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Frontline journal story idea - please do give me your feedback!

Hi friends,

My Frontline journal story idea is to write an article about women's identity in Sri Lanka, especially women who are single moms, widowed, divorced or separated or as is often the case in my country, "abandoned" by their men. These are the women that i and my church work with, and one of the areas we constantly have to deal with is helping the women regain their self-worth and dignity. Women who are widowed or "abandoned" are considered bad luck in our society, are often hidden away, a creature who has shamed the family.

I would like to write the article through first personal narratives and experiences, but also look at the wider issue of self worth, dignity and identity in Sri Lankan culture.

What do you think of this idea? Would it make a good Frontline journal story?

I shared this with Cristi & Jennifer during our last conf call, and they both supported the story idea. But I've been so terribly anti-social during the last few weeks, that i thought i should share this with you all and listen to your ideas and feedback too.

So please do tell me your honest opinions ok?




Tanya's picture

Manori, I like it. South


I like it. South Asian cultures tend to be quite similar in various aspects and yet each has something distinct , which adds to its richness or degradation. I've come across so many Srilankan people and personally they are one of my favorites. Cool and calm is the first impression that I get. But I'd love to know more about the internal dynamics of how your society operates and where does it place its women. What lies beneath the gentle exterior of a woman who has been abandoned or just plain sweating it out to find her own space like her counterparts across the world.

Adding statistics would be an obvious (but crucial) suggestion. Maybe, you could focus on the lives of 2-3 specific women and treat them as case studies? Like, I said, to me what appeals the most are details that are significant to the Srilankan mindset - be it culture, religion, tradition, politics, economic and how all of this contribute in helping (or not) the women within the society. You could also speak to other organizations if you think that fits in but if you're primarily going to focus on the work your church is doing with regards to this issue, then of course their perspective would be essential.

Looking forward to your piece. Goodluck!

Warm Regards,

Tanya Shakil Daud

Manori's picture


HI Tanya

Thanks very much for this useful feedback. You've given me some practical advice as well, and I'm currently searching for some meaningful statistics to include in the article.

Thanks again for your input - i really appreciate it!


Martha's picture

Would Be a Great Piece!

Hi Manori

For me that willl be a very valuable piece, as I think it removes stereotypes that media impose on us. We will get to know the issues about other women in other parts of the world, and issues that interest us.

I feel the same but completel understand when you talk about being antisocial. I am in the same boat, and through no fault of m own, so don;t blame yourself.

I am sitting in the darkness right now, just after a power cut, and urged to respond while my ancient laptop batter lasts, and hoping the internet connectivity allows this to post before it succumbs to lack of power.

Take care

Let's have women back in gender

Manori's picture


Hi Martha

Thanks for the supportive and positive feedback. Hope you got the power back soon enough! We're all working amidst so many different challenges, arent we?

I am all fired up in doing my research and interviews for this article! Thanks for your support!


Nusrat Ara's picture

A great idea start writing.

A great idea start writing.

Best wishes.


Manori's picture


Hi Nusrat

Thanks... ya, now comes the hard part of actually pooling together the necessary ingredients - all the ideas, the facts, the interviews... working on it, and trying not to get stressed about it!

Thanks for your support,

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