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UPDATES: Conference calls, midwives, mobile posts, and temperature check


- Many have asked to listen to the recording of the recent conference calls. Unfortunately they are very difficult to understand because of background noise. Instead of posting the link, Cristi and I would rather set up one-on-one calls with any correspondent who is interested. I believe Cristi will be sending out an email to schedule them. We already have one set up with Malaypinas. Don't hesitate!

- If you have not heard from your midwives, please feel encouraged to reach out and connect with them. They may be feeling shy, not quite sure what to do, or what to say. Remember how we all felt at the beginning of this program? Let's smother them with love.

- Mobile posts. I learned something new. Mobile posts have a character limit of 160 characters. If anyone is on twitter, you are familiar with this type of brief update. (Maybe Malayapinas will send us an update from the protests in the Philippines this weekend.)

Finally, let's do a temperature check. How are you feeling about the Frontline Journals?


Tina's picture

Warm and getting warmer

Hi Jennifer,
My Frontline Journal is moving on steadily. I have nearly finished the first draft and would love some input but not sure how best to contact the midwives. Can you point me in their direction please?

I can't wait to read everyone's finished frontline articles. They are all looking really great so far.
Have a great weekend,

Jennifer Ruwart's picture

Sounds HOT to me!

I suggest posting your draft to the group, so we can all give feedback. Your midwives are Karthika Mohan and Leslie Parrilla. You can friend Karthika here: Leslie should be coming online this weekend.

Can't wait to read!

Jennifer Ruwart
Chief Collaborator
JR Collaborations

Tina's picture


Thanks so much Jennifer. By the way I second everything said below. This program and all that you and the World Pulse team are giving to us is more than amazing. In fact, for a newbie writer I am having a hard time finding the words to describe it just yet. I suspect the full impact of what you have created here will continue to unfold for many moons to come.
Much love
Tina x

Tanya's picture

Just wondering. Can we reach

Just wondering. Can we reach out to midwives we haven't been paired with or should we just stick with ours for now - atleast when it comes to feedback and help? Also, can I get the user number for Ms Leslie Parilla?

By the way, I was thinking about it yesterday...the World Pulse team is really serious about 'empowering' women and making sure they have access to all kinds of support. Be it monetary (stipends), emotional & psychological (mentors and the WP core team) and now the midwives! Add to that, scheduling calls to sort out our queries or sending across material when required. All this for us..selflessly may I add. I like! Most groups/orgs would treat it as a VOF 'competition' and leave us to our devices and not send any LOVE our way, hehe. But this is how great things happen..and I can already feel this going big. Here's a little token of appreciation ladies. Muchas Gracias! :)

ps: I'm not sucking up to you guys but I'm genuinely appreciative of all that is being done and have started to take great pride in being a part of this community.

Tanya Shakil Daud
World Pulse Correspondent


It is great to have you so engaged now. Your spark brings a special vibrancy and energy to this group.

Yes, I think you can reach out to other midwives. If they are too busy, they will let you know. Leslie is not a PW member yet, but we are planning on connecting this weekend to get her registered and active. She is so excited to dive in. Watch out! She is a powerhouse!

Thank you for your feedback. Even though in the end, there will be "awards," we are striving to make it about so much more than that. And I truly believe that each woman will manifest an "award" that is perfect for her, just by participating. The connections that are being made, the resources that we see are being shifted, and the solutions that are emerging are incredible. And we have not even finished the second month yet! I always envisioned that the impact of this program would have more of a ripple effect. HA! I'm thinking Tsunami all the way. But a Tsunami of empowerment, love, and balance, not devastation.

Jennifer Ruwart
Chief Collaborator
JR Collaborations

Estuve allí durante la conferencia telefónica y aunque al principio pude escuchar las voces de Cristi y Jennifer, después solamente hubo ruido y no logré escuchar nada más. No entendí qué ocurrio, pero .... ¡ Realmente lo lamenté muchísimo....!

ThePressInstitute's picture


Yo lamento mucho que nosotros no le podríamos oír.

Establezcamos un tiempo para nosotros hablar esta semana. ¡Permita que mí sepa lo que su horario está como y podemos establecer un día o llamada telefónica nocturna para alcanzar!


busayo's picture

Thanks Jennifer

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for being there at all time, I will be interested and appreciate the one on one call. Meanwhile i just post the draft of my assignment after alot of writing and tearing. The journey is quite interesting and inspiring. Things i thought would only be dreams in my life, i am already deeply involved in them now, thanks to the WorldPulse for making my dreams to become realities.

Lots of love

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

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