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Any knowledge for a young mother needing to turn mental evolution into real action?

Though soon I will, I was hoping to enter my first "Cradle" entry with my own motherly thoughts for others; I find myself asking for others' motherly thoughts instead.
I had first written something though found a way to say it in simpler form: I am a mother who wants to make a difference. Feels passion towards doing so in a manner more than just the few ours of volunteering a week (never saying this does not make huge impact as well) but feels jumbled with the concerns of what it takes to organize the action (with a daughter) how I can help and BE there to help... Just an analogy to maybe use a clear example...
What experiences or knowledge would you share if a woman, still in the beginning of her college education towards a foreign language degree, with an 18 month old daughter expressed her cycling prayers towards the motherland of all people (as I believe) and how it is the very land that vastly suffers of all problems on earth. This woman expressed the idea of adding an educational degree (specifically for sexual education for youths; emphasis on AIDS prevention) to her progress towards a foreign language degree, but she did not know where to start with the vision (well, considering that educating herself first was necessary). As well, if this vision were to be set in place, the necessary education and safety of her own daughter was first priority with the consideration that they would be in a foreign country.
CURRENT MENTAL STRUGGLE: (and a place for another's I jumping to quickly or am I making sense?) For some reason, while I am in school, I am feeling as though I could be doing something else: my daughter will be going to her own school in a few years (yes, I as well could be her teacher through homeschool, not to disregard the fact that her father and I are still in love and together), by the time I would be
able to use my education to help others, my daughter would need to go to school. Is it absurd to think of traveling and taking advantage of helping others now and settle for school when my daughter must?.... (wow, my questions seem so jumbled) Or is it right to feel that the best action is NOW and there are alternative ways to living and educating myself while BEING THERE to help others?
I gratefully welcome anyone's thoughts and advice. thank you!


Darcey's picture



Glad to read your post...there are so many more questions to life when you are a mother I my experience, never so much consideration because of how my actions will affect the life of someone else in such a direct way that you get to see every day.
Loved your questioning. My daughter is now 5 and my son is 3. I went through a lot of the same things when they were smaller, and it is a challenge at times to balance the things you are passionate about as you having a growing person who needs so much of you. We did the homeschool for a while, which is a big lesson in itself to know if it will work for your family. (my daughter's first day of grade one today... :)
I have a good friend who is a single mom that is now in school full time doing Social work/ African and Indigenous studies...she went to Uganda on her own last year for 3 weeks, and is doing what she can when she can. She is planning on taking her daughter, who will be 6 next year, and I am also looking into the same for my daughter and myself as well. For us, it came to the point that we had so much passion to do something, and stop talking about it, that there then became no other choice but to start somewhere.
What in your heart do you really want to do? Do you want to go overseas for a short time, or possibly go for longer? I love the idea of taking specific programs so that you could really go and work in an area that you could really give, as you said with the sex education, etc. I know that there are places that are happy to take people with very little experience on a short trip to help them out.
There are so many other women WAY more knowledgeable about all of this in this community than I am, but I know where you are coming from as a mother. I always thought, okay...what do I want to be doing when my children are older? What could I learn now (education wise) that I could really use when I have more time and less family responsibilites...and
school is still an option, but an idea just kept coming back that after two years wouldn't leave me a friend and I started MotherKind, where we hope to raise awareness about issues facing women and girls in other areas of the world, and also start connecting women here to women from other countries to see that beside our differences, we are daughters, wives, mothers, women....with so much more in common than we know. We also are putting together workshops for parents and children to give parents resources to teach their children and then to have workshops with their children so that they can both see the beauty in other cultures, while being aware of the need- and making it personal. I don't have a degree in international anything. But, I am willing to learn, and give what I can now. So, maybe there is something that you keep going back to? I think in our hearts we really know, and there is incredible joy in taking the chance to step out in faith.
When my daugter was young, we did go do volunteering. She lasted about 10 minutes, but it really encouraged the staff where we went (we spent an afternoon at the Stephen Lewis Foundation, she was 3 and she still talks about it...) so don't underestimate what a few hours a week can do for your daughter...I think it becomes a part of their reality that we are meant to walk with one another, and that even small things make a difference (ok, may sound a little sappy, but you know what I mean...)
Look around in this community, and as you meet others, maybe you can connect. Have you heard of Mothers Acting Up?
They are in the States, and probably a good group to connect with (wonderful, in my experience..) Maybe you could connect there in some way?
Would love to know how it turns out!!
blessings to you!!

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."
— John Lennon

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Darcey Thank you so much

Thank you so much for your reply! I was so anxious to hear what anyone could say and you've said so much! Wow. Thank you. I had to take some time off from anything on the site so I could take care of things at home and schoolhool (even though my computer is at home. Perfect example -as you know- how busy a mother can be) so your reply made for a very refreshing come back. ThNk you

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