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Embracing our Oak Tree, Mr. Beck Beck: Welcome my dear friend!

Dear Correspondents:

I think recently we have been very busy turning in our feature stories, and then getting ready for the last phase of the program. In my case, I was busy making a bye bye party for mother hen.

But now that busy bees are at home having a nice, rested weekend, I came to realize that within this garden of roses, there is an oak tree standing to give us nice shadow in this warm spring and the hot summer that is knocking at our door! For the ones near winter time, this oak tree will shed its leaves and let the sunlight warm you up when you are near it.

Our Oak Tree's name is Scott Beck. He is here to help us be at ease and come to terms with the everyday life within our community, which just recently was shaken when saying good bye to mother hen.

Let us all turn the page and give an embracing WELCOME to our Oak Tree, Scott Beck.

Dear Scott, we are eager to learn about you, what your work with us is going to be like, and most of all, what we can do to help you. We know an Oak Tree is big and needs a lot of water everyday. How can we manage to nurture your stay?

I am sure this supportive and loving community will make your leaves shinny and new!





sunita.basnet's picture

Welcome Mr. Beck

Dear Mr. Beck,

Welcome to this wonderful website. I cannot wait to talk with you as a vof correspondent. Sure Jackie, we are very interested to learn about you Mr. Beck. Please share your experience and interest with us.

JACKIE thank you so much for taking this initial step to welcome our OAK tree Mr. Beck.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

jap21's picture

Hi Sunita

Scott will surely convey his dreams with ours and we need to acknowledge that.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

My Dear friend,
Congratulations for this award. I am so happy for you Malaya and Sunita. Well done my Dear sisters, continue to speak loud and clear on behalf of women worldwide.
Once again congratulations to you all!

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


jap21's picture


Thanks so much!!

You are the first to write a comment about this. I just got home a moment ago and Halima was here to hug me!! I am soooo happy!!!

Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks

I love you all so much!!!!


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Nusrat Ara's picture

Wow what a simile. You have

Wow what a simile. You have put it so well. We are all with you.

Now it is the turn of Scott to answer.



jap21's picture

Hi Nusrat

The new page is to be written, with honest words, and beautiful actions.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

mrbeckbeck's picture

Honored to be here

Thank you for the warm message! It has been a joy to be here, and I look forward to our new adventures together.

Your metaphor is stirring, Jackie. I love your image of the beautiful garden of roses, each with a unique scent, hue and growing pattern. Each of you brightens the world in a unique way, and together you reflect the wonder of the natural world.

I am honored to provide shade and warmth (depending on your season-- here the leaves are aglow, creating carpets of color on the yards and streets). I will also extend my branches to you: prune one to make a bench to sit and admire the garden, climb higher into my branches and see new possibilities, hang a swing from one to relax and play for a moment, collect fallen wood to burn your fires brighter and gather the community.

This oak tree is but one small part of a larger web. Yes, I need water and many nutrients. Your voices are the source of these resources. I need you all to continue your work sharing insight and wisdom with the world. You are now leaders in this community, and will help nurture the next seedlings, buds and blooms. We will be fertilized with continued learning together with more trainings, more reporting assignments, and more conference calls. We must stand together, firmly in our soil: PulseWire, World Pulse and the global women's empowerment movement of which we are all a part. Together, our web is stronger and the world stronger with us.

I look forward to our continued time together. I will share my voice with you more, so you can know me as well as I feel I know you. As my subject says, I'm honored to be here. Thank you for your warm welcome.

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

giftypearl.abenaab's picture

"Akwaaba" Scott!

Akwaaba means welcome. We apprecaite your presnece and hardwork Scott! The first i read your comments during the VOF application process, i raised my eye brow as i wondered "a man working to support us as well?" Ever since, i have deeply respected and appreciated you for working with us everyday behind the scene and on the scene.

Many thanks for everything you for us
In appreciation,

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation

jap21's picture

Hi Scott

I will tell you a secret, I had to look up the word prune in a dictionary to understand what you meant! hahahaha.

Then I could make the picture in my mind and it was awesome! I love being able to chat with you this way, through beautiful words. You are a great writer!

What is next in our schedule? Can't wait to know!



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Jensine's picture

The Beckoning Branches of Scott

The metaphor is so true! For those of us with the honor of working alongside Mr. Scott Beck in person daily, I can confirm that he is rooted with steady, deep conviction and passion, yet his branches extend with spacious with possibility and lifting of dreams for women and humanity! I can't wait to see the new shoots and branches that will grow in our community from the sheltering and nurturing tree of scott beck's heart.

Thank you Jackie, for initiating this wonderful post of appreciation.


Jensine Larsen
World Pulse

jap21's picture

Hi Jensine

You are welcome. It is my pleasure. I see Scott as an awesome book that we haven't read yet. For example this answer of his, shows us a great writer, and a beautiful soul that offers himself to us widely, without beholding anything.

I love the way he always answers everyone's posts.and makes himself available to all people.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

busayo's picture

Oak tree indeed

Hi jackie,
You have said it all and we quite agree with you. Scott is one out of million, he is simply wonderful
We thank god for the gift of him in our midst in this community. Thanks jackie for this post, our dear Scott deserves it.


Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

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