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White, dark, or middle tone? Who are you?

In today’s world you only need to be whiter or darker than someone to be hated by half Indians, half negroes or half muslims, or viceversa. And the environment in which you are called ‘indian’ will mean the world to you or will make you feel like trash.

Misunderstandings, half truths, and people eagerly searching for an ‘integral’ identity are the fuel to most wars in the world nowadays.

Fact: People are fighting each other in Europe (former socialist countries), Asia (socialist parties trying to get into power), Middle East (Socialist parties trying to stay in power), South America (socialist parties trying to be re elected), North America (islamists trying to get rid of north Americans in their land), Africa (negroes against other negroes of a different tribe)… endless discussion.

The devastating result is that … half of the globe is in some kind of war and all tones of PEOPLE are being raped, lacerated, humiliated, beaten to death.

The startling pace violence has taken in this decade is nurtured everyday by the voices of ‘good people’, who pave the roads to more confrontation through their unquenchable thirst for recognition.

Many of us live being harassed everyday by a co worker who thinks he knows it all, looks down on us and spreads bad feelings about us all around.

Many of us have husbands who come home drunk and full of lipstick, while screaming that we should leave them alone. Or even worse, we have a drug addict at home who won’t leave a coin in our purses.

People are used to getting what they want through tantrums that include harassment, gossiping, bad wording, bullying, alcohol, drugs … all these are different types of the same monster: violence.

What do worldly wars and alikes have to do with our personal grieving? We must remember that the social conscience of the world is a reflection of what happens in every country, every town and every home. Countries, while trying to be ‘good’, have ended up acting like spoiled kids who will make the best tantrum to get what they want. And it only gets worse when grandma listens and hurries to cradle them.

Sounds familiar? Not so much if you are single, as most of today’s politicians are. There is a reason why they don’t live in families: they can’t. They don’t know about limits, or how to impose them with love unto the rest of the family. If not single, they are divorced or separated. If they have kids, they don’t live with them. They are unable to educate them.

And we expect them to put limits to WAR!

All over the world people in conflict act like kids without mature parents. They get immersed in unbelievable tantrums that only get worse with time. They don’t realize they are becoming the instruments of war for underage minded leaders who do not appreciate their lives.

These leaders call for confrontation all the time. They take bullying to the limits – they break their own marks- but most of the time PEOPLE DON’T REALIZE!

If bullying and tantrums would not make wars, Saddam would have never existed, neither would Osama or Bush. Negroes in Africa would not kill other negroes because … they passed by their territory. And Karzai would not be signing a law to allow men to stop feeding women when they don’t want sex. These men did and do all this because WE LET THEM.

The only way to stop war in the world is to stop it first in our homes. These immature bullying creatures are just like any kid: they stop when the limits are clearly imposed by someone.

Normally, it is the mother in a home who carries out this task. For example, if your husband beats you up, try putting limits to him, look him in the eye while expressing that you will not take this anymore.

Clearly, strongly, firmly grab his hand and ask him if he has ever thought how bad life is in prison, where he will end when the judge reads the statement you already left there. You will see the change in his attitude.

The same power needs to be exerted by women all over the world to address the atrocities of war. Get together and clearly, strongly, firmly let your politicians know that all kinds of violence are UNACCEPTABLE to you.

Do this leader by leader. Look him in the eye and strongly, firmly, calmly ask him to stop harassing women or you will follow him everyday wherever he goes, thousands of you will. Until women are released, put into election lists or given a better law. Say enough. Non violently. Tell them they can kill all of you, but they cannot kill all women around the world who already have your manifestos.

We all need to learn how to make this only world of ours, a cooperative family. And all of us women are called to be the ones that put limits to war.

Voices of Our Future Assignments

This article is part of a writing assignment for Voices of Our Future, which is providing rigorous web 2.0 and new media training for 31 emerging women leaders. We are speaking out for social change from some of the most forgotten corners of the world. Meet Us.


Maria Cuellar's picture

Starting at home


I think what you are saying is very valuable. Most changes have to come from the home first, that way a more massive change starts to happen.

I was thinking about it applied to the environment. People need to start being more conscious about how they use materials at home before large companies and laws get changed. It is always difficult the way you live your life, but if you have something to say, speak up!

Thanks for writing this,

jap21's picture

Thank you Maria

I will write something about the environment next week. I promise to have it done by Thrusday.

Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Alina's picture

Dear Jacquie.I am really like

Dear Jacquie.I am really like you story.

pooza11's picture

I am completely moved by what

I am completely moved by what you have written


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