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Top Secret

Top Secret
For Indigenous Eyes Only

Memorandum: 43 year study coming to completion

My extensive 43 year study of the problems facing the Alaska Natives/American Indigenous populations is coming to a close. Personal observation and study of the "Western Mindset" has been conducted and a full briefing will be detailed in full once the study is officially over. Here is a general overview that presents the true and factual findings of my first hand observations. Be extremely careful not to let this fall into non-indigenous hands as their minds are such that they will mulishly dig in their heels and resist the changes we will bring about if they become aware of it.

1) Please continue the present course of dignified and responsible dealings with these people while I circle around to the other side. This flanking maneuver will catch them in a pincer movement and they will have no choice but to face the harsh truths of our peoples. I believe the U.S. military calls this technique a 'tag team' so our "Go" code word will be 'let's play tag' to keep them unsuspecting and we can catch them unawares.

2) Like cunning little raccoons who eagerly try to pry the lid off of the garbage cans, we must work hard to deter this behavior and bring them edification and enlightenment. Knowing they will resist any attempts to take away their ignorance (and my careful research has revealed that they seem to believe that this ignorance is bliss so know they will be extremely resistant to our efforts) we must use all of our wit and resourcefulness to counter their measures. I believe they call this sort of technique 'reverse psychology' so our "Go" code for this operation will be "Hello Nurse" since this will lead them to believe we want to play some game called 'doctor' and they will come en mass and save us the effort of seeking them out ourselves.

3) We must reach out to the other minority groups in America and explain that until we are treated fairly and get Justice they will face a never-ending struggle to gain their own rights. Too much exposure to western thought has left them with a bit of that 'what's in it for me' feel so we must convince them that letting a little injustice happen is like that old saying of 'give them an inch and they will take a mile". To get what they want they must first help us get our rights and our equality. Our "Go" code for this operation will be called "empowerment workshop" and attract all the good and decent souls in this country since it will take all of us working together in harmony to overcome centuries of Injustice.

Expect the full report in a few months time. Remember to burn this as soon as you finish reading it so it does not fall into the wrong hands...

Maria, wise-woman-in-training

word count: 490
This article is part of a writing assignment for Voices of Our Future, which is providing rigorous web 2.0 and new media training for 31 emerging women leaders. We are speaking out for social change from some of the most forgotten corners of the world. Meet Us.


jap21's picture

Love this

Dear Maria,

I love your piece, specially the last code 'Empowerment Workshop', which has happened everywhere in the world.

To me, you are not in training. You are one of the best teachers we have about how indigenous and non indigenous should find a way to better get along and reach fairness in everyday lives.

Thank you for this. Really enlightning.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Maria de Chirikof's picture


Hi Jackie, I am glad you liked it since I think it is my best one so far for these! It is by realizing that we already live side by side that will go a long way to change things for the better.

I also thought the empowerment workshop for the Go code was a good choice to highlight that what we want is equality for everyone instead of how it is now, that our views do include everyone. I think I have a long, long way to go yet to be 'wise' but it was sweet of you to say that!



Nusrat Ara's picture

A wonderful piece. Its a

A wonderful piece. Its a refreshing. I like the way you have tried to make your point. Keep it up.

Lots of Love


sunita.basnet's picture

Love it

Dear Maria,

I love the way you write. keep it up dear. I can understand how much you are thinking for indigeneous people's right and equality.
love you dear

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

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