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My Bike and Me


I had experienced riding my bike almost 7 years. I knew many places in Phnom Penh because my bike. It helped me to communicate with different people from differnct parts of Cambodia. I felf shame to ride bicycle all the time when I moved in distance. I love and hate it the most.

I have some reasons to love my bicycle the most. First, I never spend any riel to buy gasoline for it. This way I can save money to buy other things that I need for my study. I can have access to buy my own bag, pen, pencil, and sometimes dress. Second, I never stuck on the way home even though there is traffic jam or flooding. It always helps me to go forward and save my time. Third, I can do exercise during cycling. My legs become stonger. I feel more flexible to ride anywhere in any kind of traffic. I enjoy sightseeing along the way home. I ride it slowly and see people, flowers, and roadside ads. I observe a lot of information whenever I'm on the road. Especially, I never have traffic accidence. I always safe with my bike.

Also, I have some other reasons that I hate my bike the most. First, I have to spend a lot of energy to get me to school and private classes. I sometimes couldn't concentrate in study very much because of tiredness. Second, I could not sleep well at night. My legs' muscle have dreadful pain. I have to apply Ice C-Cool every night. Third, I have difficult time to park my bike. Most of the time the parkie discriminate with someone who ride bicycle. They only like to park motobike and cars because they can charge more money.They make me feel shame that I don't have motobike or car as other students.

In short, I still feel thankful to my bike that it gives me a lot of experience in life even it is good or bad. I can know people deeper inside just because of it. I proud of myself that I can overcome and rich the point that I am toay. However, I still want to ride my bike, but in different situation.



Maria Cuellar's picture

The future of transportation

Dear Duth,

It makes me sad to hear that people discriminate against you for having a bike. I hope your legs stop hurting if you ride it frequently enough. Do you have a good bike lock? If you do, it makes it easier to park by locking your bike to poles. I think it's great that you are using a bike instead of a car or motorcycle to get around, for the reasons you mentioned.

It's so helpful for the environment, and it's great exercise! I think that in the future we will realize that using gasoline to get places is not sustainable, and that bicycles are the most effective form of transportation in cities.

In cities like Amsterdam, Holland, Barcelona, Spain, and Portland, OR, USA, bikes have become a very common form of transportation, so much that there are specific lanes for bikes, parking spots, and official biking laws. Hopefully everyone will realize, like you did, that they are better for us and the environment than gas-fueled machines. They are also cheaper! (a great incentive.)

Thanks for writing this article and showing us what school transportation in Cambodia is like!

Dear Maira,

Thanks very much for your questions. Now my legs are better because I stay in school residence so I only have to walk short distance. I realize that bicycle is a very good deal.You people in my country are different. Most of them especially adults want to have high standar life with all moder technolody, especially transportations.

Not only me that face this problem but also many other students and poor people. You know some supper markets do not allow bicycle to park in the lot and they think that we should not ride a bicycle to go to that kind of places. I don't like their idea at all. They discrimate especially poor people.


jadefrank's picture

Bikers Unite!

Hi Duth,

Like you, I ride my bike everywhere. Before I had a bike, I relied on public transportation (buses, trains) and walking. I saved up some money and finally bought a bike last spring and it has changed my life in so many ways. I am now in control of my schedule and my movement. Waiting for buses and trains that were often slow or late made me crazy, and sometimes they stop at 10:00pm at night and I'd find myself stranded somewhere. I now have the freedom to go where I want to go when I want to go. The only problem is the rain - it rains a lot here and I get soaking wet. Biking is great for your physical health and for the health of the environment. Many people here in Portland, Oregon ride bikes to and from work and school. We have a saying here, "Share the Road", which means that cars should share the road with bikes and watch out for us! Happy riding.


duth.kimsru's picture

Great to Hear!

Hi Jade,

I love to hear that many people in your country like to ride bicycles. It is very good in many ways, also it would help not to pollute the air and noiy pollution. I will tell my friends about "Share the Road". I think they would be happy to here.



jodelight's picture

bikes are great

Hi Kimsru,

I enjoyed reading your entry. I agree with you that bikes are great because they don't need gas. We use our own energy to make them go. Bikes are great to, because they don't add to pollution. I ride my bike all over the city I live in here in the US. I love seeing the world on a bike. The people, the trees, the flowers-just like you:)
I rode my bike in Cambodia, it was my only form of transportation. I loved to ride my bike there, traffic was kinda crazy, but I loved it.
Keep up the bike riding!


duth.kimsru's picture

Support riding bicycle

Hi Jody,

I'm happy to hear support from you. I think the main thing is that not only one Cambodia but else where should encourage people to ride bicycles.

Have fun,


Nusrat Ara's picture

I wish everyone switch to

I wish everyone switch to biking as much as possible because it is the best choice. The benefits far outweight the negatives. You are on right track .



duth.kimsru's picture

Good Idea

Hi Nusrat

Very nice to here from you. Thanks for supporting the idea of ridding bicycle.



sunita.basnet's picture

You made me remember my past

Dear Kimsru,
It's me your host sister from the same university. Your post forced me to remember my past.

When I was in Nepal, we have two cows. I used to go to diary carrying milk by walking. It took me about two hours to go and returned back. Once a strange boy tease on the way to the diary saying that am I going to sell milk. After a while, he laughed at me and said I was beautiful. At that time I was only 14 years old. When I reached home, I cried and request my parents to buy a bike for me to go to diary. At first they denied but when I told them about misbehave of a strange boy. After, hearing this they looked little worried. I also told them that I will be able to do more work if they bought me a bike. Finally, my father bought a bike for me. Everyday I used to ride the bike and go to diary. As the time passed, my bike gets older. It started to make a sound. When I went to diary everyone looked at me and laughed. I felt embarrasses. Moreover, my parents could know me when I returned home without looking at me because of my bike noise.

I love my bike though it is old. Now, my sister is riding that to go to diary and school. Last time when I went my home, once again I rode my sweet lovely old and noisy bike. I enjoyed riding bike at dusk in a fresh cool air. I really love it. Now I am missing it and I hope you too. Isn’t it sister?
Big hugs and love you

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

duth.kimsru's picture

Hi dear sister

Everything that you have discribed above makes very happy because you and me shared similar experience. I'm lucker than you because my bike is newer than yours, I think so. I love my bike and I miss it too.



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