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Why the World Needs Women

Elaine and I had a little conversation about a "Just Society". That conversation led me to understand better PulseWire and its mission.

The intellectual life is thrilling to me. The beauty in mathematics is astounding but it takes a lot of intellectual work to discover that.

I have found that women tend to live in a different arena. Women give life. Women are community builders. They tend to be involved with reality at a deeper level. I ask all of you to think about what Pulsewire is doing. Women know that human life is precious but their voice is not heard.

Our problem is to build a civilization of community (communion with each other). I am afraid we cannot do that without women


Rebecca's picture

Gender Studies rocks!

Gender is definitely a fascinating and complex topic! It's one of my favorite things to read about and think about. And I definitely agree that community building needs to encompass and include all of the women movers and shakers that are out there fighting the good fight!

Gene's picture

Laura Schlessinger

Rebecca, These days I don't listen to Dr. Laura because of other interests. I used to listen to her everyday. Since I am a single person there were many things I didn't know about the psychology of women or about marriage problems. I leared a great deal from the 6 months or so of Dr. Schlessinger.

More deeply, women have always been of importance to me on a religious level. That is why I joined the Marianists.

Rebecca's picture


To be honest, Dr. Laura isn't exactly on my list of favorite female radio personalities. But I do know that she has quite a following.

Some women whose voices I've learned a lot from?

bell hooks
Uma Narayan
Patricia Hill Collins
Chandra Talpade Mohanty
Judith Butler

and so many more!!

Gene's picture

Dr. Laura

Hi, Rebecca. I suspected I would be stepping on toes with my take on Dr. Laura. This makes me think of several books I have looked at about "science vs religion". Often the author defending religion has an amateur's knowledge about science. Almost always the author is way off base. It was years ago that I stopped reading about this eternal struggle.

Even so, I am a vowed religious. I live a celibate life. Listening to Dr. Laura was enlightening for me even though she seems to solve problems in minutes that would ordinarily take years of psychotherapy. I often thought that her solutions might work for a week or two, but I'll bet many of her callers soon found life to be more complex than expected.

It's good talking with you Rebecca, I have great respect for your interest in Gender Issues.

Elaine Phillips's picture


Hi Gene and all,
The concept of gender is a very confusing one for me. It has also been somewhat painful and I find myself both fascinated by looking at the issues and disgusted that they have been given so much importance.

I have been profoundly affected by giving birth, uplifted by the strong bonds of community within groups of women, and felt despair and loneliness by the oppression of women. The focus on myself as "woman" has made me feel so alien and "other." Even when the discussions are as lovingly meant and complimentary as Gene's, I am still separated out by my gender.

My deepest longing is to belong (and I humbly imagine this may be universally true?), and I want to be normal. In talking about gender issues, I feel separated out of the group because of my gender, like men are the standard and women are this curious, albeit wonderful, derivation of men. And aren't we so much more alike than different? And don't we adopt behaviors of gender that we could just as easily eschew? I would love to have Gene in my "women's" group, and I would love to be just another brother for a week....

What do you all think?


Gene's picture

Are men the standard?

I am not going to give references to what I have learned through my readings, but I believe the following is true:

First of all, women are the standard as far as I know. Embryologically, as we progress backward in evolution we find physical changes had to be made to make heterosexuality work.

As I have thought about this for years struggling with the "mystery of woman". I often talk about this with my sister. I remember her telling me in a recent phone call that "men and women are just the same".

A woman's voice sounds like music, but it is higher because her vocal cords are shorter. Even so, my brain is wired to love that sound.

Still, there is the question of giving birth, making a family and so forth. I DO believe that generally women's brains are wired differently and her hormonal makeup is different. To sort all this out, I believe Rebecca would be the one who would have the facts.

I have no problem with you being a brother to me for a week. The dignity and value of a human being is deeper than gender differences. You are unique and it is up to you to discover who you are. That task may take you a lifetime. I am still making discoveries, even very profound ones, at the age of 76.

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