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Pour your thoughts

Hi ladies

First of all thank you for joining this group. Let us make this platform a vibrant place to pour our thoughts.We come from different backgrounds and have different issues to deal with. But we all have almost similar issues, so let us make maximum use of this platform to bring out our own stories, thoughts and creativity.

Let us not limit ourselves to talk about our issues, but also share the beautiful stories of our lives. Everywhere we go we only hear of complains and frustrations and these talks are taking us further to disappointments.Now not limiting ourselves to the woes of life let us share about the positivity that our life has brought upon us.

We all want to change for better but if we only see negative aspects then we might not get the change that we have longed for such a long period of time.Now the time has come to appreciate our surroundings so that it attracts positivity and repels negativity. So as the famous saying goes "To change the world you have to start it from yourself", the time has come to be the change that we want to see in this world. And if you think you are too small to make a change then try sleeping with a mosquito it will make you realize that you can change things. So let us join hands in changing this world for better . Let us be positive and let us encourage each other to see the positivity inside us and everyone around us.

Pour your thoughts, imaginations into this group and share your beautiful moments along with issues pressing you, we might not have best solutions to every pressing issues but we have the patience to listen to your story. So stay positive and keep writing because you have it in you to be a change maker


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What a great platform! Anjana, thank you for creating this group. Like you said, yes, we have different backgrounds, but as women, we go through experiences that we can relate to. That's what bonds us.

Everyday I encounter simple women, strong women and women who are not afraid to speak their minds. This amazes me, especially in a country like Nepal where women are supposed to be passive, submission and obedient. It's unfortunate that I have to add the word "strong" before the word "women" when that should be a given. In this society, I feel that there are stronger women because of the difficult experiences that they have to go through.

Having lived abroad, I see a stark difference between the way women behave here and abroad. My friends back in the states seem oblivious to the many basic rights that are available to them when here women have to fight for it. I'm not saying that discrimination does not happen abroad, it does, but there are mechanisms where women can bring this to the limelight and speak for herself. Here, there is no such mechanism--women simply have to fight for themselves. I'm not just talking about women in the villages, this also goes for urban women. There are certain expectations that they must fulfill, things they can say and cannot say and women are still questioned when they do not marry by the right age. Of course, things are progressing and it's becoming easier for women to live equally as partners with men, thanks to women who have fought for those rights, but it's not enough yet. I look at my mom and wonder what she endured and what her mother endured and so on. Then I look at myself and realize how lucky I am. Yes, there's much to fight for and speak up about, but we have it much better. And, I grew up abroad so I don't speak for the many women who grew up here. I speak from the few years that I've lived here because I feel the difference, the BIG difference between my girlfriends here and abroad. The most obvious difference is the quality of women here. They are more determined and have the spirit of wanting to make a difference. Women like Khushbu and Anjana, who are not only doing something about the problems they see around them, but genuinely wanting to do something about it. I've met many like them, and I feel so inspired and at the same time ashamed about the life I have lived. I never knew I had it so good. I learned from their examples that the only way to live is to make others' lives better, to give others what you were given. There is so much joy in seeing an abandoned senior smile simply because you have taken the time to talk to them. Or, giving street children another chance at education. If you have had a good life, the only way to live the rest of your life is to give back. And that's what I've been trying to do ever since I moved here.

I've been so fortunate and this country has given me so much. I know this now. Amazing, isn't it that I didn't realize until I moved to one of the most poorest countries in the world. All around me there are women, men, children from all walks of life, rich and poor, happy and sad. Westerners see the poor in Nepal and feel sorry for them, even pity them. But they are mistaken. Poverty has nothing to do with whether a person is truly happy or not. It's the quality of life like--whether they are content, whether they have given joy, whether they have loved and most importantly, whether they have suffered. From observation, I can say that there are more depressed people abroad than in Nepal. Because in a country like US, you have it all and they are surrounded by an overabundance of material possessions and you want more and more, and it never ends. You want that car that your neighbor drives, you want that promotion that you've been waiting for, you want all the abundance of opportunities that the country has to offer you. It's different in Nepal. We don't have that. We live with what we have been given. And It's only by being surrounded with suffering that one realizes how blessed they are. That's human nature for you. This country has taught me so much, much more than American or Japan could have taught me.

I love the people--you meet the most amazing people here, especially the women and even the chaos--yes, the chaos, I think it's what sustains us and helps us realize that life is all about the ying and yang. The good, the bad, the chaos, the calm, you learn to embrace it all here because you have to. And, in turn, you learn to take it all in stride, accept things as they are, do the best you can and leave the rest to God, higher power, whatever you want to call it. And, the best of all, you realize that there is nothing really to strive for and that life is all about simply living in the moment.

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