondent awardees.

I thought I could enjoy my free time not writing my monthly assignment but I was wrong. Headaches and heartaches are what I feel at this very moment with the shocking news of Monday’s mass slaughter in Maguindanao, a part of Autonomous Muslim region in southern Philippines.

A total of fifty–eight ( 58) delegations mostly women went to file a Certificate of Candidacy for the May 2010 election for BuluanVice Mayor Ishmael Mangudadatu in the provincial capitol of Maguindanao. Mangudadatu is vying for a governatorial seat against the incumbent Governor Ampatuan Sr. of Maguindanao Province.

I feel my heart is bursting with anger and it pains me so much today. Forty-six brutally killed bodies dug in shallow graves, mercilessly murdered by allegedly one hundred policemen and para-military troops. Mostly were women and one of the bodies was a pregnant woman. Faces of the victims couldn’t be identified by families. Two human rights women lawyers and thirty-seven journalists who joined the convoy were among the fatalities. There were still others who are missing. Four were able to escape.

There were reports that women were raped before they were killed. Others were decapitated , beheaded and chain sawed. This is the kind of democracy the Arroyo government is proud to the international community. A democracy marred by blood in her face!

International condemnations of the massacre were immediately expressed in cyber space. Reporter Without Borders, European Union, Amnesty International among others condemned such brutalities and called on the government to investigate the massacre and exert its political will to give justice to the victims. Reporters Without Borders states that this is the darkest days of journalism in modern history.

I was informed that the two human rights women lawyers were member of Union of People’s Lawyers in Mindanao and members of GABRIELA, the country’s biggest women’s organization. They were friends of mine. I’m crying with anger. I’m crying because life is too short for those who fight and seek for peace and justice. I’m crying for their children left behind.

What a violent way of dying! I feel so weak right now and my heart is bleeding. Yet a big part of me is shouting for justice. Today, we are organizing series of protest actions raising the voices of the victims out loud. I may not able to hear their cries, their voices of anger but I know they fought and died bravely. I will raise their voices today. The Filipino people, the women, the journalists and lawyers today are turning their anger and sadness into courage; the courage to fight violence by state instrumentalities; the courage to be free and the courage to face death and fight for life.

Indeed, being a VOF correspondent and activist I realized, time is a luxury. I may not have the luxury of time today for a short break but my heart finds solace in raising women voices in my country. My commitment of serving my people, my sisters in need is calling me every second of the day. This I can’t refuse. As the world celebrate today the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women I VOW to fight Violence Against Women (VAW) here in my country and all over the world!


Nusrat Ara's picture

So sorry to hear about the

So sorry to hear about the situation in your country. I hope the guilty get punished.


malayapinas's picture

Thank you Nusrat! We will do

Thank you Nusrat! We will do our best effort to campaign against this violence and justice will be served.


Nusrat Ara's picture

Just remember we all are with

Just remember we all are with you :).



Dando's picture

My heart cries out

for such courageous women killed for no vital reason.
what a shame for those policemen who killed innocent lives.

I feel for you Malaya and we are behind you as you speak out for the justice and rights of women.

Love you and best of Luck

with sorrow,


malayapinas's picture

Hi Dando! Thanks for the

Hi Dando! Thanks for the support. My heart still cries out today knowing how brutal the women were killed. My soul is restless seeking for justice. I can't still imagine how a normal human beings can do such gruesome murder. I will continue to speak for the women victims and all victims of senseless violence.


Jennifer Ruwart's picture

Words feel empty

I have tried to come up with a title and opening for my comment and am stuck. My words feel empty.

I thought other ladies might appreciate links to some of the orgs you mention as well as a few suggestions how they can help:

I went to Reporters Without Borders and the Philippines is their top story:

We can all share Malaya's story and RWB's story on our facebook accounts.

All correspondents should also take advantage of the information Reporters Without Borders provides to understand more thoroughly the press freedoms in your country and steps you can take to help ensure your safety. I also know that this will be one of your first assignments for the Global Correspondent's Network.

GABRIELA has a great website:

I am standing vigilant for you from afar.



Jennifer Ruwart
Chief Collaborator
JR Collaborations

malayapinas's picture

Hi Jenni! I've been missing

Hi Jenni! I've been missing you lately. Yes, my words are also empty. I don't know how to speak the right words about my feeling. I'm still crying about the lose of the women and journalists , some of them are my friends and most of the journalists were from my native hometown.

They are our new heroes who braved the powers of the ruling elite and state fascist machineries in the face of persecution.

This is another crime committed by the Arroyo government since up to this time the alleged mastermind perpetrators are not yet being arrested.

Thank you for keeping updated with our situation here in the Philippines. I'm so happy for the the website references of RWB and Gabriela for the VOF correspondence.

missing you and keep up the best ,


olutosin's picture


The Tears I shed is not of fear
My tears is not to retreat
No not for surrender
But I cry for Arroyo
I cry for her likes
I cry for their future
For they shall burn in hell
They shall be gagged and speak not
The murdered sleep, peace shall elude them
They murdered freedom, peace shall flee from them
They shall know no peace
Leadership against freedom shall be torn to pieces

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


malayapinas's picture

Souls will perish in limbo

Warm Greetings to you Olutosin my sister in the struggle!

Your poem is came up so powerful to me. Thank you so much for the support and the solidarity! Yes, they shall be burned in hell and their souls will perish in limbo.

I wish to see you someday!


jadefrank's picture

shouting for justice


Our hearts and arms surround you in love and support. It is an outrage what's happened in Maguindanao. And as you are a reporter, I worry for your safety and I honor you words and courage to speak out against such brutality and injustice. I pray for you, for the people in Maguindanao, for your dear friends who were taken so wrongfully from this world and for your country to see peace again. Please keep us informed Malaya, both on the situation and on your well-being.


malayapinas's picture

Thank you for the prayers

Thank you for the prayers Jade. We really tyour prayers in times like this. When no more tears to shed but only courage to fight for justice and hope that justice will prevail. We will not allow the perpetrators and the powers that cuddled such violence to take our dignity and hope.

One day, they will perish and theirr names will be cursed forever.

I will try my best to keep everybody inform about the development of the issue.

with much love,

mrbeckbeck's picture

Our hearts are with you....


Thank you for posting this story. You are so courageous for raising your voice in the midst of chaos. My heart goes out to you, offering love and support in this challenging time.

I hope that we can broadcast this story to the world, and draw attention and action from government officials. This is a horrible injustice, and the violence must stop. Democracy and freedom are the right to all Philippine peoples, and I am so glad that your voice is able to shout this message to the world.

Please surround yourself with our blanket of love and security. We are here for you as much as we can be... with our prayers, our hearts and our words.

Love and light,

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

malayapinas's picture

Justice must be served

Dear Scott,

Thank you for the blanket of love and security! Surely these will shower my courage to keep on shouting our voices to every corners of the world. Justice must be serve to the women and journalist victims of massacre.

with courage and hope,

busayo's picture

You are not alone

Our dear Malaya,
You are not alone in these struggle, we are all with you and we will not stop our prayers until justice is done
and the oppressors are punished. You are an amazing woman for your courage in raising your voice in that chaotic enviroment. God will continue to protect you and loved ones. The hosts of heaven are behind you and we your friends all over the world will keep on supporting you with our love and prayers. Our prayers also goes to the family of the victims for comfort and strenght to bear the loss. The struggle continues, Victory is certain.

Lots of love

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

malayapinas's picture

Busayo dear, Thank you for

Busayo dear,

Thank you for joining me in seeking justice to the victims and all victims of human rights violations here in my country. Thanks for the prayers too. I know we will find the peace that we all wanted to have. But e can only achieve that peace, if we together as a people and women will continue to be brave and fearless in fighting state violence.

We will continue our struggle for sure .

Thank you and God Bless!


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