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Kaka ji Sanober Hussain a revolutionary politician

Kaka ji Sanober Hussain a revolutionary Politician

Kaka ji Sanober Hussain was a great hero of the war of independence of sub-continent , a fearless and committed politician, a bold journalist and a good poet .He spent his most precious time fighting against imperialists who ruled India by the time .He was one of those freedom fighters who struggled to liberate India , mould the society , give political education to the masses and help the down trodden and the poor and was having a conscious heart and mind .He had a precious wealth of feelings for humanity and was not satisfied with the man made ups and downs in society. He was a man who did not believe in gods of color and race. It is true that he was basically a politician par excellent but at the same time he was a poet of the Pashto language who had a liking for other languages as well like Persian, Urdu and English. He believed that all languages spoken in different parts of the world belonged to human beings and all are to be given due respect and regard. His each and every moment of life spent for the service of his nation and entire humanity. He worked hard to promote Pashto literature and culture. Kaka ji was a great statesman and an intellectual and men as great as he was, are born once in centuries. He was born in January 1897 in a village names Kaga wala situated about 8 kilometers in the south of Peshawar city on main Kohat road near Badaber. He got formal education up to class 10 from Islamia High school Peshawar city and adopted the profession of education where he taught the children of lesser gods. But he soon realized that his heart and mind were made for some other thing different from what he was doing. He did not like to serve the government rather wished to help his people and humanity from the atrocities and injustices prevailing in society at that time means that he was born free and loved freedom for all and wanted to fly in an atmosphere of the freedom and break all kinds of shackles and fetters of slaver which have fastened the humanity. He wanted to get sub- continent salvated from the plundering and looting by the imperialists. Consequently, kaka ji said good by to the profession of education and took an active part in the practical politics. He founded , Anjuman Zamindaran, in his own village in 1926 where he noticed that farmers and poor growers were taking an interest in his work so he was greatly encouraged and moved towards the atmosphere of the city to expand the sphere of his work. Doing politics was not as easy as we see today by the time because there were no facilities of the travelling and other communication. By the time kaka ji was a young man and participated in a movement called, Nojwanan Baharat Sabha, which wanted a direct action against the English contrary to the decision of the congress committee. His participation gave a new spirit and hope to the movement. Kaka ji was put behind the bar by the imperialists on the crime of patriotism and love with his people. When he was set free, then he was a more changed man who had more spirit in his heart to serve his people and soil with a new enthusiasm. He felt the need of more integrated and stronger political organization. He started publishing a weekly from Peshawar namely, SILAB, which indeed proved to be a flood for the enemies and motivation of the general public. So the English rulers counted it in the dangerous element for their government and confiscated the publication. Not only the publication was banned but his arrest warrant was also issued. His aides and comrades advised him to leave his home for tribal area. Kaka ji accepted what his friends advised. He found that Haji sahibTarangzai was already there who was busy working against imperialists to liberate the sub-continent from their clutches. Kaka ji accepted his allegiance and stayed there for almost 18 years working for the movement of freedom. When in 1947, the English left sub-continent and India was liberated while Pakistan was born, he came back his home once again from tribal territory and started publishing a monthly ASLAM which was a standard Pashto magazine. Besides, he laid the foundation of an Anjuman Olasi Adabi Jirga .This Anjuman brought a revolution in the world of Pashto poem and literature and gave a new tradition of the open critic. This trend not only promoted the poem but prose also. The magic personality of Kaka ji attracted the poets of all shades and languages towards him. There was no question of religion, cast, creed, color and political affiliation among those who used to sit around kaka ji. He was a social and political person, a writer and a man of principles and had many books and writings to his credit. He wrote on social and political issues. Baba I Ghazal Ameer Hamza Khan Shinwari writes about Kaka ji: He wanted to over power the imperialist and exploitative forces and wished that poor laborers and growers to be considered as human beings. He neither bowed before any despot nor was he impressed by any cruel man or system. He stood like rock before the cruel and exploitative system and nothing could move him from his chosen path. He was a determined and committed man to his cause. His precious part of life was spent in mountains and deserts. Kaka ji was a strong and firm Pashtun. He loved Pashto language and served it till the end of his life. Once I said to him, it is right time to take rest now: He replied that it is the sign of weakness and death. He had all qualities what a pashtun have concerning hospitality. Mir Mehdi Shah bacha says about him in these words: He was a great man and a revolutionary. His words had love and attraction. His face had a smiling all the time for every one. His talks were sweet and one wanted to hear him more and more. Great Pashtun nationalist politician and poet Ajmal Khattak says that Kaka ji was a living person and will live until the world exists as people like him will never die. Such people are alive in hearts and minds of the people. He was not only a literary person but at same time he was a political leader and reformer. Kaka ji believed that only change of faces would not work. Change of system is the real thing which would solve the problems of the people. Condition of the poor can not be changed until capitalism exists. If one likes to change the fate of the poor then he will have to change the system of capitalism. Kaka ji also believed that rights can not be obtained by just demands and simple asking. Kaka ji was so great that only one article is not enough for it. This great revolutionary politician, writer, poet and intellectual departed for his eternal abode on January 3, 1963 in his village Kaka wala and was buried there.

May God bliss his soul: Ameen
(The writer is a political and Social worker based in Peshawar and can be reached on


Temple's picture

It is good to know

I believe that capitalism is not the answer to all our trouble, but there is no doubt that for Kaka Ji to become your hero, he had to believe in death 'for the greater good'. Well, I am not a greedy person, I don't want to have everything for me, I am not a capitalist as I do not own a capital, but I do own my car, my clothes, my tv and my computer. I llive helping my community, so I may be called a socialist, but I am not. I am just a responsible person who is non violent.

I believe when you said ..'Kaka Ji also believed that rights can not be obtained by just demands and simple asking', you are telling me that dead people are a must when it comes to making revolutions. This is what I regret the most of all the politicians, from the right and from the left. Well, it is mostly men politicians with this kind of thinking that have made half of the earth a battle field where the ones who suffer are women and children, and the ones who gain are the arm dealers and the new burocrats. It is too bad that you and Kaka Ji and all the 'revoltionary minds' who create these violent movements that KILL AND RAPE women and children, are still lying to yourselves thinking that these crimes will lead you to better pastures.

When revolutionaries (extremists) of any of the two sides, right or left, but most specially the left, come into one country, the freedom that you are using right now to express yourself, the freedom to put your name and your picture in this article of yours, are taken away from people. Left wing revolutionaries, when they reach the power, usually assault the homes of people who think differently, make them hush, and make everyone afraid of expressing a different idea. So, you should feel happy that you are so openly, widely welcome here- that is because no government is hushing your words.... yet.

You seem to be a good man. Please think that to be a better man, you also need to be non - violent, act non violently and talk non violently. The need to fight, to kill or be killed in order to get what you need, only makes you go back to prehistoric times. Think about this. BE the greater good, don't just fight for it.


A Temple is a place where you are welcome to come in peace, always.

It is good to read your worthy comments.
I am basically a political worker affiliated with a movement called Khodai Khidmatgaran under the dynamic leadership of great Pashtun hero and political figure Bacha khan who is known as Fakhri Afghan(Pride of Afghan). He was a pacifist and doing his politics of non-violance. our fore fathers were a part and parcel of the movement of non violance.We belive in democracy,human rights and above all women rights are the base of our politics. Sanobar hussain kaka ji was a hero of freedom and what he preached at that time was good and now we are fighting for the rights of women and human beings irrespective of creed, caste, religion and ethnicity. Thse people are great who work for democracy, human rights and women rights and kakaji was one of thse who had a regard for women in his heart and he proved it with his act.
Thanks Zar ali musazai

Zar Ali Khan Musazai

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