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Update on the Gathering in New York City


Aaaayyyyyeeeee. Wow!!!
There are so many things I could say about last night, but nowhere near enough words or time or space to relate it all. But I shall try to fill you in.
I arrived at the East Harlem Cafe at around 5.30 last night. It was a great spot. Small and cozy and smelling of coffee and tea, in the Spanish District of Harlem on Lexington Avenue. I ordered a chamomile tea, to help calm the nerves and sat at a table near to the door and the large glass windows. Less than 5 minutes later I saw a tall beautiful woman dressed in red walking down the street towards the cafe. I recognized her as Jensine immediately. I stood up as she came through the door and she smiled, clearly recognizing me as I recognized her... and we hugged each other! I couldn't believe it. I was here and so was she and we sat together and had tea and a bite to eat and talked about world pulse and our experiences and a little about what was expected of the program that was to come later that evening. Perhaps you can tell from my writing and lack of commas, how excited I still am about my adventure.
Jensine spoke for about 20 minutes to a smallish gathering of women and one man. I listened to her visions for world pulse, how she overcame her shyness, how she saw world pulse developing. It was all very moving and again I was reminded of how privileged and honored and blessed I am, we all are actually, to be a part of such a wonderful movement to empower women's voices and raise women up all over the world.
After her talk she introduced me as a special guest of honor, and I began to talk. I hadn't prepared anything. I had no idea what I wanted to say, there was too much to say about the program to condense it into a few words. I ended up speaking (somehow) about how the program has helped me to overcome my fears of becoming public, or of offending anyone, how I had at first worried about relating to women who have lives so very different from my own. I talked a little about what I had learned, but mostly I talked about all of you. The relationships I have begun to form with you, how it feels to be among such wonderful amazing courageous women as yourselves, how much I've been inspired by you to take more action, to want to be more engaged in world affairs and to continue to support and encourage you all on your journeys for change, as you have all done for me.
Some of the personal stories I shared seemed to have an impact and a few women came up to me afterwards to talk about the things I said and ask me more questions. This was amazing to me.
I have realized that I LOVE speaking. Even though I was nervous, and my hands trembled so much as I put my chamomile tea cup down on the table that I heard it tapping the table in time with my shaking!! I love having an impact, opening someones eyes a little wider and changing people's assumptions. And I love to inspire. I think that happened last night and I am so HAPPY!!!!!
I am really really grateful to all of the lovely World Pulse staff who arranged this, (Natasha and Andrea xxx) for giving me this experience and also for the opportunity to "practise" as they said, speaking in public.
As most of you know, when I began this program I was terrified of being public. Yesterday I talked personally and from the heart about myself and my experiences with perfect strangers...and it was wonderful!
I highly recommend it.
It was hard to say goodbye to Jensine at the end of the evening. Well to all those present actually. The atmosphere and the energy was warm and beautiful and I glowed with a big grin on my face all the way home on the subway. Jensine mentioned how she'd like to get us all together for a world pulse summit, maybe overseas, maybe in Kenya. I know many of us have talked about how much we'd love that. So lets put our dreams together and hope with all our might that we can make that happen some day!



Xthina-Avila's picture

bravo tina !!

you was our voice there !!!!!!!!! fan tas tic !

i almost could hear the sound of your voice in this post !! congratulations and thanks!!

Cristina Avila-Zesatti - Journaliste&Productrice
Main Editor:

"Un milagro no es la suspensión de una ley natural, sino la implementación de una ley superior"

Lin's picture

Thank you for sharing, dearest Tina

Hello Tina - and all

We have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, but I look forward to it. As chair of the World Pulse board I am deeply inspired by the work you are all doing and the difference are making -- individually and collectively -- to bring forth the power and grace of women's voices. Tina, your note is a treasure. Thank you for sharing.

All love,



Tina's picture

Thank You Lin, This program

Thank You Lin,
This program is really astounding. I am sure it has grown beyond all of our expectations! IT's wonderful to be a part of it. So Thank you for helping to make it happen.
Tina x

Tina's picture

Bravo to all of us!

Great to hear from you Xthina. So glad I was able to represent all of us, but hope we'll all be able to speak for ourselves out loud and in person some day.
Tina x

JaniceW's picture


Reading this, I feel your energy and passion as you filled the room with your words of love, inspiration and friendship. It is as if we were all there with you, pushing you forward to speak on our behalf. And from what I hear, you did it beautifully, capturing the audience with your sincerity, enthusiasm and courage. I can't stop smiling at the thought of you speaking on behalf of all your VOF sisters.

I'm so glad you were able to meet part of this dynamic, powerful team who work so hard to help raise all your voices to the highest heights. And, you now have a sense of the force that inspires us each and every day -- Jensine. We are all so honoured to work with such amazing women as yourself, the VOF family and all the PulseWire members, and feel blessed that Jensine gave us this unique and fulfilling opportunity. I am so happy that it went well for you Tina, and love the outfit you chose!

Big, big hug,
Janice xx

Tina's picture

Yey! Janice. You're back on

Yey! Janice. You're back on the boards!!! IT is so lovely to hear your voice again here.
Tina x

jap21's picture

Well done Tina

We knew it wouldn't be anything but great and you would do no less than excellent. Thanks for talking about us, thanks for sharing all the stuff that you know we love to share.

Great feelings you have showered us all with.

Lots of love and lots of hugs!


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Tina's picture

Hoorah for all of us

Its always so lovely to hear from you. Thanks so much for all your support. You are always here cheering us all on.
Tina x

ma.chona lasaca's picture

i could feel the excitement!

Hello Tina! Thank you for sharing with us your excitement and insights of being there in that special gathering and of meeting Jensine who has been an inspirational leader and colleague to us, learning and developing our skills in journalism. After reading your account i feel that i was also there. Its great of you to convey to them our common dreams of becoming a voice of our own communities, of our people, our common fears as journalist in the making. And i think you have made an wonderful impact on them on our behalf. Way to go Tina!

Tina's picture

I am so pleased

Ma Chona!
I am so pleased that I was able to convey a little of what the evening was like for me for you all. I wanted so much to share it with you.
Hope to meet in person one day soon
Tina xx

Dando's picture

Well Done!

it feels wonderful that you had such an amazing opportunity to meet up with Jensine. I can imagine the joy you felt.
it is also wonderful to learn that you were given time to speak on your experience with pulse. I hope and pray that such should continue and that one day we shall all meet and rejoice together.

with Love


Tina's picture

yey Dando!

Yes, it was indeed a joy to meet Jensine and also to speak about the program and everything we have all only just begun to achieve in partnership with each other.
Lots of Love
Tina xx

Joannes's picture



You two really look great there? I can feel the touch, the bond, the perfect recognition of two once strangers now embracing warmly, hugging, chatting and teary at the time of departure. Well, many of us are wishing we were in your shoes to feel how it feels when finally a dream comes true and an impossibility is turned in to a possibility. It makes us now believe that it can happen... what we once thought to be an impossibility can actually come to life.
And by the way, we pray that one day all of us congregate together and chat the way forward... not written but face to face. And ooh! please, welcome to my country, Kenya.. you wont regret! A toast to Worldpulse!

With lots of love and hugs from Kenya,

We Can Do It!

Tina's picture

Joanna! Hello!

Wow! all these messages, I am starting to feel very overcome by all the warmth pouring out.
This has been such an amazing experience.
Love from sunny New York to Sunny Kenya
Tina xx

giftypearl.abenaab's picture


Tina and Jensine,
i am literally jumping and shouting excited about your meeting. It reminds me of the time i meet with Kathy my mentor right in my home country and yes i know the feeling of hugging for real. i wish i were there with you and everyone last night.

It also makes me believe in the possibliyt of all of us meeting face to face one day....

Your touch and smile speaks love, the power of connection and the beauty of possibility as we dream and journey together on this community.

With love

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation

Tina's picture


Gifty pearl,
As always it is so lovely to hear from you. I am running out of words of thanks to say to all of you. I am overcome.
How amazing is this?
Much love
Your friend
Tina xx

busayo's picture


Tina and Jensine,

Infact reading your post in my box, it was as if i was with you at that gathering speaking shaking as were feeling it all. Even though we were not there with you in person, we were with you in the spirit cheering you on. As i see the picture of both of you together, it speaks volume of the fact that love radiate in this community. I wish we all have the opportunity of meeting, hugging and kissing each other one day. You look wonderful and i have no doubt in my mind that your audience at the meeting will be so thrilled about the vision of WorldPulse and will want to support it.

Love you sisters

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Tina's picture

Hello Busayo!!

I am so pleased I was able to share this experience with you. Even if only a little.
Much love
Tina xx

Lycia Ora's picture

Powerful pulse

Tina it was such a joy to meet you and to share in an intimate and powerful evening! Your story touched many women and thank you for your courage in sharing it. Until we meet again!!


Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan

stella Ndugire- Mbugua's picture

Wow Tina! I'm so happy that

Wow Tina!

I'm so happy that you had the opportunity t meet the team, and even Jesine.
And, you look so pretty (the worrying must have helped you, but you needn't have). Thanks for sharing the wonderful experience so vividly!

I sure hope that the summit will be outside my country. I am so used to Kenya that I hope it will be somewhere else. I would love to meet up with everyone so we can share and chat!! i SO LOOK FORWARD TO IT!!

All my love,


Stella Ndugire- Mbugua
ICS- Africa

jadefrank's picture

Thank you!

Hi Tina,

Thank you for being you, for speaking from your heart and sharing your soul, for taking this program on and running miles with it, for supporting all your sisters in this incredible journey, and for sharing your experience as a spokeswoman for World Pulse. I wish I could have been there to hear you speak!


Nusrat Ara's picture

Hi Tina, I could feel I was

Hi Tina,

I could feel I was there with you feeling all your gamut of emotions. Thanks for speaking for all of us. Your excitement and energy is reflected in the pics. You both look great. Like others and you I also wish we meet face to face someday but I want that day to be soon.

In hope and with lots of love


olakitike's picture


As we sometimes say here in pidgin CHEI! I mean WOOOOW! Thanks for sharing. I can feel the energy from here and am so glad for you! I do hope we can all see sometime. Wouldn't that be just CHEI!? Lots of love

Khushbu's picture


All i have to say is WONDERFUL! I absolutely love what you have are was everybody's voice..thank you tonnes for taking it there...

Love to you

Khushbu Agrawal

Maria de Chirikof's picture

Wooo hooo

Oh wow, it sounds like a fabulous time and both of you looked smoking hot in your choice of ensemble :)

Wow, that sounds so great that you faced and overcame that fear of public speaking! I look forward to seeing more of you in public now!!! Hmmm, so maybe instead of a journalist you will try for a "reporter" instead??



Gemma's picture



I am so excited for you that you truly found your voice, an eloquent, beautiful, inspiring, intelligent voice. As you stand up and speak more and more, the nerves will never be completely gone, but will become less dominant and you will share your passion and inspire others to speak as you have been inspired. You, as all of us women, are the world pulse for change and I applaud you and love you for your courage and your voice.


Auma's picture

Tina and Jensine...

I feel the power that would be felt by anybody amidst a gathering of such powerful women...i feel the gain that would be got by listening to words from these women...i feel the pride of belonging to a team where i can listen to such powerful voices...i feel the heat all around the world,this time the fire burning towards Africa...Kenya...

I feel it all...

Leah Auma.

malayapinas's picture

So happy for you

Hi Tina! Just came for so long after my op-ed post- I'm smiling and so happy for you ! It was such a very memorable and exciting night for you and for all of us - I can feel your happiness still . Keep up that happy face! I can't wait to have that time when we can be together in persons. Thank for the sharing - it surely an inspiration!


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