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Beyond 16 days on Gender Violence

The celebration on 16 days of Activism against gender Violence is almost near.
I trust all is in place for us to pass this message to the society. The celebrations has been annual and mostly done on media to sensetize the community. I am left to wonder, why then so much is happening around us on GBV.
I read on one of our daily papers that an old granny age 85 years was raped by a man of 25years. How sad.
A friend is currently nursing a baby of 4years after he was raped by her auncle( we have actually carried this story in our current magazine)
Shouldnt we match to the streets and say enough is enough? Our sisters,mother and grannies are suffering. Who will come to their resque? ME and YOU!
Womans Hope will be carrying the stories on GBV. I believe most of the village cases happening are handly reported.
We want to engage writers who will be attached to all the towns to see how we can report on most the cases happening. Some people do their immoral act knowing that the law wont get them since there is no one to report the cases.
We are also planning for a marathon to be held during the celebration of 16 days of Activism against gender violence ( 28 november 2009) all are welcome.
Last year we held a walk in the streets of Nairobi and it was a success.
We really need to involve as many people as possible on this cause. I believe the marathon will attract the media attention and we will be able to pass on the message to the World. I trust it will be a success.
Lets know your plans towards these 16 days of Activism against gender violence.


shiku steve's picture

So sad ,yet so real!

It really sad that women seem to carry lion share of all bad and dreadful stuff. While men,take lion share of the good and stunning. Saddly, As I said earier,a woman, tend to fight against herself. Look at what hapens around you, you meet a woman on the street, ask a question and the best you get is a snear if not a rude answer. You approach a man and get a heaven kind of treatment. It is in this notion we encounter this kind of bad ugly stuff in search of positioning ourself. Because we arent comfortable in our woman world, we hope we will get the comfort in the man's world. The outcome, war and violence.

This softly explains why, some women, will never leave a relationship no matter how battered they get. They need that feeling of `belong'. Unfortunately, men arent ready to accomodate our urge. They have turned very aggresive and heartless. striking in-humane and mindless-ness. They hurt those who trust them most. the vulnurable, grannies and babies. And they smile ear to ear in gratification,as if to glorigy their devilish acts. The celebration on 16 days of Activism against gender violence is around the corner. But we need to alter the title-change AGAINST to FOR------ . I got no right word right now. But who ever have read the SECRET understands the law of attraction- you attract what you fight.

Congrats Consolata for giving the Kenyan woman a place to share and extract meaningful life phrases -THE WOMAN HOPE.

Love Shiku

consolata's picture

Lets be the Hope

I believe we can re-start all over again and catch up with our fellow men. Yes, I concur with you on women treatment.
We tend to be our own enemies. It is my greatest prayer that one day women we stand up as one and act like one.
We compain that the women are Not majority in the Parliament yet women are the majority voters.
I believe if we wanted to have a woman president it is just a voting card away. Women can mobilize for their fellow woman to run for Presidency and win!
Liberia good example..
How I wish my dear sisters can line-up for one Woman candidate.
Probally this will change the way things are done esspecially in our parliament..
As you said Chiku, this is just a wishful thinking...we still very far. We need Gods intervention to realise that we should work together Not against each other.
Sista Chiku

JaniceW's picture

Hope for women

Mpendwa Consolata,
It is because of organizations such as Woman's Hope and people, such as yourself and Shiku Steve, that I do have hope and optimism that change will occur. The fact that we have such strong voting power, in developed and developing countries, yet still choose to be silent on voting day is a mystery to me. But in the face of this inaction and understanding that change takes time, it is inspiring to know that women are mobilizing on the ground and sparking action that will eventually ripple out to the communities and world at large. Thank you for all that you do on behalf of women everywhere.

Thinking of you and best wishes for the marathon. Barikiwa sana,

consolata's picture


Mpendwa Janice,
I thank God for you my dear. Wherever I read from you I feel sense of belonging in this great network. We have so much to do for our fellow women and I trust and believe God will intervene for us.
I am still hopeful that one day we will have Women President ruling our Nations...It will take the Hand of God but I believe since women are the majority, they will one day realize it is through supporting one of them that the World will change for the better.
It will begin with YOU and ME to change our mentality...
Lets all work towards supporting each other..( woman) spiritually,emotionally and financially. God will certainly bless us .
I welcome you dear for the Marathon coming in November...
Sista Consolata

Auma's picture

Thank you Conso,

for bringing this to light.It is so sad that we suffer the most when it comes to violence and that the greater percentage is caused by the opposite sex.I am sure that there will always be a way where there is a will.Please let me know how thw arrangements go and is there anything i can do on this end of the world?

Love from Migori,

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