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Girl child victim of abduction!

“We ate our friend to death” said a 16 year old Ugandan girl

I couldn’t believe my ears, as I lay on my bed. That Wednesday afternoon I wasn’t feeling too well. I have a tendency of listening to my radio which I normally put beneath my bed, so that am not disturbed by the noise in the house.I enjoy listening to BBC, Christian voice, sky fm, phoenix and radio 4.

The room was a little bit dark and very hot; it was as if air was not entering through the ventilations. As I tuned the radio this time not to my most favorite station but to radio 2fm, I heard a voice of the girl been interviewed by a man who sounded like one of BBC correspondent. The girl spoke through an interpreter.

The girl was abducted in the northern part of Uganda. She and several other girls were abducted by the rebels and were exposed to different traumatizing scenarios. It was during this period that Anna was told together with other children to eat their friend alive until she dead. In another instance, when one of the girls tried to escape Anna was summoned to kill the girl. when Anna hesitated she was told that they would tell the same girl to kill her instead. So since she wanted to live, she had no choice but to kill the girl and sucked the blood according to the instructions. She also narrated how she was forced to have sex with the commander and how she was threatens if she refused. She had no choice but to do as she was told.

That Wednesday was yesterday the 30th of September. I was shocked to learn how young girls are exposed to such a life for things they don’t and will never comprehend. Young girls and women remain to be the victims of war. They continue to be abducted, abused, killed because they are seen as weak vessels. I wonder why the people who are involved in the abductions, wars can not kill themselves and leave the innocent women and children alone. If I had the opportunity to know the producer of the documentary or their wed site I would have shared it.

My heart pains and I just wish I could help the little Anna who according to the documentary was reunited with her family. But her experiences still hunt her and she lives in fear of being killed if found.


heatherc67's picture

Stirring post

Hi Dando,

Your post was enlightening and disturbing at the same time. It is always shocking to see how war victimizes women and children in the worse ways. And when you think you have heard them all, you read about what these girls went through.

If you can find the link to the documentary or at least article, I would be interested in it. I am currently living in Liberia and writing about my experience and research.

Thank you for sharing this post.



Dando's picture

I will

try my best to look for the website or article. I found the program already running, hence had no chance to know the producer. It is so sad what is happening to women and children. Just this week I heard about women being raped during the protests. I really don't know what this world is coming to. why can't these initiators of war fight among themselves and leave the women and children alone!

Hope to read about your experience and research you are doing.

thanks for commenting and God richly bless you.

with LOve


jadefrank's picture


Hi Dando,

This story is horrifying! It is so sad and infuriating to hear about things like this that are happening around the world. It also makes our work all the more urgent. Thank you for sharing this and please continue to use your journal to share what's happening in Zambia and the nations around you with the PulseWire community.


Dando's picture

I couldn't just

keep it to myself, I had to share it so that, some how some where people can do some thing.
It is terrible what man is doing to man. it seems people have lost their conscious. Upto now I can't Imagine what these children who are abducted go through. Lets continue campaigning and raisig our voices till we are heard.

Thanks Jade and God bless you.

Nusrat Ara's picture

It is horrifying. How can

It is horrifying. How can humans be so inhuman.I hope God gives them sense.


Dando's picture

Thank you

it is horrifying what our fellow women and girls go through.
God Help us!

with Love

Dear Dando,
I just read your feature article about drinking water, I really wanted to comment regarding that article but there was no comment option so I couldn't. I am sorry I am leaving the comment together for this and features article.

regarding features article, your article remind me one of my relatives home. She is living in Beltaar, Phatepur. I went there for religious purpose. There was also the problem of water, people have to wait in a long queue to bring a jar water but sometimes suddenly water goes and villagers have to use pond water which is very dirty and unhealthy. We can see buffaloes taking bath in a side, children swimming in water and at the same time, from one corner, people pouring water in their jar. It was so horrifying but there was no option. About a month ago, I went my home and my fortunately, I made same relatives was in my home. She smiled at me and said now we are so rich. I wonder what she rich mean and asked her. She said that they have pure drinking water although it comes only two hours in the morning.

Regarding this article, I wonder where the women rights are? I remembered the situation when I went to Nepal a month ago. Girls were kidnapped and killed. There was protesting against government requesting for strong security and strong punishment for kidnapper. Keep posting the update. Love you

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Dando's picture


Thanks for sharing your story on water, it seems water remain to be a challenge in most part of the global.
May you please tell me what your government is doing about it and also if there are women organizations working on that.
Thanks once again for making efforts just to share your experience with me.
Please keep in touch

Love you and take care.

Annie Ruiz's picture

Good job girl!

Trying to find a solution is the best thing to do. Sharing your experiences enrich your task. Me too I see terrible situations sometimes. But to tell the truth not as bad. Let´s continue our service. God bless you dear Dando. Try reading good books to help you understand terrible things in life.


The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!!

Dando's picture


Annie for the comment. Its unbelieveable how inhuman some people can be. I could like to learn more about your experiences as well. I will try to read some of your posts.
I will read good books as you have suggeseted as I wear the shades because our future is so bright!

with Love,


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