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More on Masek

Back in March of this year I wrote a journal about Alaskan natives and mentioned this lady as an example of natives being used by the 'system' and then thrown to the wolves. It might have seemed like I was being biased but I was right about what would happen... Here is the old article about her from the Anchorage Daily News:

Here is her profile on Woman of Today:

And here is the update on it. I mentioned she would probably face jail time while the white guys got off. Senator Stevens was let off due to technicalities but she is facing jail time. It is sad to hear all the talk of times changing when to natives it only gets worse. She was used as a puppet by these people yet must face responsibility for it. I guess it is not new for us to accept responsibility for ourselves and our actions but is this Justice?

It states ""Crimes such as the defendant's have eroded the public's faith in the Alaska State Legislature and their elected leaders," Levin wrote." but the truth of the matter is that this type of prejudicial action where the white guy (Stevens) gets off and the native ends up with jail time is what erodes faith in the system.

Here is a page with links to news stories about Alaskan corruption. It says they are giving her a week before sentencing and I am hoping we can somehow rally behind her and support her. While it is true she made an error in judgment, she was only a pawn in all of this.

What can we do to help support her? Let me know what ideas you can come up with since we really need to defend the Indigenous Alaskans/Americans in these types of cases where they were exploited and used by others. I guess they were hoping that the rest of the Indigenous population would be disgusted by her letting herself get used but they were wrong about that and I feel we really need to show support for her yet am unsure how to go about it...

thanks for your ideas and suggestions!



Sunny_sunshine_cloudy_Mina's picture

That's not fair

I know! We post it on a site like Greater and we ask them if they could sign a petition. Right? You have keen insight. Or you just know them? They are horrible. Surely people care right?

"Fight fire with fire, you'll end up with ashes."
"A charming lady does not follow the crowd, she is herself."

mrbeckbeck's picture

Thanks for sharing this story!

Maria, what an interesting story. Thanks for sharing this angle with us!

All I had ever heard about was Senator Ted Stevens. I clicked-through the links you provided and was happy to read that the Senator was found guilty by a jury on 7 felony accounts-- "" Maybe the "white guys" don't always get off easy? We'll see though, because he's sure to appeal the case! It's appalling that Masek would get so much jail time for just $4000 of bribes. Double standards at work?

It's troubling that any elected leader would take bribes instead of standing by the citizens who put them into power. While Rep. Masek was more of a "puppet" for the oil companies, she DID accept the bribes. I have a hard time trusting politicians most of time because of this very thing. It seems the values and ethics that get people elected are lost once they're in office. People need money, I guess. What other reason would she have? Gain respect/esteem from other corrupt politicians? What do you think?

As the US Federal Government tries to craft a new health-care plan, I hope they can keep the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry on the side-lines, and keep millions of Americans (natives especially, but every single person) at the core of their plans.

Maybe you could start an action on PulseWire to appeal for Masek? I'm sure you've got some ideas on how to rally Alaskans behind her... I hope you can stir some action up and keep justice in people's minds.

Anyway, thanks for sharing Maria. It's great to see you back on PulseWire! I look forward to seeing more from you. :)


Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

Maria de Chirikof's picture


Hi Scott, here is a link showing where the charges against him were dismissed:

Who can know for sure why she did it but I think she was simply mislead and misguided and believed she was doing something good for Alaska. I guess it is wrong to give the benefit of the doubt to her and not the others but there is a long history of this double standard both up here and in the lower-48. I think she was a bit like Palin, a desire to do something good/great without the necessary talent or brains to manage it and ends up getting used. I guess it does show my own personal bias since I have barely any sympathy for Palin who worked to divide the country then Masek...

I sure hope Obama can get the health care passed, hopefully Americans can see through the influence to the truth!

It is great to be back and I look forward to catching up on what everyone has been up to!


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