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In Response to Nusrat's Questions about the program

I am adding a new post, since not everyone will see comments to her post. Since Nusrat's and Tina's questions are so comprehensive, I put them in a question and answer format.

"As we all know the programme has ended but somehow I am not getting that finished feeling. I know this is the end of the programme and a new beginning for all of us yet that feeling of completion is still eluding me. Maybe Scott can have a word on that."

As both Scott and I have shared several times, each correspondent who completes all four assignments by November 9th will receive a certificate of completion and an invitation to join the World Pulse Correspondent's Network. It takes time to design, print, collate, and mail your final packages, so please be patient with us! :-)

Is there a different way we can communicate this next phase since it does not appear to be sinking in?

"Scott when are we getting the certificates :)"
By the end of the year.

Do check with me for my correspondance address.
We will check addresses of everyone.

And we all need to know what is in store for us. When are the feature winners being announced. The award winners will out in first week of November right. Tell us what date and please try to make it earlier.

Our target date to announce the awardees is Monday, November 9th. However, international selection committee, including Marianne Pearl and Ory Okolloh, may need more time.

Here is a description of our evaluation process:

I. Overall writing score

The trainees submitted four assignments that were evaluated by the mentors. (Mentors did not evaluate their own trainee’s assignments.) The lowest score was dropped for each correspondent and the remaining three were averaged. Points are assigned on ranking.

II. Overall community score

Part of the program was to be an active member of PulseWire including, but not limited to friending new community members, contributing to conversations, and praising exceptional users and content. We generated a report of each trainees’ online activity during the program. Points are assigned on ranking.

III. We also assigned points to account for the following:

Conflict Zone: Scores were adjusted for women who live in conflict zones.

Personal Life Trial: Scores were adjusted for women who suffered a significant life trial such as job loss, hospitalization, or death in the family during the program.

Press Freedom: Scores were adjusted for women who live in any of the countries ranked in the top 100 for worst press freedoms by Reporters Without Borders.

Internet Access: Scores were adjusted for women who live in countries that experience frequent blackouts and/or have to work out of Internet Cafes or at work.

Perceived effort: Based on all the criteria listed above, our editorial, online community management, and program team rated each correspondent’s perceived effort based on a) on- and off-line communication to inform us (World Pulse, partners, mentors, midwives, or each other) of challenges she is facing, b) professionalism, and c) enthusiasm. Scores were adjusted based on this rating.

Best representative of World Pulse: World Pulse strives for all of our articles to be solutions-oriented, empowering, and demonstrate the collective power of women globally. Our editorial, online community management, and program team rated each trainee based on our belief that she will be one of the best representatives of Voices of Our Future and World Pulse.

When Janice had asked us to send our photographs for the cards I couldn't. I am not sure how many did actually send, is the option still open. I think it is better we have World Pulse Cards with our pics now that we will be joining their network. And when are we doing that. Please make it fast Scott.

I apologize for not following up on press passes earlier. If you are invited to join the correspondent's network, you will be sent a formal invitation and letter of understanding. After this has been signed and returned to World Pulse, Scott will be mailing you a press pass valid for one year. This will be included with your certificate, copy of last magazine, and other goodies. If you have not sent Janice a photo, we will let you know.

I would love to see my scores and to receive feedback on where and how I can approve. Is my writing style appropriate for world pulse outlets? What are and should be my next steps? Are there any other trainings (especially for us newbie journalists) planned in the future?

Another set of excellent questions! First, Scott and I have been trying to figure out how to give you your scores and qualitative feedback. It's just so much raw data. As soon as we have figured something out, we'll let you know. This is very important to us and we feel this is an area for significant improvement for next year.

If you completed your assignments, then you are a trained World Pulse correspondent as well as trained in traditional journalism. In addition to continue writing on PulseWire, I feel confident that all you can start submitting op-eds and pitching stories to other media outlets right now!

If you completed the program and if you opt-in to the correspondents network, you will be offered four quarterly trainings in 2010, plus ongoing support and nurturing.

Whew! Does this give you all more information? I just love and honor your directness, enthusiasm, and commitment to keep going!

I am still around until the 15th of November. Don't forget me yet!



jap21's picture

Great insight

Thanks Mother Hen. Nothing like your voice to soothe today's heat.Oh boy! Spring has come hot to the fullest in Tarija. We need some rain though. Drought is not what we need right now. 40ªCelsius is not usual for this time of the year.

We should have a bye bye party for you online. What say you my dear comrade correspondents? Let us get together and send beautiful pictures, writings, drawings, everything to let Mother Hen know how much she means to us. Proposed date: November 12, 13 and 14, so we can have three days to celebrate Jennifer to the top.

Please confirm your assistance in a comment to this post, and I will get back to everyone who signs up with details through email.

Let's rock Jennifer's world!

Love and peace,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Nusrat Ara's picture

Jackie count me in as well.

Jackie count me in as well. That is a great idea indeed.



Tina's picture

Thank you Thank You Thank You

Thanks Jennifer and Scott for all that you are doing and for answering all those questions. Phew Indeed! I look forward to getting my feedback whenever and however it comes!!!

Jackie, count me in, feel free to email me anytime...

Tina x

Nusrat Ara's picture

Thanks Jennifer. I am looking

Thanks Jennifer. I am looking forward to see my scores as well. Thanks again for the detailed reply.

Lots of Love


Khushbu's picture

Thank you a ton

Dear Jennifer

Thank you so for all this information. While i was reading the evaluation process, my heart was racing, dont really know the reason but i probably was overwhelmed because the feeling seeped in that we are being judged and evaluated so closely.

We are all waiting for a new journey to unfold...

Jackie, count me in as well.


Khushbu Agrawal

giftypearl.abenaab's picture

Thank you Jenny

Thank you Jennifer for the clarifications.
we are still and always together in our hearts .

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation


Thank you, Jennifer!

Gracias por tu valiosa información.Estaremos atentas.

Jackie cuenta conmigo, por supuesto.

Un saludo especial

Luz Marina

Dando's picture

Thanks Mama Jennifer,

Its all clear!

We can never forget You cause you remain close to our hearts

busayo's picture

Mother Hen Indeed

Hi Jenny,
Thanks very much for all your explanations, indeed mother hen, we will miss you. Jackie, i am in for the celebrations, it will be fun.

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Victoria Vorosciuc's picture

Role - model

Wow, Jennifer,

Impressed by your great approach and clarification to our confused minds.

I appreciate your work and can't understand when do you manage all these things!!!

Great attitude!!!

Good role-model!!!

Talk to you soon!!!


Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

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