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Moldova-where are you?

A small piece of land in Europe invaded so many times by Tatars, Huns, Russians, Avars and by so many different civilizations. Did we lose ourselves, or hope to have gained the wisdom of those civilizations along with so many problems? But hey, " No Pain, No Gain".
May be the ethnic issue or/ and along with so many other problems split this tiny country into territories Gagauzia, Transnistria and the rest of us?
No natural resources, a large public debt, low salaries, poor water quality, a territorial conflict, no future? Why should we stay here, on this piece of land? It is much easier to flee from the country, to leave everything behind, you have the preparation to go and work abroad to have a good job, isn't it?
But NO, it is the the time to roll up our sleeves and build a legacy for our children, to build a future for this country, together with our time, efforts, investing in building a nation (globalization), in creating a prospering economy (tired of "the poorest country in Europe"), in developing our community. Every effort counts and please find some FAITH in you and the future of the country!
It is time to REINVENT MOLDOVA!!!



jadefrank's picture


Dear Olesea,

I am so happy to see again in our community! You are such a champion for Moldova and it is women like you, and like Victoria who will get the attention of your fellow Moldovans, as well as the attention of the world - in the spirit of reclaiming your land and as you say, to "reinvent Moldova". I hope that you will continue to share news, issues and stories of Moldova here in PulseWire because you are our link this small country and we are listening!

In friendship,

Olesea Fortuna's picture

Dear Jade, I really enjoy

Dear Jade,
I really enjoy being here and I hope you will find Moldova with its troubles and beauties. I really believe that this is the TIME to start reinventing the country, finding new ways to improve its image on the global arena, to boost up the economy and to provide for the people that live here. If old solutions do not work, we should find new ones. This is the time for Strategy, Action and Implementation.
Kind Regards,

Olesea Fortuna

President, GEW Moldova

Rebecca Snavely's picture

being there

Reading your words about leaving, to flee for a better job abroad, I'm reminded of similar stories I've heard from people in other small, struggling countries. It seems like a good choice, to look for what is better, but it doesn't acknowledge those deep roots in the land, that is part of our identity. I never realized how very American I was until I lived overseas for a bit. Despite all my frustrations with the U.S. government (especially at the time) and some of our cultural issues, I had to acknowledge this place is very much a part of me, much like Moldova is very much a part of you.

Thank you for sharing your passion to reinvent and stay rooted in your land.

All my best,


Olesea Fortuna's picture

Dear Rebeca

... this is definitely the way I feel. I have lived for a year in the US, one in Romania and several months in Europe, different scholarships, but although I enjoyed being in those countries still the feeling of coming home always was so positive and warm and I do love Moldova with all of it "good" and "bad". And when you truly love you do want to give something, may be I do not have much but at least some will be for the benefit of the country.

Olesea Fortuna

President, GEW Moldova

Nusrat Ara's picture

A very good vision indeed.

A very good vision indeed. Now the need is to transform it into reality.


Olesea Fortuna's picture

You are right Nusrat

.. and we can only rely on life to tell us what we could give and we can start something small and then grow big...;)

Olesea Fortuna

President, GEW Moldova

Bakakilydia's picture

Olesea, Thank you for putting


Thank you for putting your country on the map. I now know it through the eyes of one who lover it. And we share alot of history. We the once called colonised countries.

Thank you,


' increase the percentage of women owned property from the current percentage of 1% to 25% of the world's property by the year 2050'

Olesea Fortuna's picture

Yes Lydia,

although we are so small , our population is 10 times smaller than Uganda's and we have a similar density, which means that both of our countries have little land and little resources as opposed to the US or Russia... I still believe we stand a chance in this world and we can, we can, we can DO IT!!! And we should not be identified only with the name of "the poorest country in Europe" or with political officials such as Idi Amin or by the extended political turbulence that took place on the 7th of April in our country. It does not say all about us, does it? There is more to us than that!

Olesea Fortuna

President, GEW Moldova

peace's picture

Dear Olesea i feel the same

Dear Olesea

i feel the same here your writing incourage me even more when I went to Australia , in Perth to visit a couple who left our Township for a better live i wanted all of that the Land of Milk and honey but coming back and being around my people and were i live i won't run i want to stay and roll up my sleeves and work hard to make it a better Township i hope you all the best


Olesea Fortuna's picture


I am so glad to see more women that speak about making the change now, and I am really happy that we are starting taking our lives in our hands, acting proactively not only reactively, being more self-sufficient and trying to change the destiny of a civilization for the better. Best wishes, my darling

Olesea Fortuna

President, GEW Moldova

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