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Covering Violence: 12 Points Of Concern

My dear all :
Next week I will participate at the Global Peace Summit in Bogota, Colombia, where (if the power is by my side) I will be a speaker trying to defend my “change of look” proposal into the media coverage, in front of 3 huge war correspondents!!! (ouch, I am really nervous!)

Bu also, I will be leading a workshop about peace journalism. And precisely now when I was reading and preparing some materials for the workshop, among my documents I found this points written by Johan Galtung, (the peace journalism’s father) and I thought that it was a very good –and short- material to share with you.

If someone is interested on have the entire document please let me know (or better yet, write me an e-mail) to send it to you.

Hugs, Peace and as always, my total admiration to each of you :-)

Kisses: Xthina (and pleaaaaaasee!! wish me look, I am so excited but so scared as well !!) Xthina " )

Covering Violence: 12 Points Of Concern

l. Decontextualizing violence: focusing on the irrational without looking at the reasons for unresolved conflicts and polarization.

2. Dualism: reducing the number of parties in a conflict to two, when often more are involved. Stories that just focus on internal developments often ignore such outside or "external" forces as foreign governments and transnational companies.

3. Manicheanism: portraying one side as good and demonizing the other as "evil."

4. Armageddon: presenting violence as inevitable, omitting alternatives.

5. Focusing on individual acts of violence while avoiding structural causes, like poverty, government neglect and military or police repression.

6. Confusion: focusing only on the conflict arena (i.e., the battlefield or location of violent incidents) but not on the forces and factors that influence the violence.

7. Excluding and omitting the bereaved, thus never explaining why there are acts of revenge and spirals of violence.

8. Failure to explore the causes of escalation and the impact of media coverage itself.

9. Failure to explore the goals of outside interventionists, especially big powers.

l0. Failure to explore peace proposals and offer images of peaceful outcomes.

11. Confusing cease-fires and negotiations with actual peace.

12. Omitting reconciliation: conflicts tend to reemerge if attention is not paid to efforts to heal fractured societies. When news about attempts to resolve conflicts are absent, fatalism is reinforced. That can help engender even more violence, when people have no images or information about possible peaceful outcomes and the promise of healing.



Jensine's picture

Revolutionary points!

My dear,
thank you for sharing this, and we wish you much courage as you speak your power!!! I know you will blow them away (in only the most peace-ful of ways)
These points are fabulous - I will be printing out to tack on my wall. Every single newsroom should have these points staring them in the eye.
Love and admiration,

Jensine Larsen
World Pulse

Nusrat Ara's picture

Thanks dear

Thanks dear. And yes Best of Luck.



Dando's picture


Am happy for you.
I know you will speak out with all the confidence and passion.

Wishing all the very Best.



Gemma's picture

Good luck


These are great points. I am sure you will do a wonderful job of speaking and conducting a workshop on Peace Journalism. Do you know if the Peace Journalism movement has made any inroads in the United States? I am involved with teaching and promoting nonviolent communication (NVC) and would love to connect with a journalist who promotes this type of reporting.

My thoughts will be with you as you share your voice.


busayo's picture

Best of luck

Wishing you best of luck as you present these great point to your audience. i have no doubt in my heart that it will be successful.

Good luck dear

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

malayapinas's picture

Hi dear! I'm so excited for

Hi dear! I'm so excited for you! Don't worry , words will just came out as long as you speak with your heart! Congratulaion and Good Luck!

God Bless,

Tina's picture


Dear Xthina,
This is fantastic. It will be great to have you present peace journalism in front of war correspondents. Don't be nervous...what you are doing is really important! You're going to be brilliant!
The points you raised were very insightful. Thank you for giving us a new way forward! Could you please send the full article to my email? I'd love to see it.
With love and admiration,

JaniceW's picture

Kudos to you

Xthina, what wonderful news. You have such great insight into peace journalism and communications, and I am sure will have much to share. The words you quoted are powerful indeed and are a wonderful template for anyone, whether they have experienced violence or not. They are also a great foundation for the practice of non-violent communication.

Best wishes with the workshop. I know that you will do well and will be received with the respect you deserve. We will all be thinking of you, with love.

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