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Ready to take over if you are doing nothing for the majority

She came into the world without blemish, clear as crystal but all she could mutter was cry of want-the need must be satisfied, the pang of hunger, nice touch or cuddle which to this day has never being satisfied. I want attention was the meaning of the scream but the look around is far concentrated on my counterpart than on her, it is further scrutiny that can differentiate her from the counterpart in the next cot. One funny thing is that after feeding she display toothless smiles that portrays innocence – ignorant of what the world has in stock but outright I do not care, let each day unfold, I will survive.Daily she encounters obstacles that challenge her being, always startled by the usual silence at her every appearance and the fake smile of the unfortunate being that brought her into the world.

The beautiful smile in the beginning became short-lived by the realization that she was an unanswered prayer. Knowing that her life might become short-lived like her beautiful smile she decided to pursue the only way that can make her testimony.

Double task is the only way she can be appreciated, she exhausted her energy I positive efforts which yielded better results until a question from a classmate almost derailed her; the question left indelible mark on her heart but in one hand and on the other hand place her on a race track, how do you answer this? Why are we of much value than you? Who said so was the reply not the answer while she walked away, the question brought rushes of action into her brain and she ran as fast as her legs could carry her in order to forget her fears, experiences and the hatred she faces.

The best confidant was her mistress; ma, what have we done to bring the disparity? The teacher was startled by the innocence of and the outburst that follows the sudden awareness of thorns in our beautiful world. Oh Dear, we are so many, only scarce commodity have much value, your counterparts are rare, those who bare them are considered lucky but you are precious in the sight of your maker. The answer was unsatisfying digging deeper into her being, further probe about why such beauty is not needed.

So strange the more she is being pushed to the wall the more she became determined to survive, not only survival but to excel. Become rare among the too many, the unwanted large number, to be exceptional, , to become scarce and turn into a pillar.

You are created because you have a major assignment that can only be perfectly delivered by you, without you your assignment are undone-that is what being rare is about- she swore to be rare to be sought –she decided to search for her assignment. Firstly, mother’s question that will quench my yearning. Mother’s answer was satisfying, it was the force behind the catapult- yes I am rare, will strike like a thunderbolt-will leave indelible mark behind-will pour out wisdom from my cistern, a sought after among the majority, yes I am a mainframe.

Though the answer catapulted her but it was not an easy road. Read her testimony.

Growing up exposes me to them, the determination to be rare must be backed up by the strength to perform twice the normal task of my counterpart before I can be applauded or recognized-actually they owned the world but I can create my own comfort zone.

My tray was the a major source of income to my family, I hawk wares in minutes I am smiling back home with money in hands and ready to display more for sale-this efforts never satisfied father who was desperately in search of a REAL mainframe who would uphold his name.

Hawking was an enduring slavery encouraged by my parents, customers are more interested in me than in the wares-but the experience pushed me further closer to my dream. I graduated from one ware to the other because of the inordinate affection of male customers to the seller rather than to the sold. Oranges initiated me into the world of sexual assault so subtle yet so lasting. Are your oranges ripe for touch? This question confuses me so much that either yes or no always brings about responses that must retaliated with either a slap or a ease as the case may be- the eagerness with which mother snatches money from my hands after sales withers my hand as I responds with a pretentious shy smile.

Complaint promoted me to tray of apple, it was worse than oranges, mother thought apple was meant for the rich and the educated; the story remained same, as they were ready to pay more for touching the apple on my chest than the ones on my head. The educated ones will ask if my tits are as sweet as the flash of my teeth, I once thought teeth and tit had the same meaning.

Free education placed me on a beautiful pedestal; father hated training a girl that would end up in a man’s kitchen – secretly I convince myself that I will only end up in a kitchen that has a laptop and connected to the web before we decide about the utensils needed.

My marriage was a beautiful opportunity for selling the seller- father sold me forgetting that I contributed immensely to my own upkeep, he did not even sharing with the government that provided free education. The higher the educational attainment the cooler our fathers pocket, from my dowry father was able to marry a young damsel who assists mother in the kitchen and on his bed.

The pounding that followed the marriage to the highest bidder was better imagined than experienced, it is not a matter of mortal and pestle for pounded yam. This awakened my dream, it grew wings, the spirit within started rebellion, it was pushing me and I began to hear strange voices-voices of mothers- I woke up daily sweating whenever the scream of these majority in the same predicament deafen my earlobes .

The dying vision was invigorated by my determination to flee domestic violence, thanks to medication that prevented unwanted pregnancy. My prisoner went on his many trips when I spoke to my legs. I fly away.
For days and night I was in a cave with mothers, the wisdom that eluded me for years was pouring into my mind. I was motivated but the urge to learn more kept me there for months. Listening and acquiring more but eagerly awaiting my send forth- when world mothers would bless me to move into the world liberating the majority, but daily I see an innocent girl beside me ever ready to take over if I refused to work for the majority.

The majority that defers the law of majority carries the vote-because our majorities are disenfranchised.

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